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Chapter 5

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GDA ends (not so) well, and the dorm is trashed.

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Hey there! I finally finished this chapter! This one sucked to write - I couldn't get it work out the way I imamgined it in my head. So, as well as homework and exams, I ended up re-writing and adding bits to this over and over again. But you don't want to hear about that.
So, enjoy! :D
Ol’ Smith was calling out names now for those who would be paired together – some dorms had four people, and so pairs had to be chosen from there. But from what Frank could see of the class, Gerard wasn’t even here yet. That was a relief. A few less moments he had to spend trying to not punch him in the face. Or kiss him… Frank willed his stupid hormonal brain to shut the actual fuck up and wished he were anywhere but here. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the jocks he’d fought earlier try to swagger up to the class but noted with satisfaction most of them had a slight limp and made their stupid looking cocky walk slightly wonky. He sniggered to himself under his breath and didn’t bother feeling scared when the stupidest, cockiest and bulkiest one – oh wait, their leader – drew their finger across their throat at him. Frank knew he could take them again.

“Glad you could join us gentleman!” Smithy was off, and his excited bouncy voice was the very thing Frank didn’t want to hear this afternoon. As the teacher continued to enthusiastically boom at the jocks who were clearly trying not to laugh, Frank noticed Gerard approach the class stealthy from the copse of trees both of them had been unaware the other spent his time there as well. Gerard attempted to slink onto the grass not too far from Frank, seeing as he was at the very edge of the class, but Smith caught him and beamed at Gerard before loudly introducing him to the class. As everyone turned to face Gerard, he gave his classmates a cold icy glare that plainly told anyone with half a brain to fuck off. Frank could feel the waves of hostility coming off of Gerard and Frank had the strongest urge to look away from him. Gerard just seemed to radiate hate and anger and it was beginning to make Frank tremble with the effort of not turning away. It wasn’t making someone feel uncomfortable either. Frank knew he had to look anywhere else but Gerard or he was going to be physically sick. Just as fast as he felt that desperate and uncontrollable urge, he noticed it fade away. He was about to open his mouth and ask what the fuck Gerard was doing, but at that moment, Smith declared it was time for them to get into pairs. Frank hesitated for a second then moved himself a little until it was clear he and Gerard were partners without sitting too close to the boy himself. Gerard glared at him again, but it wasn’t a must-turn-away glare, just one of his usual what-the-fuck-do-you-want, although Frank knew Gerard would probably put it better than that.

“And may I ask why, even though I’ve made it blindingly clear that I do not want to associate with you, you have decided to force your company on me for this particular class?” Gerard’s eyebrow is raised, but there is none of his almost expected malice in his eyes. Frank wonders why the idea of the jocks beating the shit out of him doesn’t scare him, but this boy reduces him to a stuttering mess just by talking in his sophisticated dialect. You know why, part of his brain pipes up; Frank pretends that part doesn’t even exist.

“Well… You missed the – the first part of Smithy’s talk, and, err, you have to pair up with, the, um, people – people you share a dorm with…”

“I see. So I’m lumbered with your loathsome presence for all of these… ridiculous excuses of classes?”

“Yeah. It’s not like I really want to work with you either.” Frank squares his shoulders and braces himself as he notices Ol’ Smith approach the pair. He knows that the very damn reason he’s here is because of the fact he has two powers and has moderate control over both. Okay, he couldn’t access the telepathy very well, but once he did, he was able to shift through people’s heads easily enough. And his telekinesis was pretty well controlled. Franks shifted to eyes at stare at Gerard who was just about in his sight line and he wondered again what Gerard’s power was specifically. Whatever it was, he seemed to have a good grip on it as well – he’d used it on Frank enough, for fucks sake. Ol’ Smith waved a hand; calling both boys forward and Frank stood reluctantly and heard Gerard do the same. They both shuffled towards the over bearing teacher who had a huge beam on his face that made Frank instantly suspicious.

“Boys! I’m so excited to work with you!” Ol’ Smith is practically yelling and the whole class peers up curiously, only to duck their heads down immediately when Gerard began his glaring again.
“Wait here just a moment here boys, I must instruct the rest of the class.” Smithy bustled off and Frank can faintly hear him tell the class to introduce their powers to their partner and try to demonstrate what they can do with it. Once he’s finished, Frank notes with dismay that Ol’ Smithy comes hurrying back toward them.

