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He doesn't need to know

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We both watched as Tre left the room, having a confused expression on his face.
Billie sighed while running a hand through his medium short black hair.
"It's hard to lie to him ya'know?" I looked down, having a slight tinge of guilt, I didn't want to lie to him, nor did I want to crush him.
"I-i don't know what to do." I kept looking down.
"Ah, don't worry. He'll have to find out sometime, but it is easier if he finds out after he is kind of over you." I nodded and stood.
"Going to get ready?" I jumped, seeing Mike in the door.
"OH YEAH! Mike is Tre's roomate." I jumped once more at Billie yelling randomly.
"Wait. You know?!" I shot my head up.
"Yeah, you guys were so loud, i'm suprised that he didn't hear you." He nodded to the living room.
I shrugged and walked upstairs, before remembering. I had no stuff.
"Damn." I cursed
"There is stuff you could borrow." I raised an eyebrow and they pointed for me to go.
"Weirdos." I said, just loud enough for them to hear.
I walked into 'my room' and opened some drawers.
"What?" I mumbled as I pulled out a nice shirt. It had white and blue stripes, except for one stripe, which was grey.
I pulled it over my green tank top and looked in the mirror. It looked awsome.
"We took some of Maria's stuff over here. We knew Greg wanted me out of the house, and it was in case youe ever needed to get away." I jumped once more
"FUCK! BJ STOP IT! Wait, how long were you there?" I saw his face have a slight shade of red to it
"I turned around! I would never watch." He put his hands up in defence.
"YOU FLIPPED PEDO!" I ran at him full force. Almost knocking over the railing.
"Woah, stop! Fuck." I saw him freak out
"Sorry." I mumbled and walked downstairs.
"What was that about?" I heard Tre ask.
"I fucked up! Should've left when she changed her shirt." I felt a pair of hands on my shoulders.
"WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT TO HER?!?" I saw him jump up, I walked over and pushed him back down.
"Calm down, I had a tank top. He turned around he said." I saw him calm down a little and slam down on the couch.
I heard someone knock on the door.
"J, why don't you answer it." Mike said while raising his eyebrows.
I walked over and stepped out, to see Dawson.
"Hey, you look amazing." He said with a grin. I gave him a fast kiss, well it was supposed to be fast.
"We should get going." I heard him mumble and I walked off the porch with him. Tonight should be fun.

A/N This has nothing to do with the story, but on saturday. I am getting my hair cut, almost like Billie's in the 21 guns video....and I am persuading my mom to let me dye it black..ahhh i am excited
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