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There's nothing Wrong With being a Loser...

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PG-13, language, some of the events (not graphic) but still

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All Members of Green Day (too lazy to put into detail)

Alanna Monroe

Personality- Queit in most situations, shy if you may. Well until you pull out her headphones and open her up.
Then she is loud even kind of obnoxious (like Billie actually....except she HATES to hurt people and is very calm in situations involving conflict)

What she Looks Like- Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, tall and a little pudgy.
She wears wide-rimmed glasses when to lazy to wear her contacts (which happens alot in her case)
Lots of Skinny jeans and band t-shirts

Favorite Quote- "There's nothing wrong with being a loser, it just depeneds on how good you are at it"- Billie Joe

Era- It will be in high school

Love Intrest- Read on and find out

Problems/How they Solve it- Once more, read on because I am not telling you right now

I used the description given to me by Gerard_inspires_me, I wrote it a little diffrent...sorry hope you enjoy
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