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Meet the parents! And Frank and Gerard reconcile!

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Hey kids! :) This is a repost sorry about the last error i made! xxxxx

[*Franks POV

"You should've told me Frankie, christian or not!" My mother continued to sob as she had been since she came around. "You're my son before anything." She cried and i felt simply fucking terrible. After she had calmed down she said nothing for a few moments.

"It's that Gerard isn't it? You're in love with him." She sighed and i nodded taking a long gulp of juice still expecting her to yell and scream and throw me out onto the coldness of the Jersey streets. I nodded without uttering a single sound.

"Oh honey! That's so great!" She exclaimed flinging her arms around me and hugging me tightly laughing. "You're going to leave us sweetheart, we knew ever since last year but you get to go having known what love felt like! I should have seen it! I knew, i just-"

I cut her off in all of her rambling and wittering. "Mom, what are you going on about? This is the worst thing that could have happened to us. I have to leave him soon, break his heart. How am i supposed to be grateful for every feeling i've had?" I challenge her. She rises to her feet and dusts herself off. "Well Sweetheart, yours truly happened to find him outside this place earlier laying down a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers. Looked a mess though the poor soul. Face all drawn and hagard, eyes all rd and tired. You need to call him!" She exclaims suddenly. "Frankie you'll regret it if you don't. I'll tell your father, leave that to me. Just call him okay?" She smiles brightly at me before heading for the door.

"No Mom." I say making her turn back to me, her face wearing a confused expression."Could you give me a lift there?" I ask her recieving a huge white smile in return.

Gerards POV
" Gee! Get down here, you have company!" My mothers almost happy sounding yell buzzes from downstairs. "Well sorry company but i don't want to see anyone right now! And Mom i do not want breakfast!" I scream back, still in a state of depression and motivation lack.
"GERARD!" She screeches and i hoist myself up storming to the landing and down the stairs. "Whats so imp- oh." I say quietly recognising a Mr and Mrs Iero and their beautiful son standing in my living room.
"Linda, Frank would you like to come into the kitchen with me? My youngest son Mikey and I have been baking cookies to go with this new coffee mix we're trying. It's delicious!" Mom exclaims, her eyes twinkling as she leads the smiling couple into the kitchen. "Mrs Way, you have a beautiful home!" Mrs Iero exclaims as my mother and her jabber on for a good few minutes. Well our Moms like eachother, that's a positive.
"So?" Frank says slowly.
"Yeah. So." I say shifting from one foot to the other feeling extrememly awkward.
A few more moments of silence fill the air, an uncomfortable silence too.
"I'm sorry." He whispers, looking up from behind his hair at me.
"Don't be, it's not your fault." I say sadly. " Are you scared?" I add reluctantly.
"To death." He laughs darkly.
"That's not funny." I say somewhat sharply and hastily.
He swallows and i see his eyes fill with tears. " I'm scared of not being with you." He says, stifleing a sob in his chest.
I approach him and take his hands in mine. "Oh Baby, that'll never happen." And he flings his arms around me.
If only forever could last.
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