“So boys…” he says, and suddenly his boom has vanished, replaced with a confidential tone to his voice. Frank glances at Gerard and Gerard raises his eyebrow at Frank.

“As I’ve said before I’m ver-“

“Excited to work with us, yes, you’ve repeated that statement enough times – I believe we fully understand it now. Would you care to explain to us why it is so thrilling to engage with us?” Gerard sounds bored. Frank doesn’t blame him. If Smithy doesn’t get to the point, Frank is going to put him is a tree.

“Well, there’s a reason you two were put together in a dorm, you know. Let’s walk a little.” They begin to walk across the courtyard, and when they get near to the copse of trees, Frank stops in his tracks. He doesn’t want Smithy going in there for some reason. And he’s had enough of the pissing around.

Are you going to get to the point? If you don’t start talking, I swear to God, I’m putting you into the tallest fucking tree here and leaving you there.” Gerard snorts in laughter at Franks barely concealed anger and Ol’ Smith looks startled. It looks like he was ‘so excited’ to work with them that he forgot that Frank grew up in a rough place. He lacked manners.

“Yes, yes, of course. Frank, you’re obviously aware that you’re powerful; it’s how you gained scholarship here” Gerard face shows surprise at this but he says nothing “and Gerard, you’re also quite powerful. However, you’re both powerful in different ways – Frank has two powers and decent control over both, whilst Gerard has experimented and explored the boundaries of his a little more.” So far, this hadn’t told Frank anything he hadn’t been unaware of before.

“I’d like you to work together and help each other to overcome difficulties with your powers.”

“As much as it’s a shame to burst your little bubble of self content that you’ve deluded yourself into, I regret to inform you that I refuse to work with Frank.” Gerard says off handedly, and Frank knows he couldn’t put it any better. It’s probably going upset Ol’ Smithy, but hey, can’t make everyone happy. They don’t want to work together – every class would probably just end up with Frank moving Gerard up somewhere high, and Gerard tricking Frank into seeing a spider or something. Smithy looks determined however, and Frank realizes with a sinking feeling that it might not be as easy as that to escape this little partnership.

“Now, now, boys, you must overcome these feelings of dislike towards each other and work towards the greater good! It’s essential you two work together – no else here could match either of you. Now, introduce your powers to each other and show off basic skills. Chop chop!” Ol’ Smith wonders off back to the rest of the class and Frank and Gerard stare at each other for a moment, both looking completely blank. Frank snaps himself out of it and quickly begins to pace into the copse of trees, hoping like hell that Gerard won’t follow him. But since when has Gerard ever done anything Frank wanted him to? Never, and by the sounds of footsteps behind him, that wasn’t going to change anytime soon.

“For fucks sake, what do you want Gerard?” Frank roars. He’s sick. Sick of being so attracted to Gerard. Sick of Gerard’s pranks. Sick of the way Gerard talks to him, like he’s some mud on Gerard’s designer shoe. And right now, he doesn’t want to share his power with Gerard and ‘show off basic skills’. He doesn’t need something else for Gerard to ridicule and mock. Every damn thing he hates about this school seems to start and end with his arrogant, insufferable roommate and Frank wants out. He wants to be back in Jersey dammit, where the only things he was looked down on for was his sexuality and the way he dressed. And he could handle that. Everyone talked like him, everyone bought the same shit from the same places and everyone didn’t have much money. Not like bloody California. Frank spins round and glares at Gerard, conveying all of his hate and rage towards the green-eyed boy. Franks eyes narrow and his voice have become dangerously calm.

“I’ll ask you again Gerard Way, what the fuck. Do. You. Want?” Franks breathing is fast and shallow and Gerard’s face shows shock for a split second before that casual smirk replaces it. He opens his mouth, and just like that, Frank’s blood boils. Fuck Gerard and his stupid fucking fancy talk. Frank is in Gerard’s head again, but Frank’s rage is so strong he doesn’t want to look in Gerard’s mind. Instead, he uses his anger to focus and yanks Gerard up into the air, before shoving him with his mind into a tree and leaving him there, yelling at Frank’s back. Frank smiles his humorless smile and walks back towards the dorms, fully planning to spend the rest of the afternoon playing Pansy in an attempt to let all his anger go. Just like he had decided from the beginning of that crap GDA shit.

