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Waking up in Vegas

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Franks on the long road to recovery :)

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Hey guyssiesss! :) Thanks for reading this! :) x

Gerards POV
I take his hand softly in mine and gently caress his bony, white knuckles with my cracked dry lips. I hadn't moved a muscle from my spot by the bed. As much as they advised me to get some sleep, as much as they promised they'd call me th very second he came around, nothing was going to make me leave and nothing did. I wanted to be beside him when he woke up. Make sure he wasn't scared or confused by the bright lights that could have put Georgia or Vegas easily to shame. The surgical blinding lamps were enough but Franks mother had insisted on adding more to brighten up the room. Fairy lights, streamers and windchimes galore was now Franks hospital room. The past three days me and her have been here constantly. Franks father only leaving to complete his hours at work before coming back.

It's a shame we can't share our pain together. Because i can see they're not telling me something. And i can tell that something isn't going to be a minor detail they missed out. They don't know about us yet either. I've been posing as his best friend all this time. His loving, unusually devoted, admiring best friend. It's moments like these that i can clasp his hands in mine and feel close to him, beg him to wake up soon and be reunited with me properly.

His slow steady heartbeat picks up as i kiss his lips, the rate slowing down as they detatch again.
"Gee." He breathes, scaring yet relieving the lif out of me. I fling myself at him and wrap myself around him, kissing any part of him i can find. "You had me so scard." I cried into his chest as the still fragile, trembling arms embraced me. " I'll be okay Gee." He said, eyes welling up and throat becoming hoarse.
"I will." He repeats.

And i pray he will be okay, but something tells me it's a lie.
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