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chap 5

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Chap 5

Maybe it won’t be gorier due to eating 3 Oreos which is the only thing I ate all day cause I skipped school so I made the next chapter:

Gerard’s Pov

“Painful it is then.” I heard her say; I watched her lift the axe and aim it at his hand. “Woo, hey calm down ok. I know he hurt you and the others but don’t do that.”

“Why not huh, he put us through pain and misery; why can’t he feel the pain we went through.”

“1 he is in pain. 2 you don’t want to stoop down to his level, do you?”

“No, I guess not.” She ran a hand through her blond hair. “But I don’t want him in the house, near any of the girls so maybe we can dump his ass somewhere. But where?”

I watched her concentrate, the way she bit her lip, the way her eyebrows narrowed in concentration. I gave her shoulder a comforting squeeze “I just don’t know it’s too late to dig a hole and bury him in.” I said

She clicked her fingers “About a 5 minute walk down to a wall we can toss him over.” I was scared by this.

“What is behind the fence, wall, whatever it is.” She giggled “Just a pile of zombies.” I looked at her with a horrified expression “What it’s secure, we made sure of it a long time ago.” I sighed In relief “let’s get this asshole in the wheel borrow.” She took the shoulders and I took the legs and placed him in the wheel borrow.

“Finally, let’s get rid of this asshole.”

~ Later~

“3, 2, 1.” She counted down as we tossed his body over the wall. We stood there and watched as the zombies ripped him apart, literally. The blood squirting from his body as limb by limb was ripped off.
I all I can think about is my younger sisters, I pulled my wallet out and lifted out a picture of both of them, a small laugh escaped my lips. It was a picture of both of them, with cat whiskers and a cat nose painted on their faces with both girls hugging each other.
Taylor, her with that long black hair which she makes me brush every god dam day. Then goes and complains if I brush it to hard but I love her all the same, being a 7 year old who steals my coffee.
My eyes drifted slowly to the other girl. Mia, Mia, oh what troubles you have brought me and only being 5. An evil little mastermind who plans the theft of my coffee, using her power of ‘the puppy dog eyes’ to make you melt into her big brown eyes of evil and cuteness all mixed together just so that she doesn’t get in trouble.

“Don’t worry Gee, they were with me when shit went down, we got them out, there are with Conor right now. If tony didn’t get us split up on purpose we would be with you right now. I made sure, we made sure that nothing would happen.”


Me and my brother was prepared for a zombie apocalypse, well I mean by me and my brother I actually mean me. Me and my goddam love for zombies and all that shit about how to kill them to knowing the first signs of a zombie outbreak, how to kill them good places to hide.
Knowing it was happing but none of my friends would believe me, the news reports, I knew from that first report that it was going to happen. Getting the food from the start than when the problem gets so big that there is no food left in the super markets, all I had to do is sit and wait. Looking after the way sisters and my sister became my main priory, bringing more of their clothes to my house letting have a few toys or photos that meant the most to them. Having everything ready, food, water, guns (that’s confidential) friends came and stayed until it hit the town, just so we left.

“Cassie am I going to see my brothers again?” asked Mia as she crawled onto Cassie’s lap
“Yeah you will, I will find them and bring them to safety, to us, so don’t you worry.” Cassie replied as she stroked the young child’s hair.
“You promise me now.” Demanded Mia
“Promise.” Said Cassie and she took the child’s little finger “ Pinkie promise.”
-End of flash back-

I wrapped my arms around her, in a hug. I let go after a minute I let her go and said. “To me this just a dream to me, you know, like it’s not actually real. It’s kind of like waiting for it to end but won’t like a zombie game or film.”

“To me it is like being in a horror film but better.” She said with a small smile, her gaze slowly met mine; I placed my hand slowly in hers. She entwined her finger in mine.

“Thank you for not letting anything happen to them.”

“No problem Gee, no problem.” She rested her head on my shoulder and enjoy this time alone now.

Frank’s pov

I was currently hold bunny against me as she slept softly in my arms. I brushed my fingers in her jet black hair. I would never forgive myself if anything had happened to her. My thoughts just seemed to carry me away
-Flashback to high school-
“Hey, I-I thought you could use this.” I looked up to see a girl she was wearing a red tartan dress and red DMs and has a pixy hair cut which she actually really suited. She was handing me textbook, I slowly took it from her hands. “Do you have a place to sit?” she shook her head “Well you can sit down beside me if you want, I don’t bite.” She sat down slowly beside me.
“Hi, I’m frank” I extended one of my hands for her to shake “but you can call me Frankie.” I gave her a wink sending her in a small fit of giggles “Christy, my names Christy.”
“I like your tattoos by the way.” I looked down on my arms “Yes, Frankie the tattoos on your arms.” She giggled.
-End of flash back-

“Frank, Frank is that you?”
“C-Christa, is that really you. Yeah it is me.”
She sat beside me on the sofa giving me a hug, nuzzling her nose into my neck.
“I’m glad you’re alright, I-I thought I lost you when shit went down.”
“No zombies going to stop me Christa. Beside I had this little one to look out for.” My head nodded down to bunny.
“I heard some shit went down between you and Jamia is that true.”
I stiffened at her name. “Yeah shit did go down, she wouldn’t accept bunny, and I told her that Bunny comes first. So we broke up.”
“Aww I’m sorry but I’m glad I have two people I really care about here that I love who are safe.”
I took my arm and pulled her closer to me, she whimpered against me.
“Did, did you lose your mum.” She nodded
“I killed her Frankie, I killed my own mother, I watched as she turned into one of them things.”
“If you didn’t you would be one and not here safe, I know it’s hurts but I’m here for you ok. You know one of the things that broke me and Jamia up was my relationship with you.”
“Why, there’s nothing special about me Frankie, so why, just why.”
“She was so jelly of you.”
“But there is nothing good or pretty about me.”
“Now don’t say that.”
“Oh really, tell me why then.”
“I think you beautiful ok, everything about you, what we went through together brought us closer, I really think y-you have a cute giggle, hair and name. What’s not cu-.” I slapped a hand over my mouth to stop me from saying anything else stupid. She blushed slightly but I concentrated on a currently squirming bunny. “Is there a room where I can put her in?” I asked looking up at Christy; she nodded “Follow me.”

NOTE ok this chapter fully completed I think, -checks- yes it is, anyway I have a lot work that’s getting done so I’m trying my best not to leave my story for so long.

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