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Are We There Yet?

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So, we're at the Yule Ball. Yep. In the last several paragraphs of the story, we're at the Yule Ball.... I was a horrible writer, okay? And I'm still not good enough to clean it up, so enjoy.

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“Myrtle, what are you doing here?”
“Hello and it’s nice to see you too,” the ghost said dryly. “Although you have…grown quite a bit since I’ve seen you.”
“No problem. Maybe I should join that Harem that everyone’s been talking about…”
“I could take an elixir. It only lasts for a few hours, but it would work. Unless you could help me find the dust of the Philosopher’s Stone?”
“…Didn’t Dumbledore destroy it by now?” Harry asked, confused.
“You can’t completely destroy something that powerful! Forgive me when I say this, but you of all people should know.”
“You’ll need some water if you’re going to be speaking that dryly to me.”
“Why are you here, Myrtle?”
“I’ll only help you if you help me look for that Dust of Immortality.”
“Do you want the good news or the bad news?”
“I’ll take the bad news first.”
“Ron and Ginny are planning something against you two.”
“I knew it!”
“They meet every day in my bathroom. The stupid inbreeds, thinking that I actually leave my bathroom. Don’t they know that ghosts turn invisible?”
“I wouldn’t know. I don’t know much about the magical world.”
“You don’t?”
“Not much more than they teach me.”
“And you’re with the smartest witch of your generation?”
Myrtle was right, Harry knew, which was why he was studying more and more, not with just the task, but other subjects. Hermione has of course, encouraged him to keep doing so with oh so wonderful awards. ‘I swear I can taste vanilla on her tongue…’
“Yoo-hoo…are you still with me?” Myrtle asked a moment later.
“Erm…yeah, what did you say?”
“You zone out a lot.”
“Sorry…so what’s the good news?” Harry asked warily.
Myrtle smiled at him. “They can’t think of anything. They’re trying to break you two up for the two of them; Hermione for Ron and you for Ginny, naturally. Ginny was planning to marry you and have multiple children with you, while Ron wants a…do we still call it that now? A ‘One Night Stand’?
While Harry thought the one with Ginny was quite amusing, as he knew it would never happen, he was not amused at all of his once best friend when he found out what he wanted from Hermione. Over his dead body. He was going to have a talk with Ron, and he wouldn’t have a choice in the matter.
“Anyway,” Myrtle continued, “the best thing they can think of is a love potion – which, last time I checked, was illegal – but they wouldn’t have enough time. They also thought of the Imperius – again, illegal – but they know you threw off Moody’s curse. Hermione couldn’t throw it off, but they’re not gonna risk it.
Myrtle tried to remember what else was said. “They also thought of just seducing you, or separating you two for a while, but they figured that if you or Hermione find out what they were trying to do, they’ll be in for hell. Right now, Ginny is brewing a love potion, hoping that it will be before the Ball. She claims she’s not in that much of a hurry, as she can wait for you, but they’re going to sneak it to Hermione as soon as possible. She plans on using the potion on you in a a few months to a year.”
“Wow…thanks for telling me, Myrtle.”
Ron was going to die, Harry finally decided.
Ginny was in quite a quandary. She wanted Harry Potter to give her a ring with a diamond large enough to write the names of every Weasley on the edges on it (which was quite a lot) and pick her up on a white horse wearing a shining metal suit, let her wrap her arms around his midsection (and her fingers around another section), and they both gallop out into the sunset, preparing to live out the rest of their lives together without a care in the world.
But Hermione just had to get in the way. The bitch. Hermione stole Harry from her, knowing that she loved Harry. She really wanted to kill Hermione, but giving her to Ron was true torture. But how was she going to separate them before the potion was done? Maybe a compulsion charm directed towards each other?
She sat back and admired her work so far. The potion was far from done, but she was slowly progressing, working faster with each step. Her mum had made her a little cookbook when she was a little child, when she could not afford the latest Boy-Who-Lived Fiction. That cookbook only contained one single recipe, that did not have a title. It tasted good, even though she had put a lock of her hair in the strange drink. And years later, when she read a sixth year potions textbook, she finally realized that since she loved herself, she was immune to the now-not-so-secret-drink.
She’ll send her mother a thank-you later when her new boyfriend announces their undying love for each other.
