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Brianna ran out of the school as soon as the bell went. She had no friends to talk to anyway, so why bother hanging around? Brianna was always first out of school since everyone else was either in detention or too busy chatting. Even if Brianna did have friends, she wouldn’t hang around for long. There was somewhere she had to be.

Although Brianna was very popular, it wasn’t because she was ugly. She was actually quite pretty with her long dark red straight hair, blue eyes, pale skin and skinny body. It was because she was rather weird. She’d told one person the secret of where she went after school each day. That one person (Who at the time was Brianna’s best friend) had spread it round to everyone. Everyone started calling her weird, Brianna broke off her friendship with the bitch who’d spread her secret round. She didn’t care what everyone at school thought. Brianna only cared about what he thought.

Brianna trudged past her street, pausing for a split second to look down at her house. Perhaps her parents were thinking about her right now, wondering whether she was okay in ‘art club’. That’s where she told her parents she went every night after school. At weekends she told them she was seeing friends. If her parents knew the truth, they’d send her to see a mental hospital.

Finally Brianna made it to the forest at the edge of the small, remote town she lived in. She smiled and continued walking, not afraid at all. Many people were afraid of the forest though they wouldn’t admit. Not many people went there even if they weren’t afraid. There wasn’t much there after all. Why should anybody bother going there?

She walked round the usual places. Past the hollow tree, the muddy slope and down the grassy dirt path. Brianna smiled.

Sitting down on a tree stump, his back to Brianna, was Brianna’s boyfriend Gerard Way. She smiled at his messy black jaw-length hair, his black skinny jeans… Although she couldn’t see him from the front yet, she often thought about his milky pale skin, his beautiful brown eyes and his perfect smile. From the back she could see her absolute favourite thing about him. You see, Gerard was no ordinary boy.

Out of his back were two dark, black, feathery wings. This was why nobody believed Brianna. Nobody believed that she was actually in love with an angel. And that he in turn was in love with her.

Gerard heard the footsteps behind him and turned around quickly. He was that it was only Brianna and smiled sweetly at her “You’re early today.”

“Perhaps I was walking faster?” Brianna suggested, walking to him faster now “And whatever happened to a simple hello anyway?”

When Brianna reached him, Gerard pulled her close and kissed her forehead “Okay, fine. Hello Brianna. I’ve missed you so much!”

“Hi Gee.” Brianna went bright red and looked down “I missed you too.”

Gerard picked up on her nervousness “What’s wrong?”

“Just some stuff these guys were saying to me today.”

“Stuff about me?”

Brianna nodded “They keep asking me how my fairy boyfriend is. It really annoys me but I can’t say anything, can I?”

“Don’t think about them.” Gerard replied, taking her hands “We don’t need them or anybody else. We have each other.”

“Yeah but you’re safe from the rest of the world. I have to go and face them every day.”

“I think you’re forgetting that I do have things to do while you’re not with me.” Gerard laughed slightly “My whole life doesn’t revolve around you.”

“Tell me what you do then.” Brianna took a seat on the tree stump and Gerard sat next to her “I wanna know all about it.”

“Why? It’s all rather boring.”

“Yes, for an angel. I’m a human, remember? All this angel stuff… It’s weird to me.” Brianna giggled “Come on, tell me!”

“Alright fine.” Gerard took a deep breath “Well I do the ordinary stuff that you do, spending time with the family and stuff. I don’t see my parents anymore but I do see my younger brother Mikey. He’s not an angel but he knows about me like you do. He teaches himself at home while our parents go to work. I go in and help him usually since I want him to do well.”

“What about your parents? Do they know you visit him?”

“Of course not and I don’t plan to tell them anytime soon.” Gerard’s tone was bitter for a second before returning to his usual calm voice “And then I go… Well, up.”


“It sounds incredibly cheesy but yeah, I go up. Back to where I live and I have to talk to certain people about certain things.”

“Like what?”

“Ah, I can’t tell you that.” Gerard kissed Brianna on the cheek “They’d never let me back down here if I told you.”

“Oh, okay. Well how did you become an angel? From what you tell me, you used to be normal didn’t you?”

“Yeah. And you already know how I became an angel.”

“No I don’t. You never tell me.” Brianna pouted “Come on Gerard, tell me!”

“It’s not that interesting, heroic or romantic of a story. I used to be alive, yes. And I was never exactly normal because everybody hated me. I was walking home one day and there was this gang following me. I sped up because I knew I had to meet my little brother from school but they kept following me and saying all this stupid stuff. So I went even faster, didn’t look where I was going when I crossed a road and then I got hit by a car. Before I knew what was happening, I was dead.”

“Yeah but like…” Brianna tried to think of how to word it “How did you like become an angel? And come down here and stuff?”

“Look, it’s all too complicated for a human to understand.” Brianna was a little offended and turned away from him. Gerard sighed lightly and hugged her from behind “Oh come on Bria, don’t go all icy on me.”

Brianna could never stay mad at Gerard. She smiled, turned back to him and snuggled closer to him. They talked for hours about nothing in particular and just basically enjoyed one another’s company. Brianna checked her phone “Oh god Gerard, it’s nine o clock!” Brianna jumped up “I’ve gotta be going home… My parents are going to be so mad at me!”

“Hey, hey, no need to get het up about it.”

“But it’s dark now!” Brianna squeaked “And I’m not too keen on the dark.”

Gerard hugged her close and lifted her up in his arms. “Gerard, what are you-“ But Brianna’s breath was taken away when she realised Gerard was now in the air, flying.

He carried her all the way back home. He let her down outside her house. Brianna was bright red, breathless and grinning from ear-to-ear “I love you Gerard!”

“I love you too Brianna.” Gerard whispered, taking her hands. They stood there for a moment before Gerard’s lips met Brianna’s. It was a soft and gentle kiss that only lasted a few seconds but it still made Brianna’s heart flutter. “I’ll see you tomorrow, won’t I?”

“Same time, same place.” Brianna replied with a small smile “That’s if I’m not grounded for a million years.”

“Well if you don’t show up, I’ll fly to your bedroom window.” Gerard winked at her, kissed her on the forehead and then started walking away “I’ll see you tomorrow Beautiful.”

Brianna waved goodbye to him and watched him walk away. He got to the end of the road before he took off into the air. Brianna watched him, completely enchanted. She smiled at him before walking inside, ready to see what her parent’s punishment would be.

[A/N] - I hope yew like it since I didn't know what to write :3 Also, sorry I didn't upload all the Personalised Stories this weekend but something happened last night so I didn't really have time ;/ And for once yesterday during the day I actually went out and had a social life ;) So yeah... I will upload everyone's... EVENTUALLY :D
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