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Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
Diamond stood, unable to move from shock from seeing her lover stood perfectly awake in front of her.

“Fun, what’s going on?” Party questioned, and Diamond and Fun could see anger flash over Party’s face.

“You’re awake” Diamond whispered, and moved towards Party, and went to pull him to her.

Party moved away from her, banging into the side of the open door, as his legs must have been a bit shaky from been asleep for so long.

“ANSWER ME?!” Party roared, and Diamond jumped, putting a hand over her mouth.

“Party… Its not what it looks like..” Diamond started.

“You love him?” Party questioned, his voice breaking as he looked at the love of his life allow a tear fall down her cheek.

“Party… No, I just-” Diamond tried to explain.

“DON’T LIE TO ME!” Part shouted again, and Diamond let out a yelp as he took a menacing step towards her.

“Party, you need to back off… Shout at me, not Diamond” Fun told him, taking a step in front of Diamond, protecting her from Party’s anger.

“Do not, tell me what to do when it involves Diamond!” Party shouted to his friend, pointing a shaking finger in Fun’s face.

“When you’re scaring her like you are, its something to do with me!” Fun shouted back, and Party glared at him.

“Diamond, I need to talk to you… And just you” Party said, and Diamond nodded slowly, not quite believe that he was standing in front of them both.

“I’ll be fine Fun” She told Fun as she walked by him and followed Party into the compound.

She walked silently behind him as they walked down the corridor, stopping in front of the room in which Party had spent the last month and a half asleep in. Diamond followed him in the room, and turned just as he was closing the door behind them.

“Care to explain what’s just gone on?” He demanded, his arms over his chest, and Diamond looked at him, her mouth open.

“Do you care to explain to me when you woke up?” She questioned back, not believing he was just letting it pass by that he was now awake.

“About half an hour ago. Kobra told me he saw you going outside with Fun…. Diamond, are you seeing him?” Party asked, his voice a little above a whisper.

“No… Party… Its… You were asleep, for so long” She whispered to him, and looked at his frame.

Even though he’d been asleep for a month and a half, he hadn’t lost any weight, and he still looked beautiful, just a little tired. He was wearing a pair of black sweats, and no top, showing off his toned and slim torso.

“And that meant you were moving on to one of my best friends?” He asked, and Diamond noticed him grimace slightly as he said the words.

“No! Party, its not like that… I swear, that was the only thing that’s happened between me and Fun!” Diamond told him, desperate for him to understand what she was saying.

“Well what has been happening? Please, tell me the truth Diamond…” Party told her, and slid down the white wall, sitting on the floor looking desperately at her.

“Okay, I’ll tell you…’ Diamond moved and sat on the floor in front of Party, her legs crossed in front of her, and she placed her hands around her stomach, and she saw Party’s eyes widen as he seemed to notice just how big she had gotten. ‘You have to know, Fun would never want to hurt you, and neither would I…” Diamond took a deep breath and looked down at her stomach.

“I know.” Party whispered back and bit his lip, patiently waiting for Diamond to tell her.

“Me and Fun, have… Bonded, over the last month and a half, he’s been there for me. He’s kept me sane, looked after me, was there with me when I had the first scan of the baby. He’s been a really good friend. And yes, I’m not going to lie to you Party, I did start to have feelings for him, but I always, and always will put you before him….’ Diamond stopped as she saw a look of dread move over Party’s face. ‘A few days ago, Fun told me that he wanted to be with me. And that when you woke up, he would leave me alone. He just wanted me to be loved, and have somebody be there for the baby” Diamond carefully chose her words.

“He wanted to be a dad to our baby?” He asked, teeth ground together.

“No! He wanted me to have someone for help. It wasn’t like he was trying to replace you. And, well, I haven’t seen or spoken to him for the last 2 days. Actually as well, I couldn’t feel the baby moving for the last 2 days, so Ethel had to scan and check if there was any problems. Luckily there isn’t. An-” Diamond was cut off.

“You’ve seen the Baby?” Party asked, his eyebrows raised and he sat forward now.

“Yeah…” Diamond smiled softly to him, and rubbed her stomach again.

“Do you know what we’re having?” He asked, curious.

“I do… Do you want to know?” She asked, and she could feel little butterflies in her stomach.

“I do..” Party told her, his eyes focased on her stomach.

Diamond reached out and grabbed Party’s hand softly and scooted herself closer slightly, and then softly placed his hand on her stomach.

“Say hello to our Baby Girl” Diamond said, and as soon as she finished, they both felt a huge kick from Diamond’s stomach, causing both of them to move their hands from her stomach.

“What was that?” Party asked, shock on his face.

“She kicked! She actually kicked! The first time in 2 days” Diamond smiled widely and placed her hand back on her stomach, feeling the tiny little vibrations from her stomach.

Party moved his self so he was now sitting next to Diamond and he placed his hand back in its place on her stomach, feeling the little vibrations as well, and he was unable to hide a smile.

“A baby girl?” He questioned, moving his head and resting his chin on Diamond’s shoulder.

“Yeah… You’re not angry I found out are you?” She asked, biting her lip.

“I’m glad you did….’ Party placed a small kiss on her shoulder, and Diamond felt a shiver run through her body. ‘You promise me nothing more will happen with Fun?”

“Nothing will happen with Fun. I wasn’t even sure if anything was going to” Diamond honestly asked him, but in the bottom of her stomach she could feel a nervous knot.

“I love you” Party whispered to her, and Diamond leant against him, and let out a sigh of relief.

“I love you too. I’ve missed you”

Diamond looked down at her stomach and thought to herself. How was she going to stay away from Fun now?
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