Solitude. That is what Hermione loved best. Just reading your favorite book alone, without a care in the world, oblivious of your surroundings. Sitting serenely under the tree that looked over the Black Lake. Watching the infamous giant squid roll over the water every five-to-six minutes. Just being calm and peaceful, away from the chaotic and unhappy world around her.
However, she noticed that she liked the solitude less and less. Ever since she had been with Harry, they were more and more inseparable. She had never had a constant companion, she had never known what it felt like. Now that she did, she rather liked it. Now with the Bodyguards, she was sure that Harry or she would rarely be alone again.
“Hey, Hermione!” Hermione turned around to see a familiar face.
“Hey, Marissa!” She said with a smile. “Care to sit?” Marissa smiled a tight grin and sat next to Hermione, not bothering to protect her jean pants from the merciless dew.
Marissa Alkins was one of Hermione’s best female friends. Marissa wasn’t a well known person in Hogwarts, because she was a bit different from the other students. Like Hermione, she was a Muggle-born, and had a late birthday, so she was fifteen. She was smart and had above-average grades, although nowhere near Hermione’s. She had a pretty oval face and long black hair, tied into a ponytail that went down to her waist. It was rumoured that she had never cut her hair in her life. She was very modest about having a body that Hermione could only dream of, and Lavender used to envy, although she had caught up due to a growth spurt. What set her apart from everyone else was that she was an American Muggle-born. She had friends, but she was not well-known. She was scorned by the Slytherins often, although no one had tried anything on her. Not only is she a dueler to reckon with, she is very talented at muggle-fighting. She had several awards for karate and wrestling.
Marissa was recruited into the Harem at the beginning of third year, and was the leader of the third and fourth years in a matter of months for her forcefulness and beauty. She knew that Hermione liked Harry, and desperately wanted her to join, but her sisters feared that it would lead to Harry. When the secret got out to him, she finally told Hermione. Now she’s Hermione’s favorite bodyguard, and loving her job.
“What are you reading?” Marissa asked Hermione.
“Hogwarts, a History,” she said.
“Why don’t you read other books as often?”
“Because this one is always interesting.”
“You need a life. Harry needs to drag you into a room and make you forget about books forever.”
“Yes?” She asked innocently.
“……Not this year.”
“After all these years, you finally got him, and you don’t want to do anything. I’m not rushing you or anything, but when are you going to play out all of those fantasies that you had?”
“W-What fantasies?”
“You know, the one where Harry has his way with you in the Restricted section of the Library. I remember another one of you riding him like a broomstick...while flying on a broomstick. There’s also the other one with Harry sitting behind you on a Hippogriph…you know, when you think about it, technically that’s a threesome…”
“STOP! Please stop!”
“What? They’re your thoughts, not mine. Okay, I admit, I have similar dreams, but you’re the one with the right, since you’re his girlfriend.”
“How did you know all of that?”
“You need to work on your silencing charms.” Marissa said seriously, although Hermione could see in Marissa’s eyes that it was a double meaning, that she would understand in the future. “It was amusing at first, and the detailing got us turned on, but we got so tired after a while, we had to put a silencing charm around our own beds. We tried putting up one – combined – around your bed, but your um… finisher… shattered it like blown glass.”
Hermione was a little more than red with embarrassment. “Why didn’t you tell me this?”
“We didn’t want you to stop.”
“But you said you got tired of me.”
“Correction: we were tired of you each night. We were aroused each night from your commentary, and when we were all...finished, we put up silencing charms to sleep. It was like you did it all night.”
Hermione was silent for a long moment, and Marissa decided to take pity on her. “Don’t think of it as a bad thing. When Lavender and Parvati got asked to join the Harem, when it was a Harem, they were like giddy little school-girls that found their mom’s secret box under the bed. You’re good at advertising.”
Marissa was almost never good at making people feel better.
But, she continued. “At least no one else knows. I made them take a Wizard’s Oath. Let’s not forget that the only people that know about your naughty side are people that you have access to while they’re sleeping and vulnerable. Your secret’s safe with us.”
“That doesn’t help me much.”
“Would it help if I told you that you should write some romance novels?”
“A little.”
Marissa slipped an arm around her best friend and hugged her. “Then all is well. Where’s Harry?”
“He’s getting something out of his trunk. Shouldn’t you know where he is?”
“I have to look out for you, not Harry.” She then smiled. “The Ball is in a week. Are you ready?”
“For what? For my feet to hurt?”
