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chapter 3

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Chapter 3

Cassie’s pov

We walked into the house; we were greeted by a black dog, I pated my dog as I brought everyone into the living room, it was dark inside by that’s because we had all the windows boarded up. Everyone just sat down and Holly put the guy’s suitcases beside the sofa. Two girls came out of the small kitchen and joined the others.

“Hey Ciara, were is Tony?” I asked the girl with short blond hair with black streaks, before the girl could answer, footstep boomed through the whole house, coming down the stairs and storming in the living room. He had anger all over him, over his face, his poster and his fists clenched. He looked rough even just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Silence filled the room and all the girls heads just looked to the floor.

“Were the fuck did you all go to!” he shouted no one answered him, Holly just elbowed me and I sighed, I stood up to see his face look directly at me.

“Answer me, where did you go to?” He said sternly but he was still angry like he would snap any second.

“We went out looking for survivors and for the others.” I lied as I stood up straight and looking him dead in the eye, acting that I was not scared which worked as I scared like elephants seeing mice.

He kept looking in my eyes when he said “Lies, your lying to me, I can see through you like glass.”

“I’m not lying.” I protested as I started to shout myself as I filled with anger.
I looked over to see the terrified look over Tanner’s face that was holding on to frank. This annoyed me as he was scaring her; I went all protective mode, like I would do with my younger sister.

“We will finish this conversation upstairs, I don’t like that you are scaring the child.” I spat at him causing him to turn and walk upstairs full of anger. As soon as he was upstairs, I rubbed my hands in my face, as I removed them nothing but fear was over my face. I could see everyone looking at me,

“Satan here I come.” I said as I walked upstairs causing Gerard to stand. “No Gerard, it, it will be ok. I’m strong; I can stand up for myself.”
“We will be listening and if I hear any violence I will be upstairs before you can say cool beans.” He said concerned and slightly angry.

I just smiled and walked up the stairs, I walked into his bedroom, I couldn’t see him, and I continued to walk into the room. When I walked to the middle I heard the door close causing me to turn to face him.

“I know there faces anywhere, there that faggot band called my chemical romance.” He spat

“You wouldn’t know what a faggot looks like until you look in the mirror.” I snapped back

“What did you say?”

“I said that you are a faggot, now do you suddenly need hearing aid. Your pathetic you lead the others in a different way to get lost so you can boss us around like the faggot you are.”

“You are a bitch, a slut; nothing more, you are only good for sex and nothing else, you family must be ashamed to have a daughter like you.”

“Least people respect and love me unlike you, no one likes you, you are a dirt bag and you know I should be killed by those zombies but no I actually have a heart.”

He came closer and I just backed up away from him until my back was against the wall. “You’re a slut, nothing more, No one every love you, your dirt, a filthy animal. Your useless” He said sternly in my ear causing be to shiver. “You can feel not useless, I know how to.” He purred into my ear causing hot tear to in my eyes. I felt his hands touch my body, moving them around my body touching me, feeling my breasts and slowly leaned his head in kissing my neck, causing the hot tears fall down my face.

“Aww, the slut crying.” He said mocking me. He grabbed my wrists and pulled me to his bed. He pushed me down and started touch me all over, I felt dirty and used. I felt his hand opening my belt on my jeans.

The next thing I knew I punched him, I pushed him off me which he landed with a thud on the ground, I picked up the vase sitting on his dresser and throwing at him which cause a bigger “SMASH” sound than I expected and I opened the door and I was at the top of the stairs when he grabbed my arms and covered my mouth to pull me back in. I bite his hand and shouted at the top of my lungs. “Gerard, HELP!”

Then I felt my hair being pulled, dragging me, then I felt my head hitting against the wall. The pain was horrible, I felt like my head was about to come off, until I fell into darkness

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Well there is tony...... what happens next, hope it’s good, and remember R&R
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