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I Know It's Not Your Time, But Bye Bye

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Suspicion arises and an odd man appears.

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Frank opened his eyes to darkness. At least, he thought he had opened his eyes. You see, it was so hope crushingly dark, he wasn't completely sure. It was cold, too, although Frank did not feel the need to rub his hands together, or wrap his arms around himself like he usually would. Suddenly, a bright beam of white light shone in front of his eyes, and he tried to shield them but found that he could not move his arms. Instead, he was left to burn in the light, feeling his pupils contract painfully fast.

It seemed to Frank like days until the light finally died out, although in reality the time was much less. Frank groaned as he was plunged into darkness once again and tried to move his arms, and found that fortunately, he now could. Slowly, his eyes adjusted to the darkness around him and he noticed, as he sat up, the outline of a small willow tree. But as Frank's eyes became more and more adjusted to the dim light around himself, he realised with horror that the object which appeared to be a willow tree, was in fact, not a willow tree; but the outstretched arm of a decaying corpse. After a few minutes spent regaining his composure, he began crawling towards the arm, painstakingly slowly. "That can't be an arm, that can't be a fucking arm." Frank murmured to himself. He slid his finger along one of the decaying arm's fingers, and shuddered. It was definitely an arm. He sat back onto his heels and looked at he area around him. The first thing he noticed, was that he was in, what looked to be, a graveyard. "Well, that explains the arm, then..." Frank thought aloud.

"Sure does." Said a deep, voice. Frank jumped to his feet and whipped his head in the direction the sound was coming from. "Don' be afraid..." The voice continued, in a bored tone. And with that, a tall figure stepped out from the bushes in front of Frank. He was pale, his skin tinted only slightly  blue, and his eyes were rimmed with pink and red. He walked jaggedly, as if one leg was longer than the other, and his pink lips wore a half-hearted smile. The thing that struck Frank  however, was that the man did not have hands, but instead wore several tree twigs strapped to his arm stumps. He tall man saw Frank staring, and chuckled. "Tha's the unlucky thing about bein' dead, yasee? Things start droppin' off ya!"

"D-Dead?!" Frank cried, as he stumbled backwards and tripped over, in a desperate attempt to get away from the strange man. 

The tall man chuckled again and walked over to Frank, offering him his arm stump. "Oh yeah! Tha's right, y'all're probably wonderin' what you're doin' suddenly in a place like this." 

Frank looked at the man incredulously and slowly took hold of his arm, pulling himself up. "W-What's going o-on, where am I..?"

The man smiled mysteriously. "This is the bes' part of the job, tellin' y'all about this place." He motioned to the forest surrounding them. Frank took a step back warily. "You've heard 'em stories 'bout the...afterlife, no?" The man continued. Frank nodded and bit his lip. The man lifted his arm and motioned to the forest, smiling widely. "This, son. This is the Land of The Dead!" 


Gerard's eye twitched. He was standing outside Frank and Jamia's house, along with Mikey, Ray, Jamia, Frank's parents, and several policemen. Jamia looked a wreck, she hadn't slept in days and had forgotten to eat for most of that time. Mikey and Ray were sniffing and trying to hold back tears, and Frank's parents were sobbing. The policemen looked on sympathetically. 

"Alright, so let's get this straight..." One official looking man said.

"Please, I think we've been through the story enough times, Mr...?" Jamia asked through tears.

"Detective Inspector Saunders". He replied. "And it is necessary for me to be absolutely clear on the events that occurred on the night of your husbands disappearance, Mrs. Iero."

Jamia nodded and wiped her eyes with an over-used tissue.   "H-He left home at about 9pm...said h-he was going to b-buy some cigarettes and s-see Gerard."

Detective Saunders looked over at Gerard, and raised an eyebrow. Gerard sighed, and recited his practices lines for the fifth time that day."He didn't come to my house, he must've  gotten kidnapped or something on the way.."

"You're very blunt." Saunders retorted suspiciously. "Is it to...cover up anything?"

Everyone's attention was turned to Gerard. He felt his pulse race and his palms sweat. Shit, he thought. "Of course not, are you suggesting I would HURT my best friend of 10 fuckin' years?!" Gerard exclaimed, throwing his arms into the air for emphasis. "Fuck you! I need to be alone..." Gerard turned on his heel and marched away. 

"He's just upset." He heard Mikey say to the Detective, as He walked away. Good old Mikey. 

Gerard got into his car and slammed the door, turning the radio up to full blast as he pulled away from the curb. The only thing he wanted to do right now was to kiss and cuddle with Frankie. And as Frank's body was lying at an unnatural angle underneath Gerard's floorboards, he was sure to get his wish.
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