“No. This is a big step in your relationship. You’re going to the Ball with the man of your dreams. Literally. What do you have to say about that?”
“I hope I don’t trip, and I hope he gets drunk off the punch.”
“There’s alcohol in the punch?”
“I think Fred and George plan on spiking it.”
“It’s not like you’re going to do anything. You’d probably just drag him to his room, put a wet washcloth on his forehead, and start brewing a hangover potion, if you didn’t make one in advance.”
“You know me too well.”
“It’s part of the job,” Marissa said with a smile, idly looking at her black fingernail polish. She then seemed to remember something. “Was that a rumor about Harry?”
“About what?” Hermione asked, flipping the page.
She whispered something in Hermione’s ear.
“It hasn’t been confirmed, but Harry said it,” Hermione said with a blush.
“Wow. I’m glad Hannah didn’t tell us before we turned into a bodyguard and weeded out the weak and scared ones.”
“Could we please talk about something else?”
“Sure, Hermione.”
There was a silence.
“Yes, Marissa?”
“What do you have planned for Ron and Ginny if they try anything?”
As a devilish glint appeared in Hermione’s eyes, Marissa almost wished that Ron and Ginny would try something.
Draco Malfoy was not having a good day.
He was just walking innocently with his two comrades/cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, taunting a few Mud-bloods that crossed his path. He looked over and saw Potter walking in a fast pace towards the Black Lake.
He smiled and walked a little faster, trying to catch up with him.
“Hey, Pot—”
“State your business, please.”
Draco turned to his left and saw Susan Bones holding something that looked like a glass board and a writing stick. He narrowed his eyes at the girl that interrupted. He turned back towards Potter’s direction. Potter didn’t hear him. That angered him. He looked back at the rather busty redhead (AN: I like her better with red hair) and smiled on the inside.
“You interrupted me.” Malfoy may have been a talker, but he actually sounded like he was going to do something about it, Susan surmised.
“I realized that; I was there. State your business, and I’ll decide if it’s an emergency.”
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“Susan Amy Bones, niece of head of DMLE Amelia Bones, and a member Harry’s official Bodyguard.” Anyone would’ve heard the pride in her voice from both comments.
“When the hell did Harry have a bodyguard?” Draco said with a sputter.
“Since last week,” she said slowly. “Are you going to answer the question? Three times is the limit. After that, you are known as a threat and must be dealt as one.” Having an aunt as a former auror, she knew how to sound both official and threatening.
Draco slowly inched for his wand. Susan noticed, and transformed her pen back into a wand. “Luna!” she yelled in a commanding tone.
“Put your hands up!” a voice commanded behind Draco. He darted around to find a blonde that seemed younger than him. Her misty blue eyes showed no nervousness, but a chilling calm. It almost seemed that she was daring them to ignore her orders.
Malfoy gave an evil smirk. Two hot girls? He could barely contain his happiness. He barely had enough time to fully pull out his wand before he was struck with a red spell right between the eyes. He distantly felt something heavy fall on him. Twice. He definitely put that day in his bottom five.
“That was rather easy,” Susan said, blowing pretend smoke at the tip of her wand. She then realized what she was doing. “I need to stop watching muggle movies…”
Harry, oblivious to all else, saw Hermione talking to someone he had seen Hermione talking to often, but had never talked to her himself.
Hermione saw Harry approach and pat the ground next to her.
“Hello, Harry,” Marissa said with a wry grin that Hermione really didn’t like. “We were just talking about you…”
“Hello, um…”
“Marissa, Hermione’s dorm-mate.”
Harry sent a shocked look at Hermione, clearly saying that he had never known that Hermione had a dorm-mate other than Parvati and Lavender.
“I’m not very popular,” Marissa said, and for some reason, it was good enough for Harry.
“Well, it’s good to meet you,” he said, smiling at the two before sitting on the other side of Hermione. “Hello, gorgeous,” he whispered with a kiss on the cheek. He really wanted to tell Hermione, but not in front of her friend. This was a personal matter, although he knew the rest of the Bodyguard probably suspects Ron and Ginny might do something.
“Hi, Harry. Do you think you learned enough dancing?”
“You’re even teaching him dancing? Very romantic,” Marissa said off-handedly.
“I think I learned enough,” Harry admitted a few seconds later, “but you still need numbing charms on your feet.”
“So considerate.”
“I’ll stop, Hermione.”
