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Turn Away

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Franks not waking up, Doctors are getting confused...

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Hey Kids! So i'm going for another chapter after this and then the big secret is revealed! And then there will be three or four chapters to finish it off and then another one is finished! :) xx

Dr Lowes POV
"It just doesn't make sense to me. It spreads now. After years of awaiting, now it strikes. Out of nowhere." My colleague and specialist doctor Jayne Fielding repeats for a third time whilst pacing in front of my desk. "Jayne, these cases are unpredictable. Anything could happen at any time." I remind the terrified and guilty looking woman. Although none of this is down to her, she still feels guilty over the whole ordeal. It's a doctors instinct. You ask any Veterinary worker or any member of the medical profession, they'll tell you the same thing. When it's you patient and they don't get better, you feel automatically responsible. And as blessed as it is is to try and help, it's also horribly upsetting when you have to deliver your failings to their relatives.

"I know Keith but it's terrible. He's so young and, i dont know what to try this time. I've prescribed every medicine, every therapy method, anything and everything. No matter how ridiculous." The oman stresses again running a hand through her hair.
"Have you tried operating? Using Stem Cell Therapy?" I offer my own recommendations and her face lights up before twisting back into her previous worn sad expression. " No, we tried that two years back. Stem Cell Therapy isn't fully developed and explored yet so that's not an option either." She whined, looking out on her still unconscious patient.

"Look at them Keith. His boyfriend. He's going to be heartbroken when i have to tell them." She said tearfully while we looked out on the black haired teenager who was clutching his hand and stroking his forehead softly. He looked so devoted, so protective and unsure all at once. And Jayne was right, this was going to break his heart.
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