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chapter 2

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Chapter 2
Sorry that it has been so long I needed a break from writing my stories but I will try and update more often so here you go.

Gerard’s pov

I stood there not able to take in what’s going on, it’s a zombie or not just someone playing a prank on us, but he or it kept coming towards me. Next thing I hear is “Keep away from my brother you FUCKER.” As Mikey ran towards the zombie and he quickly raised his bass guitar and hit the zombie in the head, the zombie fell and let out a growl or loud cry, which made Mikey repeatedly hit him till he broke the top of his head and stopped, I pulled my brother into a hug as he was in shock of what was going on. “We need to leave now.” said bob as he was standing beside frank and Ray who was gripping their guitars ready to hit anyone who was a zombie comes near them. Bob took the bass of mikey as he was still in shock they ran off the stage to see a group of zombies about 7 or 8. “Shit, what know, we are...

I was cut off to see some zombies coming behind us. We were surrounded and the just got ready to fight while mikey hugged I tightly and I held them back thinking it would be the last time we would be together. They saw some zombies fall and Ray, Frank and bob started to kill the zombies in front, Mikey and Gerard looked up to see a two zombies coming at them and just before they could touch them they fell to the ground, They looked and saw a girl with long blond hair hold two pistols. They looked and saw other girls killing and helping the rest.

“Come with us, we will get you out of here. She said as there were no zombies left standing.
We just nodded as I pulled mikey and the others followed the girls to the car.

“I need to get to the bus!” shouted frank

“Why do you need to go to the bus?”

“My little sister is on the bus, I ne-need to get her she only 6.” Said Frank panicking

“I go get her just get in the car and be ready to leave ok.” She said
He nodded and then he pointed were the bus would be, She grabbed a couple of guns and ammo and started to run towards were the bus was and stopped at the corner, we all got in the car, all we had to do is wait, wait for them to come around the corner.

Cassie’s pov

I had to go get her, I couldn’t just leave that little girl in the bus, I would be wouldn’t be happy one bit if I was told it was too dangerous and to leave her there but I went as I wouldn’t want my little sister left behind. I ran to the corner and slowly moved around, there were so many, I took out my sniper rifle which had a silencer so it wouldn’t grab any attention, I started to take out the zombies outside the van but one saw be and made it’s was to me, when one sees you they all see you, I quickly took out the assault rifle which was also had a silencer. I shot at them until one came from the side; I kicked him causing the zombie to tumble back words then to shoot it a couple of times before running to the bus killing any zombies standing there.

“Shit, shit, shit.” I said over again as I came to the bus door to see it open. I slowly stepped in to see the place was trashed, I looked around but a cry for help caught my attention, it was.

“Frankie, Frankie make it go away, FRANK!” she shouted

I ran upstairs to see a zombie banging were the little girl was hiding. A zombie came out of nowhere and grabbed me I immediately fell backwards down the stairs pulling the zombie with me. It broke its necks as we fell down, when we landed at the bottom, I immediately hit its head with the gun and stood up and moved away from it and checked myself, I had no bit or scratches marks, that was too close for my liking, I went up the stairs and shot the zombie at a close range in the head causing some blood to spatter on my face, I slowly opened the door to show a small blacked haired girl crying.

“Your ok, you can come with me, I bring you to the car and I will get you somewhere safe.”
She held my hand and grabbed my hand.

“Can I get my things like my colouring in book and pencils?”

“Yea and I will get some clothes for you as well.” She nodded then went and to get her toys.

I ran into the bedroom and grabbed a rucksack which was hers as it was pink and shoved as many clothes in it as possible, then a suitcase and shoved all the clothes the boys owned in and pulled it down the stairs, she put her toys in her rucksack to and put it over her shoulders, we started to walk quickly to the car.
More zombies have left the exit, I picked the girl up and ran to the car, as we went around the corner the car engine was running and waiting for us, Holly opened the boot and I quickly left the girl in the put in the bags and hopped in. Just before I could close the boot something grabbed my leg and I turned to see a zombie holding my leg, I kicked it and the girl climbed over the seats to her brother and Wynter shot the zombie who was holding my leg and shot it, I quickly closed the boot and I fell back on the boot. I sighed as I looked over at frank that was holding on to his sister who was crying. I just pulled my trouser leg up to see nothing was there; I just left out a sigh of relief.
Holly came down to me as storm was driving to the safe house were the rest are, there was a lot of us before we got split up, we are going back to the safe house were the other three were.

“Are you ok that was close.” She said pulling me into a hug.

“Two close and tony is really going to kill us when we get back.”I said hugging her back

“Who’s Tony?” asked Gerard

“A tall man who thinks he can boss us around and treat us like shit. But I still don’t see why we can’t just stand up to him. ‘Said holly

“Cass can you stand up to him, as you know, don’t take his bullshit as much as the rest of us.” Said Sarah, as she turned around and faced me.

“y-yeah, sure, only w-when he starts us, t-then I try and shut him up but It won’t make a difference.” I said trying not giving anything away like that I’m actually scared of him.

Holly moved back to her seat as Gerard moved beside me.

“Are you really ok, it doesn’t sound like it.” Gerard said looking at me.

“I am it just that I’m a bit shook up about what happened here and the bus.”

“What happened on the bus?” he said worriedly

“Went upstairs and a zombie came out of nowhere making me fall backwards and pulling the zombie downstairs and no I don’t get bitten but I sort of hurt my wrists but I’ll live. I said low but enough for Gerard to hear me.

“Can you let me see it?”He said looking concerned

“Sure it kind of sore.” I said, he just carefully pulled up the sleeve of my jacket to see my wrist, it wasn't broken but it had slightly swollen and red. He took the first aid kit and bandaged my arm but no one saw as there were talking to each other. They pulled up to the drive way of a boarded up house.

“Well, time to meet tony.” I said scared

“Don’t worry we won’t let him hurt you or any of you ok, I’m here for you.”

Then we went inside, lets meet Satan.
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