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Chapter 6

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The aftermath of that kiss, and the jocks get their revenge...

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Well, hey there! How you doing? Sorry this took a while, I had an English exam Friday and I've spent a lot of time cathing up on sleep since. Or passing out due to exhaustion, whatever you prefer. Either way, new chapter, (hopefully) intresting shit and... I don't think this is as good as previous chapters. THANK YOU FOR ABOUT 107 VEIWS FOR THE LAST CHAPTER! Yeah...
Enjoy! :D
Even with the ruins of his possessions around him, Frank couldn’t help but feel a small shiver run down his spine as Gerard’s hands slide a little lower. The kiss isn’t as those romance books his mom read depict; instead it’s angry and bitter, with hints of relief and regret all tangled together. Gerard’s lips move against Frank’s violently, as if Frank is the source of all Gerard’s problems. Their breath is fast and anxious, swirling its way into each other’s mouths as Frank presses himself closer to Gerard and yanks his hair hard. Gerard groans into Frank’s mouth and robs Frank of any other air that hasn’t been tinted by Gerard’s coffee and smug taste that sends Frank reeling. He still knows he hates Gerard, that the boy he’s frantically kissing is a pretentious dick head, but he still can’t control himself – Gerard’s been like a drug to him since he arrived; bad for you and something you want to stop, but it drags you back every time. And Frank had just given in. He wasn’t regretting it right this moment though.

Frank pulled back to get some clean air, air he was no longer interested in breathing after tasting Gerard’s breath, and staring into the glazed green eyes that glared back at Frank hungrily. Gerard dipped his head again and bit Frank’s lower lip agitatedly and Frank moaned, almost melting into Gerard. Gerard smirked, and then Frank was yanked forward so he pressed flush against Gerard’s body meaning he could feel every curve of Gerard’s body. Frank swipes his tongue across the seam of Gerard’s mouth, seeking permission, and Gerard opened his mouth and Frank slid his tongue in and tangled it with Gerard’s. Gerard’s breath catches as Frank slowly explored Gerard’s mouth with his tongue, making Gerard release those delicious noises he made in the shower that Frank loved to hear so much. Frank dipped his hands under Gerard’s black t-shirt and began to inch them over Gerard’s stomach, loving how smooth the skin was and how Gerard moaned that little bit louder. Gerard gripped Frank’s waist tighter and suddenly the anger that had turned the kiss bitter just ebbed away, leaving them gently moving their lips against one another’s.

Gerard sighed and pulled away. Instead of that hunger that Frank had seen glaring at him a moment ago, Gerard’s eyes now only had regret with traces of lust in them, slightly shiny from the sheen of tears. He swallowed and let go of Frank’s waist as if it pained him to do so, before stepping back a little and fleeing out of the door, leaving Frank with broken possessions and a now breaking heart.

Frank only sees Gerard in glimpses over the next couple of days; he’s taken to getting up ridiculously early and leaving the dorm before Frank’s woken up, moving away from Frank in Art and he’s stopped going to the copse of trees. Every time Frank does see Gerard though, there’s something… odd… about his eyes. They usually glint with intelligence, malice, excitement (and what Frank’s seen: hunger) but now they look blank and dead with worry and fear twisting in the green orbs that Frank’s so attached to. From what Frank knows of Gerard’s personality he knows that Gerard isn’t feeling awkward about the kiss – he’d probably hold it over Frank and laugh at him – and nor is he regretting it. But something about it is clearly having an effect on him and Frank desperately wants to know. They’ve only had one GDA lesson since, but Gerard didn’t turn up, claiming he was ill. In a funny way, Frank sort of misses the way Gerard was. The arrogant, smooth talking, smug prick that annoyed Frank until he could scream had gone and now Frank had no one to talk to, or argue with, or try to beat in a fight. Gerard might have been an asshole, but he was the only one who’d ever given any kind of damn about Frank’s existence – even if it meant the taunting and the jokes. It wasn’t mindless violence the jocks dealt out; it was almost like Gerard had stayed awake at night and plotted how to make Frank miserable. Frank desperately wants that kind – or any kind – of attention from Gerard again.

