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Is it Such a Sin for me to Take What's Mine?

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'Frank let out an indescribable noise, and attempted to speak, but found it impossible due to the pressure being exerted onto his neck.'

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Gerard was a complex being, and a rather strange character to say the least. Years of loveless marriage had  left him a wreck and the stress had made him develop a rather unfortunate tick; his left eye now twitched incessantly. It was this twitch that kept Gerard in the bathroom for nearly an hour while Frank rather impatiently waited in his friend's living room. Gerard didn't want him to see it; even though they had been friends for years. Gerard still worried about how Frank saw him.

"Are you okay, Gerard?" Frank called for the fifth time that evening.

"Yeah." Gerard replied, pushing his finger deeper into his eye socket. He murmured, "motherfucker", and then gave up trying to stop the tick. He stared into the mirror at his puffy red eye for a while, and then made his way out to apologise. He mentally slapped himself when he saw a sad looking Frank stare up at him from the sofa on which he sat. 

"Were you...crying?" Frank asked quietly.

"No...I was just...putting on eyeliner..." Gerard trailed off and looked awkwardly at his shoes. He hid his face as his left eye twitched, and grit his teeth angrily. Frank looked at him incredulously, as he knew that Gerard hadn't worn eyeliner since the Black Parade days. Gerard looked up at Frank and felt his heart melt. He had originally invited him over to plan for the new album; but when he felt his feelings and fondness for Frank grow, Gerard knew he couldn't keep it in any longer. Gerard didn't believe in fairy tales or constant happy endings, nor did he believe that the world was a cruel, hard graveyard. But he did know this; he loved Frank. He had known this since the divorce, since he was free. Frank  was so caring, kind and loving to Gerard when the divorce was decided; Gerard was convinced there'd be a future for the both of them. Simple kisses on stage now meant so much more to him, they made his heart swell and fingertips tingle, his palms sweaty and his pupils contract. Every moment spent away from Frank made Gerard ache for his touch, and as Gerard looked at Frank and Frank looked back at him, Gerard  wanted to reach over and kiss him, hug him, tell him just how much he needed him. 

"Frank, I-"  Gerard was cut off by Frank standing up and hugging him.

"Listen man, whatever's wrong, I'm here for you. Okay? I know things have been hard on you lately..." Frank said. "Whatever I can do to help, anything, I promise I'll do my best to make things easier for you." The taller man felt touched by Frank's words. He smiled widely and stroked Frank's cheek gently, whilst murmuring softly to him.

"Frankie, you've already done more than enough by just being light up my day, Frank, really. I fuckin' love you dude." Frank looked confused, but smiled anyway. Him and Gerard told each other they loved each other all the time, the whole band did. When Frank didn't seem to get the message, Gerard continued, in a serious tone.

"Ever since the divorce, its been fuckin' crazy...I really needed someone, and you were there. You mean so much to me, I cant stop thinking about you..." Frank widened his eyes and said shakily,

"What are you trying to tell me Gerard..?" Gerard placed his hands on Frank's soft cheeks and kissed him. The kiss was not hard, lustful or sloppy. It was simple; sweet, a kiss that said, "I need you." Gerard felt his heart fill and explode in his chest. Adrenaline raced through his veins and his stomach flipped. All this happened in the space of a few seconds, until the kiss was broken by two tattooed hands pushing roughly into Gerard's chest. Soft lips parted and struggled against his own, pulling away, shouting and swearing. Gerard's heart sank, sunk right through the floorboards, through the ground, and into the hot liquid mantle of planet earth, blistering and burning.

"What the fuck, man?!" Frank exclaimed, looking at Gerard, horrified, and wiping his lips. "You motherfucker!"

Gerard stared at Frank with his lips parted and left eye twitching, unable to comprehend what had happened. "I...I..." Gerard stuttered.

Frank looked at him disgustedly and spoke fast, tripping over words and spluttering. "Gerard, fuck , I don't...fuck. Leave me alone, don't fucking...come near me, what will Jamia say?!"

Gerard spoke back equally as fast, but Frank couldn't understand the words he was saying. Tears flowed down Gerard's cheeks and he choked back air. Frank grabbed his jacket from the floor and pushed the taller man out of the way as he walked angrily towards the front door. Gerard ran after him, shouting, "NO, Frank, please!" The older man grabbed Frank's arm and pulled him back with ease, pulling him to his chest and holding him close. Frank struggled and shouted for Gerard to let him go, but Gerard ignored him, for he was lost on a world of his own now. A world in which Frank did not pull away from Gerard's lips, but instead, embraced them. Gerard shushed the short man and stroked his hair gently, whilst still holding him close with what seemed to Frank like arms made of stone.

"Gerard! Let me go! What're you doing, please let me go!" Frank pleaded, as he thrashed around in Gerard's arms like a madman. But Gerard still did not listen. He instead tightened his grip like a vice, his nails digging into Franks arms, leaving deep scratches, and buried his face into Frank's soft hair. Frank let out a squeak, his whole body aching and tears flowing out of his eyes like a waterfall. "Let me go, you fucking psychopath!" 

Gerard tightened his grip still. "I love you, Frankie." He murmured into Frank's hair. Frank only screamed in reply, and continued to thrash around. Gerard growled slightly, and whispered menacingly, "Shut. Up." Frank looked up onto Gerard's eyes, and spit a globule of mucus-ridden saliva straight into Gerard's face. The taller man pushed Frank onto the floor, trapping his arms under his own legs and gripping Frank's throat tightly, his left eye twitching and dancing more than ever before. The blob of saliva ran down Gerard face, and dripped of his chin, splattering sarcastically onto Frank's forehead. 

"I th-thought we had s-something..." Gerard mumbled. Frank let out an indescribable noise, and attempted to speak, but found it impossible due to the pressure being exerted onto his neck. He struggled, his face turning red, and then slowly, taking on a bluish tinge. Fresh tears spilled from Gerard's eyes, as he dug his nails deep into Frank's fleshy neck. Frank opened his mouth wide, hoping and inwardly pleading for air. Gerard removed his hands from Frank's neck, and wiped his blood-stained fingertips on his dark blue jeans. Frank took in a deep breath of delicious, life-saving air. Gerard suddenly grabbed two handfuls of Frank's ebony hair. He looked into Frank's scared, tear-filled eyes, as he yanked the short man's hair hard, towards the ceiling. Frank's head jerked up quickly.

A load snap was heard, that rang throughout the house fiercely. The sound died out, and time froze for a moment, leaving behind an unusual silence that filled every corner of the room. But soon enough, time restarted and the moment was lost. Gerard gazed down at the soulless body, into the lifeless eyes, and kissed the frowning lips.

But as far as he was concerned, they were smiling.
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