“Thank you. Harry, what are you going to do about your hair?”
Harry shrugged. “Just pray for a miracle when I comb it, I guess.”
“You can use my steel comb,” Marissa suggested. “Do you have to comb it, though? It’s almost like your second trademark.”
“Thanks,” Harry said dryly.
While the three were speaking, a trio of shadows were seen at the entrance of a corridor. The one in the middle was slim and small, but the other two were quite large and round. If someone looked at the shadow, they would’ve called it very inappropriate, since the small and slim shadow was raised above the two round shadows, the feet meeting the head. A small first year, crying because some blonde fourth year called her a Mud-blood, ran towards the entrance before she saw the strange symbol. She looked up perplexed…
…and smiled. Someone had heard her prayer.
“Do you guys want to leave?” Hermione asked, shuffling on the ground. “My bum’s getting sore.”
At the same time, Harry asked if she needed a massage while Marissa ‘advised’ that with Harry around, Hermione needed to get used to it. Both comments left Hermione blushing, and she wasn’t able to talk until they reached the sight of the unconscious Malfoy and his goons.
“Nice spellwork,” Marissa said when she realized that they were too shocked to speak. She then looked down at the shadow. “Very funny, Susan…”
Hermione turned to Marissa. “Susan did this?”
Marissa nodded. “She was on duty this period.”
“So you’re in the…?” Harry questioned silently.
Marissa looked at him, smiled and nodded, and turned back to the flying douche bags. “She did some nice levitation spells.”
“Thanks, but that was Luna.” They turned to their left to see Susan Bones grinning at them, wand twirling in her fingers. “For a third year, she’s pretty good with her magic.”
“I can tell.” the two conversed as if they were in an art museum.
“Not that I don’t approve of this,” Hermione broke in politely, “but why did you do that to them?”
“Malfoy tried to approach you, and he wouldn’t tell us why when we intercepted. I suggest that you three leave so you wouldn’t get caught.”
“What about you?” Harry asked curiously.
“I have an invisibility cloak,” Susan said with a smile. A moment later, she pulled an invisible sheet over her.
Over half the school walked under the floating Malfoy. About an hour after he was sent in the air, he and his cronies started moving across the grounds, floating in the same position. Everyone who saw the trio made no move to tell a professor. They would look at them, laugh, give a mock salute, and continue whatever they were doing. Even some Slytherins chuckled and moved on. Everyone knew enough to not make a crowd, but Colin Creevey was smart enough to take several pictures. A professor did not show up on the grounds of the school, proving Katie’s theory that Hogwarts was not as safe as it was famed to be.
Around midnight, Draco woke up…
…and screamed.
At her dormitory, Luna smiled in her sleep. It sounded like Malfoy got the message. It helped that not only she obliviated him all that happened after Malfoy’s yell at Harry, but had replaced it with an image of these words.
“Don’t mess with Harry Potter or his beloved, or you will be dealt with severely. Your father cannot heal death, no matter how much power or money he has. This is your warning.”
Potter’s Protectors, Inc.
The week following was hectic. Everyone was scrambling to get a date for the Ball and most males were trying to learn how to dance. Most of the girls were trying to get Viktor Krum to go with them to the dance, but since he had gotten into a bad accident involving training for the task, he was no longer that desirable. No one questioned why he had no bruises anywhere else but his face.
Ron and Ginny were seen less often each day, and at the times they were seen, they would have bags under their eyes. The Protectors noticed this, and kept themselves on alert for the worst.
“Sis- I mean Katie, what are you planning to do about Ron and Ginny?” Angelina asked her friend on their way to class.
“Hermione has thought of a plan. She told me, but I can’t recall all of it. Padma wrote it down.”
“Could you tell me what you remember?”
“You know how technical she gets.”
“Does she need our help?”
“Yes, all we need to get is…”
When she was finished, Angelina nodded, although she wouldn’t know why Hermione needed those items. She wasn’t complaining since she could obtain those items easily. She could only wonder what was in the mind of the smartest witch in the school.
“They’re going to try WHAT!!!”
Hermione’s mighty screech rung in Harry’s ears like thunder. He knew that she was angry, but he didn’t suspectbanshee angry. “Hermione, calm down,” he said weakly.
