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Motion Of Fire Waves

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It burns, burns, burns. The ring of fire.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012-01-11 - Updated: 2012-01-11 - 567 words

Mikey stood up, screaming his brother’s name and ran over to him, crouching beside his unconscious elder, sobbing a little. Gerard laid still, head lolled to the side, arms limp, eyes closed and a little trickle of red substance was oozing onto the wall and down his neck.

Ray and Bob jumped up along with Mikey and knelt by Gerard. “G…Gee” Mikey muttered, his voice hoarse and croaky “Big brother, wake up!” he shouted the last part, gripping Gerard shirt and letting his own head fall into his chest, hearing the faint thump-thump of Gerard’s heart.

Frank walked over stiffly to his friends, his body cold with shock, seeing his best-friend fly into the wall, seeing his band cower in fright of the invisible beings, the hell they all had suffered through in the past few seconds, minutes, hours, days, it was rotting Frank to the core with fear.

“Mikes…” Gerard muttered, his mouth barely moving to his words, his eyes still shut “Stop fucking with my hair”. Mikey looked up into his brothers face, his hands still clutching onto Gerard for dear life. “Gee” Mikey said, clearly but shakily “Im not touching your hair big brother”

Gerard’s eyes flew open, glanced down at Mikey and then focused on the top of his head. Fingers were gently being pulled by his hair, not roughly or painfully, just lightly. Gerard raised a quivering arm and put his hand to his head. The locks were cold to touch and he felt the invisible fingers run once again through the black.

Suddenly, a scream erupted from Frank’s mouth, he was staring, not around him or at the floor but upwards.

Every head jerked to the ceiling and many more shouts, cries and screams wracked the air. Flames were falling around them, not close enough to touch them, but were circling, dancing in a motion of waves, a motion of fire waves.

Mikey pulled Gerard’s weak body out of the way of a shot of flame that fell just were he was sitting. Gerard gasped as pain shot through his left forearm, making him squeeze his lids closed. Frank, Bob and Mikey let out similar sounds, all of them gripping their left arm.
Ray’s scream was possibly the worst.

He let out a screech that torn through each band member and he fell to the floor, his hand flying to his neck, still screaming in shock and fear. Mikey rolled up his sleeve to see what had happened to them all and froze.

A long, jagged, thick cut was running down his arm, blood was oozing out slowly and drops of the stuff trickled onto the carpet. As soon as Mikey saw this sight and his hand was about to touch the wound, the flames extinguished.

Ray was still on the ground, crying and sobbing, feeling his neck. “Ra…Ray?” Frank asked, moving over to the guitarist “What’s…th…the ma…matter?”. Very slowly, Ray looked into Frank’s eyes and removed his hand.

Engraved in his neck was a large, crimson capital A.

Hello everyone. First off, im sorry its taken so long to update! (bows 100 times) I hope you wont kill me for taking so long. Plus, I hope you all had a good Christmas and have a nice new year.
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