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8. Boundaries

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Prompt: Boundaries

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Prompt: Boundaries

They’d talked about boundaries, once. Robin had made it perfectly clear in that conversation what she liked and didn’t like, and Josh had done the same. After that, there really was no need to go over it again, because the two of them were so in tune with one another that there was absolutely no doubt that the boundaries set would not be crossed.

Josh was more experienced in relationships than Robin was, but it by no means meant that he’d slept with a large amount of people. Josh was the type of person that preferred serious, long-term relationships, instead of multiple short-term flings that meant nothing. He had only had a few serious relationships, all of which had ended badly, but it really didn’t matter to Robin. It wasn’t as if she would have thought badly or differently of him if he hadn’t dated anyone. But it mattered to Josh. He’d been nervous to disclose his past relationships, feeling embarrassed about what had happened, and wrongfully blaming himself for the demise of them. For Robin’s part, she’d had her heart broken as well, and so she was somewhat jaded when she met Josh, but still open to the idea of a relationship.

And although the two of them had both put up seemingly unbreakable walls, after just a few short months of talking, their walls quickly dissipated and gave way to an unbreakable trust that many people only wished they could have in their own relationships. Both Robin and Josh considered themselves very lucky to have found love again so quickly after having been burned as badly as the two of them had.
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