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Logan - Barbie Doll Bitch

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Hiding. I spend all my time fucking hiding. And why?

To shut up my mom. To shut up my dad. To shut up my older sisters.

My heart ached deep down in my chest as I pulled on my stupid pink hand-me-down shirt and pulled my awesome hair into an ugly pony-tail. It was the only thing black about me now.

The rest; my band tees, black torn skinnys, chains, converse and leather jackets; we all hidden in the back of my closet. When I looked over myself in the mirror, I didn't even feel the disgust I usually did.

Today was clearly a numb day. I switched between hatred and numbness every few days.

I made my way silently to the front door, my bag heavy on my slight shoulder. The stupid white ballet flats didn't do much to stop the cold air as I unlocked my secret Ipod.

Slipping the head phone into my ears, I blasted away the world with Papa Roach's Forever. My limbs turned to ice under the white leggings and the matching skirt.

Pink and white. Who has a gun? Goosebumps rose on my arms as I stood at the bus stop.

“I can't escape this Hell. So many times I've “ the words fell off my lips. “But I'm still caged inside. Somebody get me through this night mare. I can't control myself!”

A sense of irony hit me as I sang the next lyrics. “So what if you can see the darkest side of me? No one will ever change this animal I've become!” I pulled out the head phones and turned my baby off, returning her to my bag, still singing the song. There was a quiet laugh behind me.

Jumping, I spun to see who it was. Three boys were staring at me, all dressed in black. One, the shortest, had black and red hair, cut into a mohawk. His lip and nose were both pierced, the black ring contrasting with his pale olive skin. And his eyes startled me with how.....innocent they looked.

The tallest had about an inch or so on me, his light brown hair clinging to his face. He pushed his glasses up, his fingers as thin and pale as the rest of him.

And the last, the one who'd laughed, was my height, his short black hair hanging over his green eyes slightly. My hands started shaking as I looked into the black outlined emerald pools.

Until I remembered what I looked like. How completely fucking stupid I looked.

I looked like the girls I hate. But, I guess, on the bright side, I'm not numb anymore.

My face was burning as I turned away quickly. Fuck. My. LIFE!

“Hey,” one of them said. I didn't want to, but I looked back at them. The short one beamed up at me. “We didn't mean to scare you.”

The bus came before I had to say anything. I dashed on the second the doors were open, giving the bus driver a small nod.

Fuck! There was only three open places after I sat down, one of them next to me. So, naturally, one of them was gonna have to sit here.

I quickly shifted my silver-blue eyes eyes to the cloudy late October sky. Halloween was just two days away and I was piss-pants happy.

Because it was a school day. And I could wear whatever I wanted.

Well, almost whatever I want. My sister got me a little pixie costume. The wings are pointed, at least. But, the joke's on her.

I have a shoe box full of fake blood and everything I need. The seat sank next to me.

By force of habit, I looked to see who it was. Green eyes met mine.

Why couldn't it have been one of the other two?! So he wouldn't talk to me, I pulled out my sketch book and a pencil. As I started to move my hand across the paper, I ducked my head, my bangs covering my eyes.

The heavy sense of eyes on me didn't fade even once. By the time we'd reached the block away from the school, my skeleton was done, the little bird's delicate wings peeking between the ribs. I'd placed the bird where one's heart would usually sit.

There was a heavy gasp beside me. I snapped my book shut at the sound and looked up at him.

Our eyes locked. Oh fuck, Logan, what have you gotten yourself into now?

The bus lurched to a stop, the horn blaring as I flew forward out of my seat. I automatically turned my pencil parallel to my body so I wouldn't die.

Instead of the hard, cold floor on my ass, a pair of warm arms were around my shoulders.

Okay, I really have no idea where all these are coming from. No, I really don't. And, if you're just now getting into my stuff, go ahead and look at all my past works. This isn't the only thing I've written, people!

Hugs and Hot dogs,
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