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Falling Out of Control

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Franks in hospital and Gerard doesn't understand......

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Hey kiddies! ;) x

Gerards POV
Distant sirens. Quick footsteps heading our way. His quick, fast breaths. The shaking of his body. A seizure. He's having a seizure. Masses of staff try to pull me away. " Get off me!" I scream. "He needs me!" I screech, tears pouring down my face as paramedic after paramedic run to his now still. stiffened frame. I wriggle free of thir grasps and dash to his side, clutching his hand and vowing to not let go. They won't hold me back this time. His eyelids are raw and pink, his mouth is slightly open, tongue lolling as though it no longer has a function. I wonder if he can hear us? If i can feel me by his side? If he knows what's happened and what's happening to him now? One thing for sure, i had no idea about what was happening. But i wanted to know. Hell, i had to know. He was my boyfriend, the first person i had agreed to share my world with without a catch. It wasn't about sex. It wasn't about popularity. It wasn't about easy money or cheap drugs anymore. This relationship was about none of that. And i was petrified. Petrified that it was already over.

Everything slipping out of our hands.
Our entire selves falling out of every ounce of control.
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