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Your stars are mine

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Fluff! :)

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Hey guysies! New chappterrr! ;) xx

Gerards POV
"Okay, so you want to open it now?" I smile at him despite this gloomy setting. We're in our nearest cememtery, huddled up together underneath a blanket, the black of the sky before us interuppted only by the starriest of skies i've ever seen and the draping branches of the willow tree. "Okay." He smiles down at the box in his hands nervously.

"Dude, it's important. Really Important. Guard it with your life until i get there. Here's your money. Thank again!" I smiled before handing Mikey the package and walking away before he could change his mind.
"Well i kidnapped him! Technically he's mine!" My younger sibling calls after me and i flip him off. "
"Mikey needs cash. Gerard needs a favour. Mikey does Gerard's favour. Gerard gives Mikey Cash." I smile at him before dancing down the pathway.

"Mikes get over here!" I scream towards the nearby chestnut tree that Mikey has been hiding behind with Franks gift for over two hours now.
The skinny blonde rushes over to us both." It's fucking freezing!" He gasps, breathing on his hands in a flimsy attempt to warm them up. To my surprise Frank laughs at his previous kidnapper. I hand over a pile of fifty and twenty dollar bills and push them into Mikeys hand. My savings for a muscle car from years ago. Forget muscle cars now, but this was much better anyways. "Treat my brother good man.!" Mikey smiles before dashing off over the small hill nearing the church.

"Wow this is a huge present!" Frank exclaims running his fingers over the jack skellington decorated wrapping paper. "Go on, open it." I kiss his cheek gently as he shuffles further into my side. "OH MY GOD! A Les Paul! Really?" He screams at me and i think he's going to burst into tears.
"All for you." I say recieving a kiss from a clearly delighted Frank.
"You know you should really shake the guitar before thanking me. Sometimes little bits and pieces get lost in a guitar." I say smiling.

He shakes the guitar wildly and a small gold ring falls out of the gaping hole in the centre of the body. He examines it carefully, reading the engraving i specifically asked for before turning to me stunned.
"Frank Anthony Iero, Will You Marry Me?"
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