The days continued to swirl past in a haze of confusion and hurt, and the days got colder and darker as if trying to match Frank’s mood. The lessons that had once made him so angry and upset now didn’t even get under his skin. The jocks jeered and laughed like they always did, but Frank didn’t bother hearing them. What he didn’t understand was why he felt so shit about this? He’d known that Gerard wasn’t nice, and he’d always told himself not to get too attached. But no – he’d completely ignored his sense and fucking well went and fell in love with the guy! Wait – loved him? The bell rang and Frank was put of his seat and halfway across the room before anyone else even moved. He felt eyes on him as everyone else chattered and shoved their stuff into designer bags, and instinctively knew who was staring. Once at the door, Frank tuned and looked straight to his roommate who had an utterly broken expression on his face. Frank shook his head and Gerard mouthed: “I’m so sorry” before he went back to staring out the window. Frank fought tears as he walked out of the Chemistry classroom and out into the chilled California air. He ran to the copse of trees, and hastily clambered up the branches, going higher and higher until he was completely hidden from the world below. He loved Gerard. Of course he did. How else to explain everything? And now that stunning green-eyed, black-haired, sarcastic, pretentious idiot that he’d fallen so hard for couldn’t even look him in the eye without screaming his inner turmoil. Frank lay his head on the thick trunk and let the tears slide down his face, letting them be the only warmth he had. The sunlight quickly fading escaped his notice.

Frank snapped out of reverie when the rain started to trickle down his face – a mockery of the tears he’d spilt earlier – and took out his iPod and looked at it. The bright screen informed him that the time was 1:30 am. Frank sighed. He had to get back inside before he got ill again. Being careful not to slip on the now damp branches, Frank climbed back down the tree he’d run up so many hours before and began to shuffle back across the courtyard. It looked so different when it was empty and silent; it seemed bigger and less dramatic than it did when it was filled with people and light. He looked up at the dorm house, and noticed that his room window was filled with light and someone was standing there, with the window open and leaning out. It could only be Gerard but what the hell was he doing peering out of a window, Frank mused to himself. He knew Gerard didn’t sleep very much and was usually up for a majority of the nightly hours, but to his knowledge he didn’t spend them hanging out of the dorm window.

Frank glanced up again, but whilst the light was still on, the window was shut and nobody was there. He shook his head and walked up the stone steps. A night receptionist was sitting at their desk and squawked loudly when he walked in; eyes puffy and bloodshot, with hair flattened by the rain and enough hurt and sadness in his eyes that the receptionist fell silent as he trudged past and headed for his dorm. As he had expected, both of the bedside lights were still on in their dorm, but Gerard was curled up on his bed, eyes open and unblinking, with his iPod in – either oblivious to the world, or trying so desperately to get there. Frank knew he hadn’t imagined the figure leaning out of the window, just as he knew Gerard was aware he’d walked into the room.

Again, Frank felt the pangs of grief – he missed the Gerard who would have thrown something at his head and called him ‘tosser’ with that patronizing husky voice as he walked past the bed. This Gerard curled up a little more and closed his eyelids, as if trying to block Frank out. Frank sat down on his own bed, and took off his shoes, before pulling back the covers and lying down and closing his eyes, praying desperately that sleep would claim him; the same way Gerard was praying for the same thing.

Their prayers weren’t answered. Both spent the minutes of darkness that ticked by without the interruption of sleep believing the other boy was dreaming. Frank wasn’t aware of Gerard listening to him sob quietly, just as Gerard never noticed that Frank was gazing at him the whole night.

The next morning was uneasy. Frank knew Gerard had been worried about him last night – he was certain he hadn’t imagined the figure leaning out of the window. But Gerard refused to even look at Frank, let alone talk to him. Frank would’ve gotten angry with Gerard, but he could plainly see the internal battle that was slowly destroying Gerard from the inside out in those green eyes. Everything about Gerard screamed misery and defeat; the way he moved, how he hung he his head, the silence that surrounded his usually sneering mouth that was so unnatural and his unwillingness to look anyone in the eye.

It made Frank want to scream, but not at Gerard, at whoever was so obviously a homophobe and had made Gerard react like this. Both of them had gotten up in silence, and Frank had just come out of the shower. But rather walk out of the little bathroom half naked as he had done almost every day since arriving here, Frank made a snap decision to try and spare Gerard any more inner wars and cover himself up. He shoved on his t-shirt and boxers that he’d worn into the bathroom, before stepping out and quickly moved to his bed, lining up his clothes, and changing as fast as he could, with his back to Gerard. He could feel Gerard’s gaze on his back the whole time he did. Frank turned slowly, giving Gerard time to look at the floor or whatever, but was met with – to Frank’s surprise – the glowing eyes that he had fallen in love with.

