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Leon; let the chaos begin

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Gerard's P.O.V.

I shift uncomfortably, trying to get as far away from Leon as possible, making sure to avoid his touch. I thought I got over this, I have no reason to be afraid. So why is the panic coming back? Why is it hard to not flinch away, why is my stutter back? I thought it was gone for good.

I take a deep breath. "What sin I am is unimportant."

The olive skinned man looks at me funny. "Pray tell why it's not important."

"It's not really any of your business." I protest, turning away.

I feel an arm drape over my shoulder, and I freeze up, acting on instinct. I look to see Leon's olive skin arm lazily resting on my shoulder, his hip pressed against mine.

"Why don't we talk about this somewhere less... Public?" The brown eyed one suggests. I nod, too freaked to do anything else.

I take a deep breath, collecting myself. I am Gerard fucking Way. I can't be acting like this, like a pussy. I have a personality to maintain. I have women and children to kill. I leave filled coffins in my wake.

"To yours?" I ask, getting myself under control and the picture of confidence is once again me. Frank and this man, they make me too soft. Leon shakes his head. I sigh, irritated. "We'll go to mine, then." I frown. This man is a reminder of the past. This isn't the past, I'm stronger now. I can kill him without mercy now. I won't ever be hurt by such vermin again.

I lead the slave to lust out of Statbucks, and we make are way down the short path to my shared apartment, his arm still strung across my shoulder.

"How long have you been a sin?" I inquire.

"A year." Leon responds easily, dropping his English accent for an American one. A weird person he most certainly is. A weird, vile, not to mention evil person. "How about you?"

I shrug. "Not sure." A lie. I know the day I turned well. And he... He wasn't lust when we first met. "Do you have Vines, too?" I ask. I've never met another sin before, but I've heard stories from ghosts. Thank God ghosts can't find the person who killed them, or I would have an army of angry, dead stalkers.

Leon nods. "The tattoos? I got them mysteriously when I became lust. I have to have sex every four days, too, or else they hurt like a bitch."

I raise my eyebrows. Calm, cool and collected is what I am currently the embodiment of. "Four days?"

He nods. "Do you have more time?" he asks.

I shake my head. "Less."

"How long?"

"Every other day. So every two days." I answer.

"Oh, sucks. What do you have to do?" He asks.

I shrug. "I'd rather not say." I ha better keep my murderous habits to myself.

"I told you about me! Now you tell me about you!" He pouts. it's disgusting. To anyone else, Leon is no doubt beautiful. But not to me.

I sigh. I shod give him something. "I'd rather not say. But do you have any abilities?" I ask.

"You tell me yours first."

"I can choose wether or not law officials, or anyone hostile towards me are capable of seeing or hearing me." I give him. he smirks.

"Well, I. Not telling you mine. I'll get you to guess after I use it." He smirks.

"We're here." I say, leading the older man into my apartment, up the elavator and to mine and Frank's room.

I open the door, surprised to see Frank in the hallway, sporting fluffy pink slippers and dark pajama bottoms and nothing else, sipping on a cup of coffee, sleep still obvious in his eyes.

"Oh, G'morning Gera-- who's that?" Frank asks uncertainly, all sleepiness fleeing his features, catching my irritated glances at Leon.

"Ooooh, is this your boyfriend? Damn fine, he is. In fact... Would you care for a fuck?" Leon offers my boyfriend.

"Erm... No thanks. Who are you?" Frank asks as I pull off my scarf, disturbing Leon's arm.

"Aw, isn't he cute!" Leon tells me, though it's phrased as a question.eon gushes the words, poking my nose for emphasis. I try to bite his finger, but he has good reflexes and I miss, partly at the fault of my distaste for literal blood. "Now now. Biting isn't very nice "

I'm tempted to make a Your Mom joke about not being nice, but I don't, I hold my tongue in fake indifference.

"Well, honey, my name is Leon. And you are..?"

"Frank." Frank frowns at the strange, mood swinging man.

"Nice name. Say, is that coffee?" Leon inquires. Frank nods his head, leading us all to the kitchen.

"Would you like a cup?" Frank asks Leon, already handing me a cup of delicious, life sustaining killer-juice. I slip out for. Under Leon's arm, sliding onto a stool (with a back). Frank jumped into my lap, blocking Leon from the very same maneuver Frankie just preformed, coffee pot and cup still in hand.

I hug Frank to me, trying to make it clear that I'm not interested in Leon. Leon eyes Frank, inspecting out position and inspecting us.

"You're not a Sin, are you?" Leon asks Frank.

Frank gasps. "No, of course not!" Frank exclaims. "You told him?!" He says to me.

I shake my head. "He doesn't know the specifics, and I want to keep it that way. Besides, he's the Sin of Lust."

"Oh." Frank says, win and simple.

Leon nods at Frank. "I didn't think you were. Now run off while I talk to your boyfriend."

Frank glares at Leon from my lap. "I think I'll stay."

Leon raises his eyebrows. "Oh?"

"Being Gerard's boyfriend, I think I can be included I your dicussions." Frank glares.

Leon raises his eyebrows even higher. "I think there are some things Gerard doesnt want you to know." Leon says coldly.

Frank snorts. "I doubt it." Be looks up at me. "Right?"

I bite the inside of my lip. Leon won't know what I'm not telling Frank. "...Yeah."

Frank frowns at the obvious uncertainty in my words, but looks to Leon, an unspoken challenge made to see if Leon knows things Frank doesn't need to know. Oh shit.

Leon raises his eyebrows impossibly higher. "Did your dear Gerard tell you that according to that tattoo on his neck he has less than a month left to live?"

At the look on Frank's face Leon smirks, knowing full well he has won. What, I wonder, is the trophy?

Ha! It's about time. Sorry it's been... What, a month? Lazy ass, sorry. Life is boring right now. Interesting things happened so I was motivated to write. I got my nose pierced and I got drunk for the first time (illigly). This is probably the most boring authors note I'll ever post, but I'm doing this from my phone and it's 11. Not that bad, but I disnt sleep last night at all.

LOL my brain is dead DX

R N R or I go Gerard on you! oh yeah, I'm bringing evil Gerard back. One mental breakdown and then we got the king back!


I own you XD
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