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Roses and Hails of Bullets

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Gerard goes to Frank.........

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Hey guys! I hope you're enjoying this story! I'm sorry it has the flaws it does! :) xx

Gerards POV
I leave a bunch of brightly coloured roses on their porch step. The news has spread all through town now. Masses of bouquets and wreaths left on the Iero's front lawn and porch. A local grocery store had started to make a collection towards Macmillan Cancer Support and masses of local businesses were offering their condolensces in the form of helping with the funeral costs. The funeral, already the entire town were thinking about letting him slip away.

"Thankyou Mrs Greer, he's doing fine for now. Thankyou for your concern." I look up in alarm and am met by a thin, dishevelled looking Linda Iero. "Hey Mrs Ireo." I say standing up and straightening myself out. "Listen, i know i didn't make a good impression at first but i really care about your son. I'm not going anywhere, please remind him of that." And with that i walked away.

"Gee! Open the door honey!" My Mom cried, banging on my locked bedroom door. I open the door and she cautiously walks in, as though terrified i may have committed suicide or hurt myself. Trust me, it took every ounce of enrgy to stop me from doing the first option. I deserved to die, Frank didn't but yet again, I was helpless. Just a heap of bones that served no purpose. "I spoke to your brother earlier." My Mom began sitting on the edge of my bed and placing my legs in her lap. "He told me you're seeing that sweet Frankie Kid. And he's sick. Very sick. I'm sorry, sweetheart." She said leaning over and pecking me on the forehead. "You know love hurts. No matter what kind of love it is, it hurts like hell. I look at you and your little brother and i'm proud. So proud of both of you. But it hurts me to know that you're hurting. To know that i won't be here forever. Nobody stays forever." She said, her last few words stinging my chest. "Mom, please don't talk about that stuff." I whimper, not wanting the pure realisation of what was going to happen to hit me. Not now, i was only just coming to terms with the fact that someone so sensitive and vulnerable was being devourd by an illness so brutal. And what's more? I fucking adored that person.And i knew that they loved me back. You don't find that often, especially when you're a fuck up like me.

"Okay Honey, well i'll give you another hour or so to think and then me and that brother of yours are going to treat you to a night out." She smiled.
"Mom, i'm not in the mood for-"
"No buts, you're coming with." She pointed her finger at me.
"Can you even afford it?" I enquired raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing is ever to expensive for my boys." She smiled kissing my cheek before leaving the room and softly closing the door behind her.

Franks POV

"I ran into your friend just now." My Mom said carrying a tray of coffee and carrot cake over to my bed. "Gerald?" She said noting my wondering expression.
"Gerard." I corrected her.
"That's the lad. Looked a mess he did. Poor thing.Mind you, it reflects the way i've been feeling. My little darling, you've brought joy to everyone who's ever known you. You only have to go because Jesus wants an angel, an angel like Gabriel and he found the perfect replacement in you." She said setting the tray down and taking my hand gently. I couldn't help but want to cry when she said that, because i couldn't tell her about Gerard. I couldn't tell her because of our religion, the way we were raised was to marry and have kids. And that's when i realised. I had months to live. Mere months. And i didn't want to go having lived a lie. I had to share my joy with my parents and if they were mad, if they kicked me out at least i knew i had lived life for myself and would have no regrets.

"Mom, please don't hate me." I begged.
"Son, i would never hate you. What's wrong?" She said shocked.
"I'm gay." I blurted out, her mouth fell open. And she stayed still for moments, that's when she fell off the bed, passed out and lifeless on the carpet.
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