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Green eyes, a phoenix, and a shopping trip. Harry/Pansy fans will love.

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I was early to leave for Hogsmeade and I did so alone. I could not afford anyone to see what I bought or even know that I was getting a costume. I already told my housemates that I was not attending the Masquerade Ball and I wasn't changing my mind no matter how many times Millicent Bulstrode threatened me or Tracey Davis tempted me by saying that Draco was taking that blonde tramp Nautica Howe to the ball. Yes, it made my blood boil that he just dropped me the way he did, and yes, I am seething just thinking about how quickly he moved on after me, but I don't care now. I know what happened between Draco and Blaise last summer. And the one before that. And this passed summer. Last weekend too. They disgust me. The least they could do was be straight about it and not sneak around (huh, but that's the opposite of what they are, now isn't it?).

I was still somewhat undecided about what I wanted for a costume. I know I said that I had the perfect idea stored in my head, but the more I thought about it, the less appealing it became. So instead of making a beeline for the clothing stores, I chose to wander around for a bit. However, my luxury was short-lived when I spotted a quartet of Ravenclaw third-years giggling, exiting Honeydukes Sweets Shop. It was time to get down to business.

First was Madame Rosemary's gown shop. Originally I had ruled out princesses, but, I had decided, that could actually work. So I chose a soft, periwinkle blue one, complete with petticoats. The perfect fairy-tale dress, right? Sure, if you actually like that sort of thing. I fully intend to return the thing after the ball. If I can't do that, then I can think of a couple of people who I am sure will benefit... perhaps Mr. Filch?

Then I hit up Phoenix Eye, a shop that sells some of the most random things. They were selling Halloween costumes last month, so I figured there still could be some left over stuff on sale now. I looked around before entering and found nobody from school. Still, I used a shrinking charm on the dress and its bag and stuffed it into my pocket. I'll worry about wrinkles later (yeah, like that will ever happen). I also used an illusion charm on myself, just in case I ran into a classmate inside the store. I checked my pocket mirror, one of the few girly things that was normal about me, to see that I was now tanned, with curly, untamable redhead with blue eyes and too many freckles for my liking. Nobody should be able to recognize me unless they have the ability to see through enchantments.

Phoenix Eye was a shop in dire need of organization, but it was one of the things I liked about the place. It was so different from the other shops and boutiques. And you can't even get mad at the clerks if they told you they didn't know where something was because they have to look for their own merchandise! A lot of people get annoyed at Phoenix Eye, but it's my favorite.

I walked in and went to the back. The only organized bit of Phoenix Eye was the separation of the Sale and Clearance items from the regularly priced ones. Any Halloween stuff would remain there.

I had just started on the top of a double-rack when the blouse in front of me flew aside and a pair of green eyes framed with black wire stared back at me.

My heart skipped.

"Sorry, the voice behind the eyes told me, "I didn't realize somebody else was right here." He sounded sincere, but something told me that he was anything but sorry.

I tried to speak, but my heart was too busy hammering and my mind suddenly turned to mush. All I could do was nod. I noticed the far corners of his eyes rise and knew he was smiling, possibly laughing at me. I was pleased and embarrassed at the same time; pleased because I made him smile, embarrassed because he was laughing at me. Thank the gods I looked like somebody else, or else Pansy Parkinson would have been eternally mortified. Great, now I'm talking about myself in the third person! If only he could hear my internal babble, Harry would be halfway across the ocean into America right now; I know only too many people who would be absolutely schadenfreude to be present at this exact moment in time, to know that I have a crush on Harry Potter. Attempting a quick save, I returned my gaze to the clothes before me and started once again, sifting through. My only problem: everytime I moved a hanger, the boy in the other side moved it back.

"Yes?" I finally conceded.

"I just wanted to see how long it will take to annoy you." I rolled my eyes. This is the guy I'm supposed to have a crush on?

"You are so ignorantly immature." I pulled the blouse over again. Harry pulled it back.

"I apologize. I just... you're interesting, is all." My eyebrows shot up. Really? Who had I turned myself into? "I know who you really are. I saw you." I froze for the briefest moment. Did Harry really see me cast the illusion? I didn't think anyone saw me do it. Outside, anyway. I hadn't considered anyone inside watching me. But still, I couldn't just give in so quick.

"You must be mistaken. I do not know what you are talking about." I yanked the blouse across the rack then noticed it was the exact thing I was looking for when it fell off the hanger onto the floor. I retrieved it and moved on to the bottom rack to search for a proper pair of pants

"Okay then, if you say so," Harry called from the other side. I heard the smirk in his voice. "I guess I'll see you at the ball. Hopefully." I kept my eyes on the costume bottoms with some strain until I heard his footsteps move across the aisles. I finally looked up when I figured he'd made it to the front counter to buy his things. Harry held a pair of dirty white breeches, dark brown boots, and a black vest. I smiled, picturing the costume before I saw him in it. We'd be a totally mis-matched pair, if my thoughts were correct, no matter what costume I pick.

I found every item I needed at Phoenix Eye. I just needed a push-up bra. A strapless one. I'm not afraid to admit it, I have a b-cup and sometimes I needed it to be come a c (or as close to it as possible). Besides, I can't wear either outfit if I had straps.
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