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Floor 13

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We discover more about the black-clad stranger...

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"I'm sorry, did you say...Gerard Way?" Hannah asked, shaking his hand.

Gerard laughed. "Yes, yes I did. I'm guessing you've heard of me, then."

Hannah frowned. "No...your name just sounds familiar, that's all. Why, should I have heard of you?"

Gerard sighed, but smiled. "No, no, of course not." He looked at his surroundings, and ran his hand through his greasy hair. "Look, kid, it's getting late. Maybe I should take you back to mine for the night..."

Hannah widened her eyes. "No, no, that's okay, I live just down the road!"

Gerard laughed. "Don't lie to me, honey, it's pretty obvious you're lost."

Hannah blushed slightly. "Um...if I could just go to your house to look on Google Maps or something..."

"Of course." Gerard grinned. "Follow me."

He led Hannah back down the alleyway and across the street. As they walked, Hannah bit her lip and fretted. She wasn't sure about this man, but she did know that she trusted him; he did save her, after all. They finally stopped walking when the reached a block of suspicious-looking flats.

Gerard opened the door and got into the elevator. "C'mon, kid." He said, when Hannah hesitated. 

Hannah got in, and Gerard pressed a grimy button which probably harboured more germs than Hannah dare think about. They whizzed upwards, and a loud DING rang out when they reached floor number 13.

"That bell drives me fuckin' insane." Gerard murmured.

The pair walked along the corridor and up to a door. Gerard took out an old-fashioned key and unlocked it. He held the door open for Hannah as she walked inside, gasping as she did so. 

The room was wonderful. The walls were like huge pieces of artwork; a beautiful white guitar, with 'PANSY' written on the front was hung in a case on the wall, comic book covers were framed and hung, as well as various other paintings and drawings. A half finished painting of a pretty black-haired woman with pigtails was propped up against the wall and collecting dust. An ebony piano stood on the other side of the room, and countless pictures stood on the windowsill. 

Hannah walked forwards and touched the white guitar that hung on the wall with her fingertips. "You play guitar?" She asked, fascinated. She had always wanted a Les Paul, but they had stopped being made in 2024.

Gerard walked inside after her and closed the door behind him. "Kind of..." He explained. "That isn't my guitar."

"Oh?" Hannah looked at him.

Gerard ignored her and walked across the room, picking up a dusty iPad and turning it on.

"Woah." Hannah laughed. "My Grandad has one of them, they're so old!"

Gerard scowled. "Well, I'm 63 this year."

Hannah felt embarrassed. "S-Sorry, I don't look 63."

Gerard shrugged and handed Hannah the iPad. "I don't care, the age I am doesn't change, no matter how old I look."

Hannah brushed her fingers across the touch screen. "I'd hate to be 63." She then realised what she had said, and began to apologise.

Gerard stopped her. "It's okay. I know I'm fuckin' old. And trust me, I'm not as pretty as I used to be either. But it doesn't bother me, I've already lived, done all the things I ever wanted to do." His eyes looked sad. "Just...too bad it ended the way it did." 

Hannah frowned, finding new-found respect for the man. "I'm sorry..."

Gerard regained his posture and smiled. "S'okay. Listen here, Hannah, you gotta live your life to the full, cause you've only got one life. So make it worth it."

Hannah smiled at the man's wise words, and vowed to herself to live by them from then on.
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