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Paris, Part 3

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I think this is considered torture...

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A/N I hated writing almost every second of this (besides the end) and soon you're going to find out why.

Gerard's P.O.V.

Frankie slowly looks up at me. "Gerard? What does he mean you only have a month to live?"

I glare at Leon. Leon just smirks, the bastard. "You shouldn't have said that." I say.

Leon shrugs. "He has the right to know."

"But I should have been the one to tell him." I argue.

"But would you have told him?" Leon wonders out loud. If I was any less of a person, I would murder him here and now.

"Gerard, how can you only have a month left to live?" Frankie asks me. I shift my weight uncomfortably.

"The tattoos spread. Once they stretch across your entire body… you're dead." Leon explains. He gave Frankie the painless version of the story. I'm at least grateful for that.

Frankie looks up at me. "You knew?" I nod. "For how long?"

"Since the tattoo stretched to my neck." I say, looking anywhere but at Frankie.

"Why…why wouldn't you tell me?" Frankie asks, and I can see water pooling in his eyes.

"I didn't want any fuss." I explain quietly.

"Gerard, I'm supposed to fuss… I thought you cared about me enough to tell me this kind of thing." A single tear falls from his eye as he gets off me, running to out room and slamming the door.

"I do, Frankie!" I yell after him.

"Oops." Leon says innocently. I snarl, picking him up by the collar of his button-up shirt and throwing him across the room.

I follow Frankie to the bedroom, pounding on the door for him to open up. I get no answer, besides Leon creeping up beside me.

"That wasn't very nice." He comments, whispering in my ear. "I can get him to open it if you want."

I look at him. "How?"

"Frank, open the door." Leon says, and moments later the door is no longer closed.

(A/N mind rape starts here. But you have to read it.)

There are tears dripping down Frank's cheeks as Leon walks into the bedroom, and I can't help but feel jealous that the bastard got Frank to open the door. My jealousy escalates as Leon whispers something into Frank's ear. Frank's eyes seem to go fuzzy for a moment, but I brush it off as my imagination as Frankie nods. It's stupid, Frank wouldn't be with a monster like that.

Leon pulls the half-on tie off his neck, handing it to Frankie. Frankie walks over to me, a somewhat cold look in his eyes.

"Frankie, I'm sorry I didn't--what are you doing?" I ask as Frankie ties my hands together in front of me without the stupid tie, pulling me into the bedroom and closing the door. He also locks it… what's going on?

He pushes me down onto the floor, against the door, securing the my hands (via the tie) to the doorknob. I try pulling out of the tie, but can't. Where did Frankie learn to tie like that? (no pun intended)

"Frankie?" I ask as he walks back to Leon.

"Good boy." Leon says, patting Frankie's head, the bastard! He whispers something into Frank's ear again, and I feel that pang of jealousy come back. I shouldn't be jealous, should I? I see Frankie's eyes blur over, but my observation is forgotten the moment Frankie pulls Leon's lips to his own.

"Frankie!" I yelp. Leon breaks the kiss.

"I suppose we should get a gag." And that's what they do.

They come together once again, kissing, and I can see Leon's tongue slide into Frankie's mouth. (A/N At least we know who the seem is)

I watch their tongues battle, though Leon's obviously in control as Frankie moans. A tear falls from my left eye. Is he really making out with another man right in front of me? Is that how little I mean to him?

Leon's hand makes its way up Frankie's shirt, and he gasps as Leon must be playing with his nipple. Enough! enough! Stop it! I get what I did was wrong, just please stop fooling around!

My silent prayers aren't answered, though, as Frankie's shirt is lifted off of him, and so is Leon's, and they're pressing their chests together. I want to puke. Was what I did really bad enough to deserve this? (A/N No.)

Leon leads Frankie around to the bed, kissing him and moving his lips down to suck on Frankie's neck and chest. I hear Frankie moan in approval. Hell, I watch the hickeys form!

I want to scream. I want to puke, I really just want it to stop. I was wrong to keep my lifespan from Frankie, I'll never do it again, not that I'll get a chance to. I try to stand up, do anything, but I can't, can't stop the moans and pants I hear as I close my eyes to block out the sights.

