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Almost Laughed Myself to Tears, Conjuring her Deepest Fears

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'Gerard looked down at the body beneath him; the blood-stained skin and uncanny posture repulsing him, yet strangely, turning him on. The corpse was twisted in such a position that it exposed the c...

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The room was cold from unpaid heating bills, and the room stank of beer from the many half-empty cans that littered the kitchen floor. Gerard looked down at the body beneath him; the blood-stained skin and uncanny posture repulsing him, yet strangely, turning him on. The corpse was twisted in such a position that it exposed the creamy white skin of it's waist, and the soft tuft of brown hair that stuck out from beneath its blue jeans. He murmured a few 'Hail Mary's, and placed his hands on the corpses hips. He continued to slowly remove the jeans off he body and disposed of them in the kitchen, along with the rest of the corpses clothes soon after. He attached his lips to Frank's left hip, and sucked gently, his senses going into overdrive as he tasted the lovely, sweet taste of rotting flesh.


The laugh started deep within his stomach; and like a knife, ripped through his throat and out of his mouth, staining the air around him a dark, cruel colour. Tears seeped from his eyes and ran down his smiling lips as he lifted himself from the mangled corpse beneath him, tears not of sorrow or pain, but of pure madness and joy. It was an hour or so since the murder took place, and although Gerard didn't cry tears of sadness, his heart still twanged with pain at the though of never hearing his friend's bubbly laugh again. However, his mind hadn't really been focused on the thought of the consequences his dreadful doing would bring, for he had spent the last hour devouring with the lifeless body of his dear friend, Frank Iero, with his own needy lips. There was not a single inch of Frank that had not been kissed, licked, or bitten, even the broken and bloodied neck had been kissed and stroked with the upmost care. He licked his lips, he taste of flesh and blood lingering in his mouth.  Gerard ran his long fingers up the corpses thigh, and smiled to himself. He imagined taking Frank out to dinner, a nice fancy restaurant or something. Then they could go for a walk along the beach, maybe. And when they got home, well... Gerard felt his mouth water at the thought. He stared into Frank's unseeing eyes for a moment, to Gerard they seemed to be pleading, begging for it. Begging for Gerard inside him. Just as two lovers would. Gerard stroked Frank's hair. "Soon." He murmured.

Getting the body to his bedroom proved more difficult than Gerard had first thought. Lifting Frank's mangled body up carefully, he shuffled to his bedroom slowly, making sure not to bang or crash into anything. He supported Frank's head up, for if he just let it droop, Gerard knew for sure the skin would split open and Frank's head would go tumbling to the floor. Eventually, he made it to his bedroom, and let Frank drop to the floor, breaking one of The dead man's ribs in the process. It was then that Gerard's mobile rang.

"Shit." Gerard mumbled, as he searched his body for the phone. He found it in his left pocket, and pulled it out, raising it to his ear shakily. "H-Hello?"

The voice on the other end sounded warm and kind. "Hey, Gerard!"

"J-Jamia." Gerard replied, his palms starting to sweat. "How's it g-going?"

"Fine, okay, I was just wondering when Frank's going to be back? He wouldn't answer his phone..."

Gerard knew how to lie. He had spent most of his life drunk, after all. He knew how to get out of things. "Oh, Frank? He isn't here.." He said, trying to calm his nerves.

"Oh." Jamia replied, sounding rather sad. "It's just...he said he was going to yours, and I kind of need help with the twins right now..."

"Aw. Thats not good." Gerard said, making his voice drip with sympathy. " I'm sorry, but...I have to get going. Dinner in the oven."

"Oh." Jamia replied again. "Well, if you see Frank around, just let him know I called."

"Sure thing." Gerard said, although he knew it would be quite impossible to "let Frank know" about anything. "Nice talking to you. See you. Bye." He hung up.

Gerard smiled to himself and made his way back to his bedroom. He saw Frank still lying on the floor, bent at an odd position, and he giggled, "Oh, Frank, have you been waiting for me?" Gerard picked Frank up bridal style and kissed his cold lips. "You'll never guess who just called!" Gerard said. "That stupid bitch you call a wife!" He kissed Franks lips again, and again. He kissed down Franks bloody neck, sucking on it gently. He lay Frank down gently on the bed and straddled him, never losing contact between his lips and Frank's body. He quickly turned Frank over, and stroked his pale back, feeling himself harden. Gerard undone his pants quickly, pushing them down to his knees along with his boxers. He stroked himself for a moment, moaning softly as he did so. Gerard then grabbed hold of both of Frank's hips, squeezing them tightly as he slowly pushed his entire length into Frank's ample behind. Gerard moaned, pulling his cock out, then thrusting it back in, this time, harder. He continued to thrust in and out of the corpse, getting faster, and pushing in harder each time. Blood seeped from Frank's pale arse, but this only turned Gerard on even more. The sound on skin slapping against skin filled the room, along with Gerard's moans and curses. 

Frank simply lay there, his head bent unnaturally at his twisted neck, banging into the headboard at every one of Gerard's thrusts. His eyes stared unseeingly at the wall, on which hanged a picture of Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Frank, hugging and laughing outside the venue for one of their first gigs.
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