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I Swear When I'm Scared

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I stood there, jaw almost on the ground, tears in my eyes. Why the hell did I start shit like this.
I thought I must've looked really stupid with my mouth open like that, so the only move I did to help it, I shut my mouth.
The tears overwhelmed me and flowed freely down my face, as he ran out. He was pissed off, you could tell, just by his body language. Not to mention the face he had on.
I saw Mike and Billie run out to go try and get him to stop, I heard yelling, and 2 came in with sad, shamed faces.
I felt my knees buckle. I pressed my face into my hands as I heard someone come up the stairs.
"J, he's a smart dude, ya'know? He won't kill anybody or d-" I felt an arm over my shoulders and heard Mike yell.
"Beej SHUT THE FUCK UP!" I grinned, and felt a diffrent hand on my shoulder.
"T.V. Right now, you are coming, we don't care if you like it or not." I heard Mike, command.
Getting up and ripping a throw blanket off my bed, I curled up in the arm chair absent mindedly watching a movie, the name. I didn't pay enough attention. All I knew was it was some sort of zombie flick.
I curled up deeper in my blanket, closing my eyes, hoping this was some messed up dream. Or ugh what did they call them....f-f-f oh right fan fic.
I leaned my head back, feeling myself being lifted to what feels like a cloud.


I woke, in Gregs house. For fuck sakes, if this was a nightmare, it was flipping scary.
"C'mon, why can't we have herr." I heard the evil, low squeak voice of that ass Dawson
"Nah, we both have fun with her." I felt my heart slamming inside my chest.
FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuck Did I mention I swear more when I am scared? *Shrug* well I do.
"Hey ba-" I heard Dawson get cut off, by what sounded like a punch.
"Stay the hell away from her you god damn douche." I heard Tre growl, good to know someone would help in my nightmares.
"C'mon" I felt him pick me up, why I have no idea. Not what I would voulentarly dream about.
He ran and we heard Greg yelling, and talking to the douche.
I got put down, and we suddenly were at his house, on the porch. It was at sunset. WTF
Before I knew what the flip was going on, I found myself kissing him.

End of Nightmare

"Holy Fuck!" I woke up panting, and in a cold sweat. I had a question buzzing around in my head.

Did I have feelings for Tre Cool?

mwahaha, idk love making cliffhangers though
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