“Frank…” Gerard murmured brokenly, and there was so much agony in that one syllable that Frank wanted to run over to Gerard and throw his arms around Gerard’s slim shoulders and make him feel better. Gerard cleared his throat, and swiped his tongue across his dry and cracked bottom lip.
“Frank… I’m sorry…”
“Gerard, I -”
“Don’t.” Gerard’s voice, whilst still quiet, rang out with certainty. “I just wanted you to know.” And Frank watched as Gerard, turned away and walked out of the door in the same manner as he had been doing too much lately. Every single cell in Frank’s body was yelling at him to fucking move, to run after Gerard and kiss him until all his doubts left his pale skinny body. But his brain froze. It was surely obvious to Gerard how much Frank liked him – for fucks sake, only four days ago he’d bloody made out with him – and Gerard liked Frank a lot too, he’d apologized, and spent every damn night crying himself to sleep, thinking Frank hadn’t heard. So, something else was the problem. Frank was determined to find out what it was.

Everything had a sick feeling of repetition – even though both his and Gerard’s life had eroded in one way or the other, classes still carried on in the same way, jocks still shoved him around and the minutes moved like they were deliberately taking twice as long to pass. Nothing in their lives revolved around them; the school controlled much of it, and the jocks pretty much held the reins over everything else. Frank was wallowing so much that he forgot he’d provoked all the jocks only five days ago, and they had yet to extract their revenge. The gong sounded, and Frank scrabbled out of the classroom, ignoring the teachers furious yells of: “This class isn’t over yet, Iero!”.

Frank carried on, running towards the door that would take him outside and little closer towards his beloved, quiet, peaceful copse of trees where no one could find him, where no one could criticize him for how he looked, acted or for who he wanted to kiss. As he flat out sprinted out of the doors – he needed to breathe dammit – he ran straight into Kenny Mitchells, a huge mountain of a boy that was a notorious bunker, and one of Tom Barkers “little” henchman. And by the smirk on his ugly face, Frank hadn’t run into him by accident. This was confirmed when Kenny gripped his upper arms hard, and began to drag him to the square display flowerbed in the very middle of the courtyard. Then, to Frank’s surprise, he let out a loud wolf whistle, and Frank’s surprise very quickly turned to horror. He knew there were about 275 students that were attending here, all with powers.

A mob moved out of the shadows. It looked like all 275 students at this school had come to watch him be beaten. They advanced from everywhere, completely surrounding the courtyard, leaving him no escape route. Some girls held up iPhones, apparently filming the whole ordeal. There were angry yells and cusses being directed at him, people spitting, pushing and shoving each other in order to get a better look at Frank’s impending doom. Tom Barker strolled out of the crowd and began to shove them back a little, creating a circle of space around Frank, who was still being held by Kenny, before beginning to shout, like some deranged Hitler speaking to his Nazis.

“Do we want this fucking trash at our school?” he roared and the crowd yelled back in excitement. Frank’s breath began to catch. He was scared, of course he was – he had a feeling this could literally turn into a free for all, and he wouldn’t survive if all the boys at school decided to shove a fist or foot at him. But the metallic traces of anger were beginning to build, and so Frank focused on the jeers and slurs about and against his sexuality, upbringing and general existence, knowing this would make him the angriest.

For once, rather than trying to control his fury, he let it wash over him and suddenly the roar of the crowds was secondary to the roaring in his head. He was lucky that none of the students knew what his power(s) were – it would give him the advantage of surprise. However, he did know that everyone else in this crowd had a power as well, and whilst they might not be able to wholly control it, they would certainly be able to use them if they were under threat. Which was exactly Frank planned them to be. Tome seemed to be coming to the end of his little speech, and so Frank decided to droop in Kenny’s iron grip, as if he admitted defeat and accepted his fate. The students might have had numbers on their sides, but Frank remembered how utterly shit they’d been at fighting, and he hadn’t even used his powers! His confidence faded as he looked around the sea of faces, all twisted with anger and malice, so many of them and felt a little bit helpless. Still, he wasn’t going down without a fight – even if it fucking killed him. If this was what his life was going to be from now on, he wasn’t sure he wanted to live. Gerard… The hate pulsating from the crowd… The rejection and isolation that had only faded whilst he was kissing Gerard… He couldn’t deal with it anymore. If he won this, great. If it killed him, even better. He figured he had nothing left to lose.
I get to write a nice big fight scene next chapter! (OOOH, EXCITED!) Lots of gushing blood etc. What can I say, I'm twiated. Heh, heh. ANYWAYS, I have fucking finally decided where to go with this (headaches and caffiene... OWCH.) and yes... You're hopefully going to enjoy it. I have no idea how many more chapters this will have, but I'm going to guesstimate and tell you no less than three? Four? I think.
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