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It Just Depends on How Good You Are At It

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I curled up, my room was a dark white. How is that possible, it's beyond me. I lay in my room, it was dark and quiet. Peaceful, I just wish my mind would rest.
My phone went off and all of a sudden the song Thank You For the Venom played.
"Hello?" I answered sounding a bit more awake than I wanted
"Alanna, oh my god. It's Evan." I felt my hands start to shake. My little sister who was 13 walked in.
"Whats wrong?" I asked trying to stay as calm as possible.
"I-i am so sorry to tell you. H-he killed himself. We walked in to ask him something, and he was hangi-" I could stand to hear the rest. I burst into tears.
"Whats wrong?" I heard Kasee ask. I handed her the phone, she answered and listened, nodding from time to time.
"Okay, I'll tell her." She hung up and sat beside me.
"They are also very sad, they said they would help out with the kid in any way possible." The tears still flowed. I was 3 and a half months pregenant with his kid, and this happens. Fuck.

Everyone was turning their back on me lately. My friends started to treat me like I was a freak of nature. Then my parents ashamed moved us into a diffrent town. It was half an hour away, but still. I was going to start my first day tommorow. Depending on how it went, would wager my parents decision if I should keep going.

"Al, don't worry. Everyone is here for you." I felt my sisters loving arms.
"T-thanks." I bit my lip and she got the cue, I wanted to sleep. Now.

First Day

My dad had already dropped Kasee off and he was at my school.
"Do I have to?" I was scared and didn't want to have the same thing happen.
"It'll be okay, you are an amazing person." I faked a smile and got out of the car. He drove away and I looked at my new school.
Everyone had a group, the goths, the cheerleaders, the jocks the popular ones. Then there were 2 guys sitting under a tree. They looked kind of punk-ish. Mainley because the shorter one had blue hair.
I being insecure kept walking up the steps, until I felt a hand on my shoulder.
"Wha-" I turned to see a guy, who I had never seen before a day in my life
"Hi, so your new? I'm Tre by the way." I grinned, he seemed...well I didn't know how to put it.
"Alanna, and yeah I'm new. Sadly" He gave me a look and grabbed me by the arm and lead me somewhere.
"Treeee, it's not nice to drag people. Especially not girls. And not those who are...pre-" The blue haired one got cut off by the taller blonde one slapping his hand over his mouth.
"BEEJ! You don't assume that!" I looked down at the grass and kicked it a bit.
"He's right. I guess I will go." I turned and Tre once again grabbed my arm
"NO! Don't leave." I looked and they didn't look at me like the people at my old school did. They didn't look scared, creeped out. Or like they were judging me, they looked at me like I was their friend for a while.
"Oh, by the way, I'm Mike and that Is Billie Joe." The one who I guess was Billie Joe gave him a look of disgust.
"What the fuck, full name? She might stalk me." He playfully hald whispered.
"Hell yeah I will. Last name?" We all grinned and the bell rang.
"What class do you have first." I realized Tre hadn't released my arm yet.
"Uhh, English I think." I saw him grin.
"Good, I don't have to let go." I smiled, been here for under 10 minutes and have 3 friends.

A/N sorry if any of the facts are wrong
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