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Chapter 12

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"Leave me alone and I will be"

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Really sorry it's taken AGES to update! I've just had no inspiration for this story at the moment, but hopefully that's all changed now! I just hope I've still got some readers :) Hope all is well! Kat xo

Fun couldn't believe it. He stomped back into the compound about 5 minutes after Party and Diamond left, as he was stood in shock, not believing that his red haired friend was back.

"Fun you alright?" Kobra asked, a worried tone to his voice as he saw Fun walk straight over to the cabinet which held some alcohol, it was forbidden to be drunk, they weren't sure why they even had them.

"Leave me alone and I will be" He harshly answered, kicking the front door open on the cabinet and snatching a bottle of whiskey out of it.

"Fun, you know you're not allowed to drink that" Kobra told him, following him out of the room, and back into the corridor.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do! And by the way, your brothers awake" Fun spat out at Kobra and then turned on his heel and marched back out of the front of the compound, slamming the door behind him.

Fun walked out into the desert around the side of the compound, and fell against the side of the metal wall which held the other killjoys in and kicked his foot out harshly. He fell to the floor, dropping the bottle of whiskey silently on the sand and holding his head in his hands.

"How could I get her, and she's been taken from me straight away?" He whispered to his self, feeling his body shake slightly.

"Don't be so stupid Fun, she was never yours to begin with. She was only there with you because Party was asleep" He argued with his self.

"I deserve better than her. She would of used me" He told his self, and then shook his head, not able to believe what he was saying.

Diamond had fallen in love with him, and he knew it. If Party hadn't of walked out of the compound when he did, he knew Diamond would of been his completely.


"Do you want me to go and get your clothes?" Diamond quietly asked Party as he stripped down outside of the shower and stepped inside.

"Yes please. Just grab my usual clothes" He answered back, and Diamond nodded, her hands rested on her stomach gently, feeling her baby girl kicking slightly.

Diamond walked out of the bathroom, closing the door softly behind her and she sighed, but didnt have chance to move anywhere before she saw Jet running down the corridor.

"Diamond! I've just seen Fun. Party's awake?!" He shouted grabbing her arms.

"He is! He's in the shower at the moment" She smiled widely at him, and Jet couldn't contain his big smile.

"I don't care" He shouted, and ran in the bathroom.

Diamond laughed as she heard Party scream as Jet tackeled him in the shower, and then the door to the bathroom closed. She decided to go and get his clothes, giving the two friends chance to see each other again. Walking down the corridor silently, she frowned as she heard shouting coming from Fun's bedroom.

"She was never yours to begin with Fun?! Why are you doing this?" She heard Kobra shout as she got nearer the room and she pushed on the door slightly, opening it.

"Leave me the FUCK alone Kobra. This has nothing to do with Di- HER! I just want to go!" Fun shouted, he couldn't even bring his self to say Diamond's name right now.

Diamond could tell he had been drinking after seeing him stumble slightly as he threw some clothes in his backpack and turned around to look at Kobra.

"Then why are you leaving? Dude, please... Stay, we're your friends" Kobra quietly pleaded with him.

"You're leaving?" Diamond whispered, she couldn't help herself.

She dropped the white dirty towel she was holding in her hands, that she'd taken from the bathroom, and felt her eyes start to water slightly.

"You weren't suppose to here any of this" Fun whispered back, throwing his backpack on his shoulder.

"You're leaving?!" Diamond said, in disbelief as she looked around his room and found his draws pulled open and clothes scattered around.

"Diamond. Maybe it'll be best if you go back to Party?" Kobra softly told her, and Diamond shook her head fiercly.

"You were just going to go? Were you going to say goodbye?" She asked Fun, not taking her eyes from him as she moved and stood in front of him, a look of anger on her face.

"I need to leave here..." He said, his eyes boring into hers.

"And you weren't going to say goodbye to me? After everything that's happened between us?! What was going to happen between us! You!! You made me fall in LOVE with you!" Diamond shrieked to him and she hit him on the chest repeatedly, and Fun let her, allowing his backpack to fall from his shoulder.