His advice fell on deaf ears. She looked over at Ron’s empty bed, and wanted to turn it into a mixture of cotton and splinters…with Ron in the bed. “I’m going to kill him…”
“His little wench will die with him…”
“You know you don’t want to kill them Hermione…”
“I can’t believe that little… that little bi—”
“Language, Hermione!” That seemed to shock her out of her rant. Did Harry just tell her to watch her language? That was a little more than creepy. She felt hands on her shoulders turn her around gently. “I don’t want you to get riled up over them. They’re not worth it. I say, we fight fire with fire. What I was trying to tell you was I have an idea. What was your idea?”
“To give them a lust potion keyed to each other,” Hermione said meekly.
“Good plan,” Harry said after a few seconds, “but they’ll think nothing’s wrong with it because of the potion’s effects. I have an idea,” he paused for dramatic effect, “but it’s vile, disgusting, and just plain sick.”
Hermione was very intrigued by this. This was nothing Ron and Ginny could ever be forgiven of, and a Love Potion could give the traitors over fifty years in Azkaban. She honestly wanted them to go, if they carried out their unforgivable plan.
When Harry proceeded to tell her the plan, Hermione was absolutely floored by it. It was very dastardly indeed. It was cunning, but evil. It was border-line legal. It was just plain sick.
“It’s perfect,” Hermione whispered.
Harry grinned. “I almost got into Slytherin, you know.”
They decided to wait until after Ron and Ginny decided to try something illegal, so if they were blamed with any proof, they would have a reason that would’ve given Ron and Ginny a trip to Azkaban.
Harry was quite surprised that he had thought of it. He had never been known to be a prankster. He left Fred and George to that. But, this plan was downright evil and cruel. As long as Hermione supported him, he would go through with it when – or if – necessary. He knew that if Ron tried anything with Hermione, he would experience a verypainful death. This would almost equal that.
He really hoped that they didn’t try anything, for their sakes.
“Hello, Harry.”
“Hello, Fred.”
“Hi, Harry.”
“Hi, George.”
“Hello, George.”
“Hello, Hermione.”
“Hello, Fred.”
“Hello, Hermione. Hello, George.”
“Hello, Fred. Hello, Forge.”
“Hello, Gred. Hello, Thing 2.”
“Hello, Thing 1. Hello, Sugar.”
“Hello, Spice.”
“Hello, Harry and Hermione!”
Hermione was desperately trying not to laugh while Harry put his hand over his mouth to cover his chuckles.
“We’ve heard around the school…” Fred started.
“…That you two have finally gotten together…” George continued.
“…And you didn’t tell us.”
“But we’re willing to forgive you if…”
“…You forgive us for what we did behind your backs.”
Harry narrowed his eyes in suspicion, along with Hermione. “What did you do?”
“Nothing big or anything,” George said, waving his hands innocently.
“We just did something to make extra money…”
“…Since Bagman screwed us over…”
“…And we wanted to know when…”
“…You finally got together.”
“Why would you need to know that?” Harry asked, perplexed and amused.
“And what did you two do?” Hermione asked the guilty-looking twins.
“Oh, it’s not us…”
“…It’s more like half the school.”
“Explain,” Hermione said, resting her head on her hand, propping her up. This was why she never went to tennis matches. They just keep going back and forth…
“Well, all of Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, half of Ravenclaw, and the entire staff…”
“…Except Snape…”
“…Yes, except Snape, made a small little bet about you two.”
“The total galleons in jeopardy are about 2,800,450 galleons. We each bet ten galleons.”
Harry and Hermione could only stare, open-mouthed, as the twins continued. “Since you two finally got together…”
“…Or so we heard…”
“We just want to know when it happened.”
“Could you tell us?”
The couple was in shock for a little over ten seconds before they shook their heads and looked at each other, silently asking if they really should.
“Of course there were a few other gambles that didn’t support you two,” Fred said in a monologue. “Some people chose the option of ‘never’. Dumbledore bet over two thousand galleons that Harry would be with Ginny by the end of sixth year. He bet on that exactly. A few other people bet that Hermione would end up dating Ron, but they paid with Sickles and Knuts. I don’t think they were serious.”
“Since the Yule Ball didn’t happen yet, I didn’t bet on that, and rarely anyone else did. But McGonagall, who gave us the most money, bet that it would be sometime between the announcement and the Ball itself.”
Fred paused, and as if it was an afterthought, said, “You don’t have to give us an answer; we’ll just guess the date.”
“And you know how trustworthy we are.”
“Quite right, brother.”