"Stop teasing!" I hear Frank hiss. Oh God, oh God, oh God. I'm hyperventilating, freaking out. Tears are falling from my checks, liquid hurt and frustration as my body shakes. Of course Frank doesn't want me. Why would anyone want someone so incredibly broken?

"Leon…" I hear Frank breath in a gasp.

"Like it right there?" I hear Leon whisper huskily. Damn my excellent hearing, I don't want to hear this!

"Y-yes!" Frank says breathily, moaning it really.

I always assumed the first time I was going to hear my boyfriend during sex I would be involved, not a monster from my past. No, we haven't had sex. We've made out and almost gotten there, but that's it. I think he's ready, but I wasn't. I almost chuckle aloud. The mass murderer is afraid of sex. Who wouldn't laugh?

But then I hear Frank gasp, and I'm brought back to the reality I was desperately ignoring. That my boyfriend is willingly having sex with another man in front of me, me not wanting anything to do with it. I don't want to have to think about how my boyfriend isn't so much as thinking about me, about how he's going to be screaming Leon's name, not mine. about how he's breaking all that I have built.

"You're so big!!" Frank says, breathing heavily. I want to die.

I hear both of them moan. "So…tight.." That's not Frank talking.

"Move." I hear Frank breath, and the sound of flesh slamming on flesh seems to resonate around the room. The moans do terrible things to my mind as I hear Leon thrust in and out of my boyfriend…well, he won't be my boyfriend much longer.

"Leon!" I hear Frank scream as Leon no doubt pounds into Frank's prostate.

Leon thrusts into that spot over and over again, his breathy moans mingling with Frank's screams.

I take to painfully hitting my head on the door. When I hear the noises of their sex, I find tears aren't falling from my eyes.

I'm not sad anymore. I can't feel the hurt.

I just feel angry.

Incredibly, fucking, violently angry.


I haven't used that word to describe myself in a long time.

I hate Frank. I let him get close to me, and he tossed me aside for a man he just met, throwing out all my love with it. They made me watch, and once something like love is ripped ever so painfully from you, you don't get it back. It's gone. All my love for Frank is gone. I can't even think of adding the 'ie' to the end of his name. it disgusts me.

I start pulling on my bonds, slowly exerting more and more force, oblivious to my surroundings, until the handle comes off completely and my hands are free. I quickly walk over to the fireplace, pulling a poker out of it's hold, striding over to the bed and plunging it into Leon, who is currently inside of Frank, riding out an orgasm as they both just came.

Frank screams as I plunge the fire poker repeatedly into Leon, the blood spurting onto my face something of a relief.

Frank is crying. I don't care. I start laughing, smiling even, as Leon's dead and disfigured body falls off and out of Frank. I stop laughing, stop smiling when I make eye contact with a sobbing Frank.

"Gerard, I'm sorry! I couldn't stop, I couldn't control it I just--"

"Of course you couldn't control it. Because no one can resist Leon." I say coldly, sarcastically at the end. who is he to talk to me, covered in his and Leon's semen?

"I couldn't help it! He told me to do all those things and I couldn't resist." He pleas, trying to hug me as I step away.

"Don't touch me." I spit, walking to the door. He cries harder. I walk through the door, stopping for a moment. "I hope you're happy. We're through, and you just had sex with the man who raped me."

Then I leave. I don't turn back. I don't find a quiet place to cry. No, I do what God wants me to do. I do what Frank made me would do. I do what any monster would do.

I find a shopping center, and I'm the only one who leaves alive. My vines even come out, but I don't notice over the numb pain of my heart. I barely register the pain as my numb body rips apart children, men and women, as my body bathes in their blood and pain.

Because really, it can only be as bad as mine.

I'm finally the sick person my sin demands. I'm finally perfectly despicable. I'm what God made me. I'm really wondering why people trust that guy.

I smile, gracing my victims with a last glimpse of insanity before I rip them limb from limb. I take them to death with cold, unfeeling eyes.

That's not, actually, the end!

I hated writing this with Leon, but writing the end was awesome! (sadist alert)

Oh, if you could perhaps read the other story I'm working on, I would appreciate your input!
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Anyway, please R n R! I don't think there are going to be many chapters left of this. And I think I have to reevaluate the plot, so yea!

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