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Been a while, so I thought I would put something up

Tre's POV

I can't believe it. She was with the biggest douche in California. I nodded, feeling a bit crushed, shocked and worried about what that motherfucker would do.
"Tre, what's up buddy?" I walked right by Billie and Mike without answering, up to my room.
"I think he found out." I stopped dead in my tracks. I spun on my heels
"Found out?!" I spat, I was pissed right off
"You didn't fuckin' tell me, that god damn douche fuck is out with a girl I have or had a crush on." I felt like I wanted to punch someone, rip their head off. I didn't know exactly
"Dude, calm down. We thought it wouldn't work and it would be better if she told you herself." I not wanting to do anything more that I would regret, I turned and flipped them off before walking down the hallway and into my room.

2 Hours Later

I heard the door open. I had been laying awake for the past, 1 or 2 hours. I heard her laugh, and smiled. As I got up, hoping for something good to happen to me I heard something. Curious I kneeled down by my door and listened.
"So, you coming to live with me?" I clenched my fists, that douche was in my fucking house?!
"Of course." I clenched them so hard I swear I was going to break my knuckles.
"Okay, so I can stay here for the night, we could get your stuff tommorow." I kept listening, but it went quiet. No footsteps or nothing.
I pulled back away from the door, not wanting to know what they were doing all that much.
I went over and sat on my bed, playing with my phone. Nothing exciting.
The last text I got, was from Mike and it was about Billie getting kicked out. I leaned back with my phone in my lap. I felt it go off and saw a number I had forgotten to put in my phone.
You still awake?

I grinned and stood and opened my door.
"Tre, so your awake." I heard her whisper. I didn't answer but kept walking forward.
"I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier. But I am dating Dawson, and probably moving in with him." I smiled, not because I was truly happy. But because she was the one person who I would never hurt. Not a day in my life.
"Thanks, and it's okay." She smiled, gave me a hug then ran upstairs into her room. I sighed then went into the living room for some t.v.

Jade's POV

I felt terrible that I hadn't told him. But he would understand, right?
He took it pretty well, I walked quietly to my room, where I saw nobody.
"Wha-" I felt someone wrap their arms around my waist.
"Don't be so jumpy." I heard Dawson whisper and I immedietly relaxed.
"Then don't do that." I turned to face him.
"Okay." We both smiled and walked over to the bed.

Next Morning

"Stay here." I told him as he lay on my bed.
"Mhmm." He mumbled sleepily and I walked into the hallway.
"Good night last night?" I nodded and turned to see Billie, hair dripping wet.
"Please for the love of god tell me that is water." He laughed and nodded.
"Oh of course not, I so went for a hard core run." His voice dripping with sarcasm
"How stupid of me, like lazy, fat people go for runs." I joked and he chased me down the stairs.
"HOLY FUCK!" I yelled as he tackled me.
"Who's the fat one now?" I laughed and tried to push him off of me.
"Still you. Get off, I am going to break from all this we-" We burst out laughing and he rolled beside me.
"I miss something?" We looked to see Mike and Tre in the doorway
"YEAH! This fat kid, ran!" I joked once more with a huge, idiotic smile across my face.
I felt my pockets.
"GOD DAMMIT, YOU CRUSHED MY PHONE!" He rolled his eyes with a smile. Truthfully, he was more skinny, but I would never tell him that.
"Maybe it's in your room." He said slowly
"Whatever!" I jogged up the stairs and opened the door to grab my phone, leaving the door wide open.
"So you found it?!" He yelled from the bottom of the stairs.
"No shit sherlock." He flipped me off
"What is with the swears!?" We heard Tre yell, and all of us burst out laughing.
"I'm getting changed." I turned to see an angry looking Dawson in my room.
"What the hell?!" He growled as I shut the door.
"What?" He glared.
"That thing with Billie. Never knew you had a thing for him." I was confused.
"I don't, he is like a brother to me." He rolled his eyes.
"So do you always flirt with your 'brothers'." He put air quotes on brothers.
"Fuck you." He pushed by me and turned.
"By the way, you little slut. It's over." I felt the pain come up in my chest. He never gave me a chance, he didn't know me but suddenly knew I was a 'slut'. I fell to my knees and covered my face with my hands.
"Hey J, why the hell was he he- Woah whats wrong?" I heard Tre and I burried my face deeper in my hands. I nodded
"C'mon tell me." I nodded once more.
"JADE TELL ME." He playfully raised his voice in mock anger.
"THAT BASTARD." We heard Billie yell from downstairs.
Tre jumped and walked out, I followed, praying like hell my eyes weren't red, and that I could hold back tears.
"What?!" I was shaking and saw the two look at me from downstairs.
"Did he really say that?" I heard Mike ask, I nodded. Knowing exactly what he was talking about.
"What?" They explained, and once they were done. He ran downstairs and out the door.
Why did I have to start this kind of suff?
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