“Why did you bet on us without our consent?” Hermione chastised them sternly.
“Because we knew you wouldn’t like the idea. We didn’t think that it was illegal.”
“That’s not the point!” Hermione countered. “You should really tell us things like this. It’s called an invasion of personal lives.”
“Yes, and look at how well that turned out in Hogwarts so far.”
Hermione muttered something about a couple of Weasels being chased by a hawk to herself, then spoke to Harry. “Are you sure we should tell them?”
“If McGonagall really paid that much money, then I don’t want her to lose,” Harry muttered to her.
Hermione nodded and looked at them. “We’ll tell you, but on one condition.”
Fred, on the right, turned his right ear towards them while George turned his left.
“We don’t want you to be mad at us when we… get revenge on your little siblings.”
The brothers groaned in unison. “What did they do this time?” George asked.
“It’s not what they’re doing,” Harry said. “It’s what they’re going to do.” He then repeated what Myrtle told him. The twins were not amused.
“Can we help?” They said in unison with straight expressions.
“You’re not surprised?” Hermione asked them.
“Ron’s grades are slipping,” George told her, “which means you’re finally tired of him being a lazy git.”
“And we haven’t seen them lately,” Fred reminded them.
“I suppose we should spy?”
“Yes, brother, I believe we should. We don’t want our honorary brother and sister to get hurt, do we?”
“Correct, dear brother. Let us grab some ears, George.”
“Wait…I thought I was Fred?”
“No, you couldn’t be. I’m Fred.”
“You can’t be Fred. I’m the oldest…I think.”
“But that’s quite impossible. Wait…since when did George become the oldest?”
“I believe since sixteen-and-a-half years ago, brother.”
“I’m confused, brother.”
“I don’t believe I’m confused yet. Who are you?”
“Well, I’m Forge, of course.”
“Yes, well, now I’m terribly confused. Let us go heal our migraines with a prank or two, then we shall become spies like that ‘7’ guy.”
“I believe it’s ‘700’, brother.”
“That Bond Jim Bond guy? Yes, you’re probably right, brother. Now, we must be off.”
“Yes we should, Gred.”
“I thought I was Forge?”
Hermione repeatedly hit her head on the table, although not hard.
“A mind is a terrible thing to waste,” Harry chuckled as he put her arm on the table, cushioning her forehead from the merciless table, “especially yours. Want to go for a walk?”
Hermione stopped, looked up at him, and mutely nodded gratefully.
The pair walked along the side of the black lake slowly, hand-in-hand, just listening to the breeze passing by. The couple were mentally exhausted, and both of them knew it. So much has happened over the past weeks, it was a wonder that Hermione was even able to keep her grades at the top of her class. Both knew that the closer they approach what was supposed to be an important milestone of their relationship, their supposedly best friends try their hardest to break them up.
Hermione had not been so emotional since she had her period. In fact, the betrayal of her ‘friends’ almost equaled half the pain (which was quite painful). This was the second time this year that Ron had turned on them. She was sure that it was the last time. She was almost sure that Harry would make that fact known when he sees Ron again, face-to-face. Of course, considering what Ron said about her, it would most likely be fist-to-face. She would be sure to make her encounter with Ginny to be memorable, also.
But there was only one problem. Harry had very few friends that could be put on a list. Ron, Ginny, Neville and, of course, her. And he had just lost two friends. What was to say that he accepts them back with open arms, like he had just done with Ron at the end of the first task. If Harry was one thing, he was kind. If Ron and Ginny begged enough times, she was afraid that Harry would eventually give in and accept them into his life again.
The thought never arose in her mind that there was a reason that he would never – ever – forgive them. It was quite a simple reason, actually, but one that Hermione would not easily guess.
She had, of course, realized the obvious reasons. The first time, Ron had unknowingly betrayed them, and only thought of himself. He was only mad because someone, that he assumed was Harry, hadn’t entered Ron in the tournament along with himself.
But this time, Ron, along with Ginny, are knowingly plotting against Harry and Hermione, trying to break them up and for themselves. And most likely, Ginny thought of the plan. This hurt Hermione deeply. Besides Marissa, Ginny was her best friend.
But the main reason Ginny and Ron were never welcomed into their lives was engraved in Harry’s mind, plain as day.
They involved Hermione in this. And that was a mistake from the beginning.
