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9. Want

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Prompt: Want

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He’d been waiting for her. Nine years ago, they’d met (though not formally) in the Wal-Mart where Robin would eventually go on to work at. Back then, Josh had been just an awkward kid, without any idea of what to do or say around girls. If he hadn’t been with his best friend, then he probably would have never ventured into the state of North Carolina, let alone that particular Wal-Mart.

Josh had watched her as inconspicuously as possible, his eyes never leaving her. Mentally, he admonished himself for doing so, knowing that if she was to turn around and actually notice, she would be creeped out, but his interest couldn’t be helped. There was something about her that made him want to know her, want to protect her. Josh couldn’t explain it, and even if he could, he probably wouldn’t have to anyone. It wasn’t the kind of thought that you said out loud, at least not if you wanted to keep your sanity intact. But he wanted her. From the very moment that Josh had glanced into those big, blinking orbs, he knew that Robin was someone he wanted, but the question was, would he be able to have her? Josh felt that the chances were basically slim to none, as he was in Michigan and she was in North Carolina. He highly doubted that he’d ever see her again.

But when his hand touched hers and he felt the smooth, warm skin, a contrast to his rough, callused hands, Josh couldn’t stop a shiver from traveling up his spine. Robin apparently had felt the electricity as well, because she had furiously blushed a deep shade of red before turning around and walking away.

That was almost ten years ago, and although his mind had become preoccupied with other activities, Josh never really stopped thinking of Robin. She was always in the back of his mind, and almost two years ago, he’d found her again. Now, all he wanted to do was remind Robin every day of how much he loved her and how grateful he was to God for having allowed them to find each other once again.
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