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Love All Falls Down

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The Secret.....

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Franks POV
"you can't love me because-" I sigh.
"Okay, sure sure you won't believe me although it's true. What are you thinking of doing after graduation? Changing the subject, i haven't even got a plan yet. Bet you do though! You'll do amazing. So where are you headed? Stanford? Harvard?" Gerard rambles on thinking i'm just being my usual underconfident self. A silenc fills the air as i try to gather up the last of any courage i'm not sure i have inside me.
" Harvard?" He gazes at me intently. " You're a smart one, can totally imagine you heading there and doing something amazing with your life. You're just one of those people you know? Naturally gifted, that's one of th reasons i love you so much." He smiles.
"Gerard! Shut up for a second! I'm not fucking going anywhere after we graduate! I'm not going to make anything out of my life! You can't possibly love me! I'm sick okay? I'm sick." I scream, tears coming out of nowhere.

Gerard stares at me, his mouth agape. "Okay, get some rest. You'll be better in no time, i'll take care of you until you're alright again." He smiles brightly raching out to take hold of my shoulders.
"No! I have leaukemia okay? I've stopped responding to treatment. I was diagnosed two years ago, they thought i was getting better-"
"Why didn't you tell me?" He yelled, tears streaming down his flawless face.
"I'm sorry okay? I'm so so sorry." And i run as fast as my legs can carry me, running for all my pointless few months left are worth.
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