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You'll always be here with me

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Dedication to my bestest friend! ;) xxx

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Hey lovelies! This chapter is especially dedicated to my gorgeous Bff/sister who is also named Shannon! She has just began a music career and for those of you in the UK who are aware of Touch FM she will be featuring on there this Saturday Morning! Her song will also be played and it's called You'll Always Be Here With Me, i believe it is also on youtube so if you get a spare moment you could always check it out! Many Thanks! ;) xxx

Three Weeks Later

Franks POV
Our first ever official date. Strolling through the park hand in hand and standing on the bridge looking underneath our feet into the ever tranquil refreshing clear waters. It was scaring me, how perfectly this had fallen into place, how i had not spent my last days in that hospital bed. I was on a date, living life to the full with someone i cared about unconditionally. It was a blessing to say the least and having my beautiful boyfriend next to me every step of the way meant something. It was a big thing for him to become committed. Gerard Way and commitment? Before i would've never believed they could go togther, but believe me they could and they had.

"You know Frank? I know we haven't known eachother long and we have many good times ahead as far as i'm concerned, but this has been a great night." Gerard beamed at me as i looked at him awaiting to be kissed for the billionth time. It never got old. The scent of his soft, warm skin and the taste of pure heaven. Coffee, cigarettes and a hint of peppermint. "I've had fun tonight. Usually i'd be home studying or playing guitar quietly while Dad relaxes to classic FM." I replied, earning a light chuckle from Gerard.

"Frank, i, i love you." I stare at him in pure horror. He couldn't, i hadn't told him. He couldn't have love for me, he just couldn't!

"Gerard, you don't love me. You may think you do but you don't." I yelled breaking from his tight grasp.
"I do." He said dumbfounded.
"No, you really don't."
" I. Do." He said slowly and pronounced.

And that was it, it was time to tell him. He had lost his friends for me. He had changed for me. And now. he would see it was all accounted for nothing.
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