Harry looked over to Hermione, silently watching the winter breeze lift her bushy, yet amazingly soft and light hair around her delicate, yet strong, yet feminine face. He found it amazing that this feminine, gentle beauty could be so strong and independent. He also found it amazing that she chose him. It all started when she chose him to be his date to the Yule Ball. She was the reason he had any hope in the tournament. She was the reason he wasn’t crushed by Ron and Ginny’s betrayal. She was the reason that he had hope.
Yet, he had also realized that when he not only asked Hermione to the dance, but asked for a stage beyond friendship, Ron and Ginny started plotting against him. Harry had briefly blamed himself before Hermione turned her head and looked into his eyes.
Hermione was worried. About herself and Harry, especially Harry. She was not worried that Ron and Ginny would actually succeed in their twisted little plot. No, she was more worried what Harry would do to them when…if they carried it out. The ramifications of what they were actually planning to do finally settled in, after her rush of anger. She was confused of whether or not they deserved what was to inevitably come to them after Ron and Ginny use the potion, or any other illegal attack.
While Hermione wanted them to receive Harry’s punishment if they could actually do it, having full actions over what they were doing, and the consequences of doing such if they were caught. But she was not fully prepared when all was said and done.
She looked up at Harry, and was immediately entranced. His eyes were like…deep pools of green. She wanted to drown in them. She saw deep into them, unable to even blink. There was something so…mesmerizing about Harry’s eyes. It was intoxicating…addicting. She loved them. She loved everything about him. She loved him.
Unconsciously, both leaned towards each other. In the two seconds it took for the two joined to form a sweet kiss, an epiphany fleetingly passed their minds.
Whatever happened to them, whatever troubles faced them, or whatever they may face in the future, near or far, there was one promise that did not need to be said, but it was loud, clear, and plainly obvious.
They would be together.
Katie looked out the window that had a perfect view of the Black Lake, courtesy of the Room of Requirements.
Alicia was rubbing her back softly. “It’s over, isn’t it?” She asked softly.
Katie was silent as she looked at the lake. She saw so much devotion and love from Hermione, which Harry easily reciprocated.
“I don’t want to say it,” Alicia whispered, “but it is.”
Katie shook her head and finally spoke. “All serve one. One for all. All for life.” She looked towards Alicia. “I don’t care if we are mere house-elves or maids. We keep our promise. If we lose a lot of people because of this, or even if I’m the last one left. I don’t care. Without us, he is exposed to danger. Even the best dueler in this school and the smartest witch in this generation can be un-phased by the dangers that they seem to attract. They cannot do this alone. I won’t forgive myself if anything happens to either of them.”
Alicia stopped her rubbing. “You really love him that much, don’t you?”
Katie turned around to her best friend, her eyes shining with unshed tears. “How could I?” she croaked silently. “I barely know him.”
They both looked back out the window, seeing Harry and Hermione’s arms around each other, slowly walking around the Black Lake.
“I never told you why I did all of this, did I?” Katie said a small, almost defeated voice.
Alicia shook her head, then realized that Katie wasn’t looking at her. Before she could say no, Katie continued.
“My mom works at the Department of Mysteries. She’s in the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, which means she has access to all of the files in the Ministry of Magic. By her, I found out where Harry lives.”
Alicia’s eyes widened. “You know where he lives?”
“Don’t think of it as a good thing,” She said morosely. “Yes, I know. And I never wanted to go there again. I caught the Knight Bus with my mom. I was seven, when it happened. I had just wanted to see the boy-who-lived, to meet him. I wanted to become his friend. And, of course, I wanted to see if he was cute.”
Alicia nodded, enraptured in the story.
“Since he was living in the Muggle world, I had pictured a little bit beforehand with my mother the previous night. I expected that somehow, Harry lost his magic and was only left with that scar. I also expected him to be with either loving relatives of his mum or loving foster parents. The potters are rich, so I expected him to live in a large house with the best of Muggle technology. We also figured that he would cover up the scar with Muggle surgery.
“But I didn’t expect…” She stopped briefly, letting her tears flow. “Those bastards…”
“Question twelve,” Alicia said silently.
“Give us a summary of your home-life,” She repeated. “I wanted to know what happened. I was only there watching for an hour. Unfortunately, my mom couldn’t do anything about it minus kidnapping him.
“In the Muggle World, he is treated like shit. In this world, he was regarded as a hero, praised by everyone who lost a family member or close friend by Voldemort’s hands.” She felt Alicia grab her shoulder tightly. She ignored it.