"You've got him back Diamond! This is what you wanted!" He shouted to her, grabbing the top of her arms and shaking her.

"You made me want you!" She shouted, tears now finally spilling from her eyes.

"This was the deal Diamond! I would go away when Party woke up!" He told her, shaking her more softly now, feeling like he was trying to shake some sense into her.

"But you never said you would leave!" She told him, pushing him back from her and putting her hands to her head, nearly screaming into her hands. "You did this to me! You made me love you Fun! And now, you're leaving me!" She knew she was acting completely un-reasonable about the whole thing, but not that long ago, her and Fun had been planning to be together.

"And you've got Party back! Why can't you understand this!" Fun once again shouted, feeling his self getting more and more angry as he knew he would no longer be able to love Diamond how he truly wanted to.

"You were both going to be together?" Kobra pipped up, looking at them both with a frown.

"Please, Kobra. Don't let him go" Diamond turned to him and gripped onto his shirt, pleading with him.

"It's not up to Kobra to make me stay. You will be back with Party now Diamond, I don't know if I can take this. I can't watch you be with him Diamond" Fun honestly told her, his own eyes beginning to water.

"Please. Don't leave me" She whimpered, still holding onto Kobra's top lamely.

"Diamond. Are you really going to be able to be with Party and have Fun here?" Kobra asked, looking deep into her bright blue eyes.

"Yes.. I'll be fine" She told him, not even able to convince herself.

"Please, Kobra, you know what to do. This is better for us all. I 'have' to go" Fun told him, and Diamond looked from them confused.

"What? Do what?"

"You sure this is what you want to do?" Kobra asked him, and Fun looked at Diamond and then nodded to Kobra, before picking up his bag and swinging it over his shoulder.

"Fun, put the bag down. Stay!" Diamond began panicking.

"I'm sorry Diamond' Fun stepped forward to her, and quickly placed a meaningful kiss on her lips before pulling back and shaking slightly.

"Fun. No!' Diamond moved towards him as he took a step back from her and she went forward again, and then suddenly felt a pair of hands grip the top of her arms. 'Kobra, let go off me!" Diamond tried moving but she was held in place by his strong arms.

"This is for your own good Diamond. He has to leave us" Kobra told her, not looking her in the eyes.

Diamond quickly turned her eyes to look at Fun and he gave her one last longing glance before turning and walking out of the door, leaving Diamond's eye-sight. It took a minute for it to sink into Diamond what was actually happening, and Kobra loosened his grip on Diamond's arms. She took this chance to move from his grip and she ran to the door, and out into the corridor. She saw Fun at end of the corridor about to open the door to the desert.

"Fun! No, please don't do this!" She shouted as she began running down the corridor as fast as her bump would let her.

"Diamond, please. Let him go" She heard Kobra behind her, but she couldn't take her eyes off Fun opening the door and stepping out of it. She felt hands on her arms again but she quickly shook them off, more tears falling down her face.

"Fun, please...!" She shouted one last time before he gave her a loving look and then closed the door to the compound.

Diamond stood in the corridor, panting slightly and tears falling down her cheeks. He was really gone. He had left her.

"Diamond?" She looked to her side and saw Party stood, looking confused, but wearing his normal killjoy outfit.

"Fun's gone..." She said quietly.

Party looked around to Kobra who nodded, and she looked wide-eyed back to Diamond.

"Why?" He whispered, looking to the exit of the compound.

"You woke up" Diamond simply said, before turning and silently walking back to her bedroom, where she closed and locked the door.

Party blinked a few times, and looked to the floor, trying to stop his self from feeling so emotional. Kobra moved to his side and patted his brother softly on the shoulder.

"You okay Gee?" Kobra asked, calling his brother his old nickname.

"She doesn't love me anymore" He said, looking to his brother and Kobra pulled Party in for a hug when he saw a tear fall down Party's face.

"She does.. She just needs time. You were gone a long time" He told him, and Party pulled back, nodding.

"if she really loved me, she wouldn't of even thought about seeing Fun"
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