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chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Cassie’s Pov

I woke up, head pounding, I was in a bed in a darkened down room. I blinked my eyes, I groaned as I put my hand to my head I felt something on it, I walked into a small bathroom which is connected to the room, as I turned on the light I shielded my eyes as it bright far too bright. As I looked at my reflexion I could see I had so sort of plaster on my head and stich going down through my left eyebrow and stop just before my eye and continued below eye and stopped half way down my cheek.

“Wow I look like a scary fucker.” Just then loud banging filled the house but it just killed my head even more, well whoever is making all that fucking noise is going to die. I stormed out of the room, which is downstairs. “They must have moved me downstairs.” I thought I stormed past the girls who just looked at me like I rose from the dead coming back to kill them all. I saw some stand but I pushed past and stormed up stairs following the noise, until I came to the door, the door that tony beat the shit out of me in. I swung the door open took a deep breath and shouted “WOULD YOU MIND, I HAVE A MASSIVE HEADACH AND THAT NOISE IS NOT HELPING.” My arms are waving franticly up and down pointing at the window. “PLUS WHY THE FUCK IS IT BROKE IN THE FIRST PLACE, AND WHERE THE HELL IS TONY ANYWAY!” The five guys just stared at me in total shock, well I don’t think they expected me to barge in and well shout my head off. At this point Gerard walks over, “Let’s go outside.” He suggested we walked out of the house and to the side of the house, to show Tony’s body. I was speechless, seeing he dead made me smile.

Gerard’s Pov

“So you pushed him off Frank and he tripped and went out the window.” I nodded “Pretty much. Then I carried you downstairs and cleaned you cuts and stitched up.” I said while trailing a finger down her cheek.

“Thanks.” She said blushing slightly; I looked up to the window to see frank giving me a kissing face. I shook my head and looked at Cassie again, she moved slowly towards the body, I watched as she kicked the body on to its back, A small groan came from Tony which made Cassie jump back, I put my arms around her waist, “Wow, Hey it’s ok. Just don’t fall now” I felt her pull from me and pout. “I know he just scared me that all, plus I though he was dead and I don’t have the best of balance.” she said looking at the body then turned to me.

“Now kiss.” Said a voice but it came from neither of us but both of our gazes looked at the window to see everyone watching us.

“PERVS!” I heard her shout up to them, and hearing them laugh made her smile. I watched her walked to a shed open it and well brought out an axe and machete and I knew straight away knew what was going to happen.

Cassie’s Pov
The anger rushing through me was so much that I thought I would explode any minute. I dropped the Machete down and tony eyes looked at me, should you live or die. I pushed the top of the axe down on his chest, I knelt down beside him.

“Should I keep you alive.” Pause. “No you don’t deserve life, but should I make you death quick or painful, your choice.” He spat blood in my face and I heard everyone go silent, I walked back to the shed and brought out a wheelbarrow and parked it beside tony.

“Painful it is then.” I said as his eyes widened with horror but an evil smile came across my lips.

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Well there you go an forth chapter I will try to update sooner plus the next chapter will be a lot gorier, and please R&R
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