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Diffrent is the new normal

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I got led into a classroom, which I presumed was English. I heard Tre silently curse.
"You stay here. Don't leave, I gotta get my stuff." He ran out and I feeling suddenly really insecure pulled my arms over my chest.
"PSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSST." I jumped and turned to see Billie behind me
"Gotta tell you something." I gave him a stare, deciding wether or not to smack him.
"Whhhaat?" I saw him supress a grin
"I might tell you my last name and I do belive very well that Mike has a th-" I smacked him on the shoulder. Not to be violent, just to bug him. He gave a joking look of shock and pain.
"Wow, she can even beat you up." Someone said and tsk-ed. They had short shoulder length black and red hair. A Motley Crue t-shirt on and a pair of skinny jeans.
"Whatever! I am still that tuff, and she might be my stalker. Mhmmm I got one." He put his arm on my shoulder and I gave him a look of disgust.
"Billlllliiiiiiieeeee don't do that. You-you I can't describe it!" He backed off and Tre walked back into the picture.
"Hey Lise. OH, by the way, this is Lissa, or Lise, and this is Alanna." She grinned, she was very polite
"So your B's stalker huh?" I shrugged
"Last name? Living arrangments?" I kidded and he stuck his tounge out at me. I rolled my eyes
"Mr.Armstrong, come here." The teacher yelled and he, delyaing went.
"Halfway there." I got high fives.
"Class is about to start, take your seats." The teacher told us and I felt Tre grab my arm once again.
"You are sitting by me." I grinned and sat beside him, and Lise. And behind Billie. Was this going to be fun.

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