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Something's Here

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A demonic entity and a poltergeist's trickery.

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Well, Hey guys. I am rather happy because SCHOOL IS OVER! But I have to revise cause I have tests when I return in January and thats my birthday month too! Anyway, on the last day, I played the piano to the school. One jazz piece and Cancer by MCR. I did rather well and they crowd cheered loudly. Im so happy! Putting that aside, here is the next chapter!

Shock. That was it, complete and utter shock. It’s the kind of scene which makes you recoil in surprise of the suddenness of it all. Frank and Gerard experienced this as they burst into the lounge where they had left Bob, Ray and Mikey and, with a scream, realised something else was in here with them, not by seeing the person or sounds, but what else was going on.

The Ouija board was open and the glass was spinning around with such speed it was blurry. No one was touching the glass and they couldn’t see the other guys. They moved into the room, slowly, glancing around in each corner.

Frank heard a crunch under his foot and, looking down; he saw a frame, the glass already shattered beyond belief, as if someone had thrown it hard across the room. Frank bent down and looked at the photo and gasped. It was that photo, the photo that he had found in the attic when he was...


Gerard and Frank cried out, pushed into the room as the door slammed with a huge crash. They back up, away from the door into the middle of the room, closer to the Ouija board.

A drag sound came from behind them and a lone chair was flung across the floor, flying past them and ended up with a mighty boom in the corner of the room upside-down.

Gerard and Frank fled. They couldn’t stay in a room where chairs, doors and whatever else was being thrown at them. They dashed into the kitchen, closing the door quickly which wouldn’t be very good at protecting them from an invisible...thing. They turned to face the room.

Bob, Ray and Mikey had been in the lounge when Frank and Gerard were upstairs investigating the sounds of singing. Ray and Bob, who had been sleeping, had been awoken to the sounds of breathing and footsteps.

As they got up, a photo, which they swore was not in the room at the time, flew across the room and hit the floor, smashing the glass which woke Mikey up who jumped up and fled into the kitchen followed by the other guys. This is where they were now, 3 boys huddled together in the middle of the room.

“G...guys...” Frank said shakily. They looked up, terror in their eyes, Mikey was crying. “Are you guys alright?”
They didn’t move, they were like statues, frozen in time. Then, Ray eventually whispered “Something's here” and he pointed at the door to the lounge.

“We know Ray” Gerard muttered “Any of you hurt?”
Ray shook his head. Mikey’s head, which was bowed, titled up, then he jolted up, his eyes wide and he pointed and yelled

Gerard whipped around and he screamed. His body was punched straight in the stomach and flung through the air, his mouth open in shock and his heart-rate beating 10 times faster. He slammed into a cream coloured wall and slid down it, his body hitting the ground and his eyes rolling in the back of his head.
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