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Seize The Day

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A melody, a memory or just one picture.

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Well, Hi guys! I havent done this for some time it seems. Well, I have a mock exam tomorrow for Maths and I am getting my results back for my mock English on Of Mice and Men.
One a lighter side, I am going to be in a concert on the 16th December and Im playing the piano. Im playing Cancer by MCR. Im really nervous and excited! Wish me luck!


If anything could have been deeper than Atlantis, it was certainly the gloom and solemn feelings in each corner of the living room. It was dark, and the boys were trying to get some rest, all tired, worried, anxious and scared.

Frank was lying away on the sofa, they had all decided that if they slept in the same room it would be safer, thinking over the past hours, his body still aching from the shot from an invisible gun and wishing he, like Bob and Ray, could sleep.

Frank sat up, his chest bare and the bandage still fresh on his side and looked around in the darkness. He then noticed someone was awake, kneeling next to another, a small candle lighting their faces up.

Gerard, with such a sad and pale look on his face, was beside Mikey, who was still unconscious after the earlier events, gripping his hand and looking into his younger brothers closed eyes.

Slipping out of the covers, Frank stood up, walked over to the brothers and sat next to Gerard, who looked up at him, his eyes tired and crestfallen.
“How is he?” he whispered quietly so that the others wouldn’t be woken.

“I don’t know” Gerard muttered, his voice barely audible “I don’t know how that “thing” affected him. I don’t know if he is alright in the inside. I don’t know anything...” Gerard looked away from Frank and faced his brother again
“...Just that he is still breathing”

Frank reached out and touched Gerard shoulder, gripping it gently.
“He will be okay Gee. I promise you he will” Gerard nodded, still holding Mikey hand and looking downwards.

“I pray that you are right Frank” he replied softly “The next time something wants to posses, it can come after me” He said, his voice getting angrier “Hell, A dead axe murderer could take over my body for all I fucking care, just as long as you guys and Mikey are safe”

Frank stayed silent, pondering in his thoughts and wondering “could that really happen?”

A hand brushed gently again the side of his cheek. It wasn’t rough or forceful or show any signs of evil, it was so soft, so gently, so caring...Frank looked up quickly to see who it was, thinking who it could be. Ray? Bob? No they were asleep and it obviously wasn’t Mikey.

Frank blood froze. “Gee, you didn’t...just touch my cheek did you?” he asked slowly. Gerard looked at Frank quizzically. “Certainly not” he replied “Besides, my hand is holding Mikey and the other is...”

Frank’s mouth opened and his eyes widened. Gerard looked into his eyes, the look of knowing that one of “them” were back.

Suddenly, a cold rush of air whipped past them and the candle went out quickly and silently, as if someone had gone by and blown it out. Frank and Gerard jumped, looking at the now gone flame, smoke rising from it into the air.

“Frank...Its one of them isn’t it?” Gerard said in a normal voice, not caring if any of the other guys woke up. But before Frank could reply, a voice trickled down the stairs, the noise getting louder and softer as thought whatever it was, were placing back and forth upstairs.

I found you here
Now please just stay for a while
I can move on with you around
I hand you my mortal life
But will it be forever?

I’d do anything for a smile
Holding you till our time is done
We both know the day will come
But I don’t wanna leave you

I see my vision burn
I feel my memories fade with time
But I’m too young to worry
A melody, a memory
Or just one picture.

Seize the day
Or die regretting the time you lost
It’s empty and cold without you here
Too many people to ache over

Once again, it was the familiar sound of singing. It was sweet and the lyrics so warming but so chilling. Frank and Gerard looked at each other and nodded. Quietly, they stood up, Gerard placing Mikey’s hand beside his chest, and went to the stairs again. They moved up, step by step, listening to the sound, the voice filling with more power and strength.

So what if I never held you, yeah
Or kiss your lips again?
So I never want to leave you
And the memories of us to see
I beg don’t leave me

Frank could feel a mix of emotions filling him, Sorrow and loss, fear and shock. They came to the top of the stairs, looking around, the same line being repeated over ands over.

Silence, you lost me. No chance for one more day

They looked around the empty space. No one was here, yet the music still came from an unseen mouth. “Hello?” Gerard whispered “Is anyone here?”

But as soon as he uttered, the song came to a close, the lyrics stopped and the owner of the female voice gone. Gerard and Frank looked around, nothing.

Suddenly, a cry rose from downstairs reached their ears and they faced the staircase and a series of bangs flowed. “Gee!” Gerard’s heart skipped a beat at the sound. It was so blatantly obvious who the voice belong to. Mikey. Without a word, but with shock, Gerard and Frank raced down the stairs.
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