Frank glances at his clock; he left Gerard in the tree at roughly two forty five, he thinks, and it’s now six thirty. Just as he was contemplating going back to the copse of trees and letting Gerard down, the dorm door is shoved open and the boy himself is standing there with rage in his eyes. Its Franks turn to smirk as he notices Gerard looks the most disheveled Frank’s ever seen him and he tries not to laugh. Gerard suddenly calms down and whilst no irritating smirk lights his face, a blank look of eerie calm does.
Without looking at Frank, Gerard walks into the bathroom and the shower hisses on as it always does and there’s silence for a few moments. Frank strains his ears, feeling like a pervert, for those little moans he heard the other day. The silence continues for a few moments, and then Frank hears the quiet moan that Gerard emits. Frank’s own breath catches and he feels his already tight jeans tightening that bit more. Instead of the usual carrying on of the quiet moans, there’s suddenly a groan – and not a little one – from the bathroom, quickly followed by what sounds like someone’s name; all Frank catches is the ‘eee’ sound at the end of the murmur. Frank’s beginning to have difficulty breathing properly; every breath he takes is more like a little gasp and he knows that he’s going to need the bathroom right after Gerard. A final moan, a loud moan and fuck Frank doesn’t think he can hold on, is suddenly cut off and Frank imagines Gerard clamping a hand over his own mouth to stop being so loud. Shit, he doesn’t know why that’s so hot, but it is, and Frank half hopes Gerard is done soon, and other half hopes he stays jerking off in the shower for a bit longer. Suddenly there’s a loud moan from the bathroom and the shower shuts off moments afterwards. Frank hastily re-arranges himself to hide his hard-on by lying face down on the bed. And, shit, that feels too good, but Gerard is coming out of the bathroom in about two seconds, he tells himself, and it’s probably going to send you a little bit too close to the edge. The wait for Gerard to get out of the shower is agonizing – Frank’s dick is begging for attention and if Gerard lingers in the bathroom doorway half naked, or does that amused smirk that’s so sexy, Frank is probably going to rape him. Which would be pretty damn traumatizing for Gerard, and fucking awkward for Frank to explain. Luckily for Frank, Gerard doesn’t even glance at him when he hurries out of the bathroom. If Frank wasn’t so turned on and desperate to get a hand round his dick, he might of noticed how red Gerard was.

Frank rushed into the bathroom, closing and locking the door with relief. He had privacy and he struggled to keep his brain logical for a few more moments and turn the shower on, and grab a towel, before quickly stripping and stepping into the shower, letting the hot water clam him for a second before closing his eyes and slowly brushing the head of his dick with his thumb teasingly, pulling the foreskin back and pressing against the slit, watching the pre-cum gather on the top of his thumb. Frank runs his fingers lightly down his dick, before gently scratching at the pulsing vein underneath. He imagines it’s Gerard’s hand encircling his dick and slowly pumping up and down, smirking all the while. Frank begins to speed his hand up before stopping and squeezing gently, making him gasp out and his back arch slightly. Aforementioned roommates noises have sent Frank far too close to the brink of orgasm already, and the added image of Gerard standing behind him, hand round Frank’s dick and muttering highly eloquent dirty remarks in his ear in that unfairly contemptuous husky voice whilst fondling Franks balls and pumping his hand firmly up and down quickly tip Frank over the edge and he comes with a shudder and a loud groan, semen staining the off white tiles. He waits a moment, trying to catch his breath, before spraying the wall clean. Frank leans against the wall for a moment, basking in the afterglow and then steps out of the shower, grabs the towel and wraps it around his waist. He scoops up his clothes and walks back into the bedroom, and notices to his relief that’s it empty. He pulls on new clothes, and noticing how hungry he is, decides to go to the Room Where They Eat.

