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The Mysterious Woman

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Hannah finds an interesting and familiar photograph.

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A/N: Please, in the name of Gerard's blonde hair, let me know what you think. About this chapter, not his new hair. But you can tell me what you think of that, if you want. :)

It was the next day around lunch time, that Hannah found herself thinking about Gerard again. He was nice, she'd decided. After finding directions to her house, Gerard had kindly driven her home in an old mustang which looked to be on its last legs. Of course, her parents had gone insane when they found out she'd been dropped off by a stranger. She was now grounded for a week. 

Hannah's bedroom door opened suddenly, and in came her mother. "Morning, darling." She smiled. She was wearing a light yellow dress which reached her knees, and looked to be in a lively and happy mood.

"Good morning, mother." Hannah replied dully.

Her mother giggled and sat on Hannah's bed. "Cheer up, baby. You can always help me with the spring cleaning if you get bored."

Hannah rolled her eyes. "Oh how exciting!" She said sarcastically.

Her mother looked at her sympathetically and kissed her head, and then left the room without another word. Hannah stayed in bed for another five minutes, and then decided that spring cleaning must be much less boring than sitting in her room all day. She made her way downstairs and saw her mother sitting cross-legged in the living room, going through old photo albums.

"Hurrah! She's alive!" Her mother giggled when she saw Hannah. Hannah scowled back and went to sit down next to her mother. Photos of Hannah as a baby were spread out on the carpet.

"Aw, mum, no." Hannah said when she saw a photograph of herself as a baby, in the bath.

Her mother laughed and collected all the photographs up, and put them into a photo album labeled, 'Baby Hannah.' 

Hannah yawned and looked around her messy living room, and she spotted a white sheet of paper lying a few feet away from her. She picked it up, and found that it was not a sheet of paper, but in fact a photograph. "Hey, mum, you missed this." Hannah said as she glanced at the photo. It was one of Hannah as a baby, with her mum, her dad, her grandad Ray and her grandmother Christia. There were also a few other people standing with them, but Hannah didn't know their names, or recognise their faces. Until, she spotted a black haired woman smiling widely and standing  next to her Grandmother, who looked undoubtably familiar.

"Hey, mum, who's this?" Hannah asked her mother, slightly confused.

Her mother leaned over to peer at the photograph. "Hm...I don't really remember. A friend of your grandfather's, I think. You'll have to ask him."

Hannah nodded and stood up. "I'm gonna have a little nap, if that's okay."

"Of course, honey." Her mother replied, as she sorted through another box of photographs.

Hannah walked back up to her room, and unconsciously slid the photograph into her pocket. She then pulled on her converse and opened her window, grinning. She was tired of staying indoors, and she wasn't one to live by stupid rules. So she was sneaking out. Hannah climbed out of the window quietly, and stepped onto the garage roof that was beneath her feet, hoping no one would spot her. She crept to the edge of the roof and slid down one of the water drainage pipes. She smirked when she got to the ground, and ran quickly out of the gate and onto the road. She kept running at a steady pace, until she was well away from her suburban house, and caught a bus to downtown New York. The ride was bumpy, and took half an hour in total. Hannah stepped off the bus and into the busy streets of New York, smiling. She loved the city; she loved it's sights, it's smells, it's sound.  

Hannah wandered around for a while, letting herself get lost in the city and buying a few things here and there. She spotted a sign advertising a free showing and auction of artwork at the New York Art Museum, and as art was a big hobby of hers, she decided to go. She rummaged into her bag for her camera as she walked in the direction of the museum, and pulled it out along with a pair of sunglasses, which she placed on her head.


It was 6pm, and getting dark outside. Hannah had spent the last couple of hours looking around the museum and taking pictures. The museum was huge, with some beautiful pieces. She snapped her camera again at an oil painting, and turned to move on to the next section. It was then that something caught her eye. A man with his back turned to her, dressed in a familiar black leather jacket. She gasped as he turned around. Gerard.

He locked eyes with her and smiled, making his way over to her. Hannah smiled back. "Gerard!" She exclaimed.

"Hey, kid." He replied. "What brings you to the wonderful art museum of New York?"

She grinned. "Just checkin' out the paintings. You?"

He laughed. "I'm doing some signings..."

She giggled. "Ha ha. Very funny."

"I'm not joking, I seriously am. See?" He pointed to a collection of acrylic paintings hanging on the opposite wall. The painting of the beautiful woman with black pigtails, that Hannah had seen in Gerard's apartment was there.

"Oh, shit! It's that painting I saw at your house!" Hannah squealed.

Gerard looked at the painting and nodded somewhat sadly.   Hannah stated at the painting for a while, until something clicked. The painting of the mysterious black haired woman...looked an awful lot like the woman in the photograph Hannah had asked her mother about. She furrowed her brow and tried to remember where she had put the photograph. But she just couldn't.

"Hey, Gerard. Who is that woman?" She looked at him.

He seemed startled at the question. "Just someone I knew a very long time ago..." He said softly, a distant look in his eyes.

Hannah scowled. "Don't bullshit me, Gerard. Who is that woman?!"

Gerard looked at her incredulously. "And why do you care so much?"

"I just don't like being bullshitted to!"

Gerard shrugged, and turned to look at the painting again. Hannah grew more annoyed, and she pushed Gerard playfully. "Tell me!"

Gerard was quite old, and wasn't as strong as he used to be. He stumbled when Hannah pushed him, and struggled to regain his balance. "Hey! What the fuck?"

Hannah scowled. "I just wanted you to tell me. God."

"You're such a teenager." Gerard replied. "I remember when I was a teen, I was never as fuckin' impatient as you-"

"Oh, here we go." Hannah cut him off. 

Gerard poked Hannah's shoulder rather hard. "You listen here, kid. You've obviously got a rich family, cause you're as spoilt and impatient as fuck. I want this, I want that, I bet you always get what you fuckin' want."

Hannah went to argue, but realised that most of what he was saying was true.

"Y'know what you need? A little bit of fuckin' patience. Patience will get you anywhere. Here, that's your second lesson. Patience."

Hannah was outstanded. "Lesson two? What the fuck was lesson one?! I can take care of myself, I don't need any goddamn patience."

"Lesson one." Gerard replied. "Was not to go wandering around New York at fuckin' midnight. Cause I wont always be there to save your life."

Hannah looked at the floor, ashamed. Gerard glared at her, and started to walk away. "Oh." He said bitterly, turning back to face her again. "And her name is Lindsey." 
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