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Frank was practically running to school. For the third day in a row he was late. He already had two strikes against his name. A third strike on anyone's name meant an after school detention for an hour. Frank hated school and the idea of spending any longer than he needed to at school was torture. Unfortunately he wasn't very good at waking up in the morning and the two strikes wouldn't be taken from his name until the end of term which wasn't for days.

The only thing that motivated him into going to school was knowing that he could see his best friend Emma. Though for a while Emma hadn't exactly had time to hang round with Frank. This really annoyed him. Every break and lunch time Emma would run off to hang round with her boyfriend Dan leaving Frank with his one remaining friend Mikey to talk to. Mikey was nice and everything but the boring conversations him and Frank shared were nothing compared with the amount of fun Emma and Frank had when they were left alone.

Since Emma started going out with Dan, Frank only really spoke to Emma during lesson times. Frank was really mad at Emma because of this but he didn't want to say anything. Emma was already having a troubling time at school and Frank didn't want to put anymore pressure on her.

Frank ran through the school gates just as the bell finished ringing "Thank christ..." He muttered, totally breathless "I'm on time for once..."

He walked as quickly as he could to form, expecting to see Emma there. Unlike Frank, Emma was always on time but that was because she always got a lift off her parents to school. But when Frank reached his form room, earning a sarcastic shocked comment off his form tutor about how he was on time for school for a change, Frank was surprised to see that Emma wasn't in form. 'Probably late for a change.' He thought to himself, not thinking much of it.

The bell rang for first lesson and Emma was still absent. On his way to Triple Spanish he sent her a text message Where are you? - F xx

Halfway through Spanish, Frank was talking to Mikey about something stupid when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Not caring whether the teacher saw or not, he pulled out his phone to read the message Don't worry about me Frankie. I'm in the hospital. Something happened. Talk later perhaps? - E xx

Frank stared at the text for a long time. He snapped his phone shut and shoved it back in his pocket. He couldn't wait to talk later. He had to talk to her now.

So Frank raised his hand "Excuse me, Miss.Craig? Can I be excused please?"

"What for?"

"I have to go to the bathroom." Frank lied.

Miss.Craig nodded "Okay but hurry up."

Frank jumped up and walked out of the room. Of course he had no intention of going to the bathroom or hurrying back to his lesson. He left the school building and went to the front gate. "Locked..." He hissed under his breath. Why hadn't he thought of that? But he couldn't give up now.

Just next to the school gate there was a large sign telling everyone who drove past which school this was. Frank climbed up the side of the sign until he'd got to the top. He stood on top of the brick part of the gate. He wasn't so sure about getting down. It looked pretty far down. "Oi!" Frank's heart started pounding "What are you doing up there?"

"Shit..." Frank cursed. The voice yelling at him was that of the school behaviour manager. His name was Mr.Circle and everyone was terrified of him.

Not pausing to waste anymore time, Frank jumped off the wall. He fell over and hurt his knee but he didn't care. He jumped to his feet and started running away from the school. He felt in his blazer pocket. His hand connected with a few coins. He pulled them out his pocket and looked at them. Then he pulled out his mobile phone and called for a taxi.

Before long Frank was at the hospital. The taxi driver had been extremely nosey and asked him a million questions about why wasn't he in school and why did he even want to get to the hospital? Luckily Frank had managed to make up a bunch of lies until finally they reached the hospital. Frank paid him then leaped out the car.

He ran through the building to the reception "Excuse me, I'm here to see Emma Hayes."

"I'm afraid it's relative only visitors."

"Oh..." But Frank couldn't go back now "I am a relative. I'm her cousin."

The receptionist looked doubtful but agreed he could see Emma. She got a nurse to show him where her room was. Frank stepped inside slowly. He looked at Emma properly and gasped. She was sat up, awake but she looked terrible. Her pale skin was covered in bruises. Frank walked over to the bed and sat down "Ems... What happened?" Emma was silent so Frank persisted "Was it your Mom?"

"Of course not." Emma finally replied "It... It was Dan."

"What do you mean it was Dan?" Frank asked "He's your boyfriend!"

"No shit, Sherlock."

"What I mean is... How could he hurt you like this?"

"He's been doing it for ages." Emma sniffed "I'm sorry I haven't been seeing you much Frankie... But Dan wouldn't let me. He couldn't stop us hanging around in lessons or you texting me and stuff. He'd get mad at me though if I didn't spend nearly all my time with him."

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I was too scared!" Emma burst into tears "What was I supposed to say?"

"Anything!" Frank replied "I would've listened! I'd have helped!"

"My parents know what happened and they're talking to the school about it so he'll probably get expelled." Emma explained "I'm so relieved. I can't believe how long it's gone on for."

"Please don't ever keep secrets from me again." Frank whispered "I tell you everything. Well, except for one thing..."

"What is it?"

"You know I kept getting jealous of you spending all that time with Dan?" Emma nodded "It's because... I was kinda jealous of Dan. Because I wished I was your boyfriend."

Emma went bright red "Aww Frankie... You have a crush on me?" Frank nodded, going bright red too "I have a crush on you too!"

"Seriously?" Emma nodded again "Then... Then is this okay?" Frank leaned over and gave Emma a gentle kiss.

When he pulled away, Emma giggled and smiled at him "That was the best kiss of my life."

Frank winked at her "Best kiss of your life so far." He muttered before leaning over and kissing her again.
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