Once there, Frank glances around the moderately full room and spots only one empty table. He scans the Room for Gerard, but he can’t see the ebony haired boy anywhere and decides to just shrug it off before scooping up some tacos and making his way over to the deserted table. He soon realizes why it’s empty – someone had scrawled ‘FAGGOT TABLE’ in bright red sharpie on the surface of the table. Frank rolled his eyes before pulling out one of the chairs and sitting down. He was halfway through his tacos when some of the less damaged jocks from earlier did their wonky swagger up to the table and leant over him; obviously trying to intimidate him. Frank fought the urge to laugh because the only boy who even came close to blowing his self-assurance to smithereens was Gerard, and he wasn’t even in the Room Where They Eat for the moment. The assholes in front of him had nothing on Gerard.

“So you a faggot then, Iero?” Frank thought doing what Gerard did and thought talking (somewhat) sophisticated might give him the upper hand.

“If by ‘faggot’ you are referring to the insulting term for a homosexual, than yes, I am a faggot.” The jocks eyes looked blank as if Frank had just started speaking Martian and their mouths were slightly agape, physically demonstrating how their minds worked. Or didn’t work would probably be a better way of putting it. That and the fact Frank had just admitted to being gay, which was possibly the worst crime in the history of high school. To be honest, Frank was surprised that all the jocks were still standing as opposed to frothing at the mouth whilst thrashing on the floor or passed out cold. Sadly for him, none of this happened. It was a shame – he could use some funny videos in his phone. Even though he hadn’t finished his dinner, Frank’s appetite had be been stripped by the four fuckers that were dribbling unattractively right in front of his face. It was time to go. He stood and picked up his tray, but rather than walking over to the bin and tipping the half finished tacos into it, Frank picked up a nearly eaten taco and shoved it down on of the idiots tops. He let out a squawk of surprise and swung his fist out trying to hit Frank, but he ducked and chucked his tray on the floor before running full pelt towards his dorm.

Quickly opening the door, he was met with a sight of what looked like the destruction of pretty much all his things.

And there was only person to blame. Who was currently sitting on Frank’s bed, green eyes glittering, ebony hair looking raven in the dimming light and that smirk that had become cruel and twisted again instead of the smug one gracing his face for the last couple of days. Frank couldn’t talk for a minute, looking at all his CD’s smashed, clothes torn, iPod crushed and shoes slashed and the boy responsible. A wave of emotion crashed over him – but it was too extreme for anger and had the lead weight of heartbreak attached to it. This was all Frank had of his Jersey life and this rich cocky sonofabitch that decided that, because he didn’t like Frank, he was going to destroy every good thing in Frank’s life. But that wave of emotion didn’t compare to anything as Frank noticed Pansy lying limp of the floor, her beautiful necks cracked down the middle and her strings sliced in half.

Hate wasn’t a strong enough word – or feeling. Frank literally felt his temperature rise and his muscles tense and shake as he looked at the damage Gerard had done to his most prized possession. That. Was. It. Gerard had crossed a fucking line. And after his fight with the jocks earlier, and the ‘faggot’ table downstairs, and all the shit he’d been subjected to by everyone here – Frank snapped. He flew towards to Gerard with every intention of beating the shit of out him then dumping him on the roof to do. He raised his fist to put a long lasted black ring around Gerard’s eye. He felt the air whistling past his fist as he hurled it forward towards Gerard’s face.

He didn’t know who yanked who forwards, but suddenly he had his hands locked around Gerard’s neck, Gerard’s hands were gripping his waist tightly and they were kissing furiously in the devastation of their dorm.
I'll try to keep this short.
1) Thank you to patdfan01, Heymimusic, Eleonora and Abicus for your reveiws. They make me grin ridiculously and help me keep writing this. Thank you to whoever is rating as well :D
2) I apologize for the bad shower scene. First attempt at writing smut. It was awkward to write, because it wouldn't got the way I planned.
3) There are two ways it can go from here: There can be (dramatic) fluff that is told from Franks perspective (its not really POV cause it's in third person...) or just drama, but part of it will have to be told by focusing on Gerard. Certain events will still happen though, and the ending will be the same. There's just two paths to get there, and I can't decie which to write.
4) Rate/Review? They keep me happy and also give me pressure headaches to hurry up and write the next chapter ^^ Any feedback is nice unless you tell me my story's shit. Why did you read this far?
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