“If there was one thing I’m sure Harry’s never received at that house, it’s two things. Love and Proper care. At first, I wanted to give him that, to give him the love that I knew he needed. Then I told Angelina about it in my first year of Hogwarts. She said she wanted to help me. So I showed her a few pictures of what I had taken. She said that he was cute. I didn’t even tell her that it was Harry, so at least I knew she wasn’t going to be a pure fangirl. When she asked if I wanted to double the love, I said, ‘he needs all the love he can get’. Well, one thing led to another, gossip started spreading, and before I knew it, About ten girls wanted to help nurture this malnourished, yet very cute boy that was sure to grow into a very handsome man.”
“Then you told us all his name for the first time,” Alicia said with a smile. “It was the first ever meeting. I believe Tonks fainted.”
“No, it was Angelina,” she clarified, “And Tonks tripped over her.”
Alicia nodded, the meeting coming back to her fully. “Then, more girls than we have ever imagined waned to join. We all kept a close eye on him when he came to Hogwarts, gave him food, Made him drink a lot of water before Quidditch practices, though we were never able to get him out of real danger. Then, as we grew up, our ‘motherly’ instincts changed towards him. First we started noticing his…changes…then each other’s…and the rest is history.”
“Yes,” Katie nodded, “It certainly is.”
“What do you mean by that?” Alicia whispered, catching on to what she said.
“We’ve already established that harry does not need a harem right now,” Katie said after a small pause, “but what if…when he graduates…he says no? I’m not saying we should stop now, but…we may have to postpone that harem longer than we planned.”
“Like… how long?”
“The night before Christmas, in a haunted bathroom stall,
A redhead smiled triumphantly, not knowing her plan would fall.
She had worked tirelessly, almost every night and day.
Which was quite hard, if you had to keep a nagging brother at bay.
‘What’s taking so long?’ He questioned loudly, not seeing the spying ghost.
Yes, putting Hermione with Ron instead of being killed would make her suffer the most.
‘Pipe down,’ Ginny muttered, about to lose her temper,
‘All we have to do now is wait while it simmers.’
‘And then Hermione is all mine?’ He asked with a childish, yet mad glee.
‘You could have any girl you want,’ she said, her chin resting on her knees.
‘I don’t really care what you do, as long as you don’t mess up.’
Ron began to drool of the thought, almost like a bone-starved pup.
Myrtle began to shake her head, she was losing interest of this sight.
When suddenly, the potion turned read, then gave a pink so bright.
A very short moment later, when the light had started to fade,
Ginny clapped her hands together at the steamy concoction she made.
The potion was done, Ginny thought she had won, and Ron was still stuck in a dream.
‘Ooh, this is good,’ the ghost whispered excitedly, waiting for the inevitable ream.
She had never received a Christmas present since the day she had ‘horribly’ died,
But Santa had remembered her this year; the Weasleys were in for a wild ride.”
Harry woke up in the morning, feeling completely refreshed. He had not slept that well in a while, and he did not want to get up. However, he had his first ‘Wake-Up Snog’ from his girlfriend, and either he sat up straight, or his appreciation for being woken up in the most pleasant way would be known to her, courtesy of his loose flannel pants. He’d rather that not happen. Well, not this year, at least.
“Happy Christmas, Harry!” She whispered as they hugged tightly.
“Happy Christmas, Hermione,” Harry replied as he stood up from the edge of the bed. “I see you’re ready for the Ball?”
Hermione mutely nodded, and looked over to Ron’s bed. “There is something I’m not ready for, though,” she muttered.
Harry looked over to Ron’s bed. He wasn’t there. Neville, Seamus, and Dean were still in their respective beds, but Ron wasn’t. The sun had barely risen, and Ron was already up.
It was time.
Ron and Ginny sat at the table, barely containing their grins. The inexpensive goblet next to each of them held their fate…no…their destiny.
Ginny had poured exactly five drops into the goblet, wanting Harry to feel the small crush, such as the flutter of the heart when she was around. She didn’t want Harry to fall immediately in (artificial) love, she wanted him to feel the (artificial) crush, first.
Ron, however, did not have any pumpkin juice at all in his goblet. Instead, he had filled the entire goblet with love potion. Not only was pumpkin juice a completely different color, but there was a strong aroma to the cup. If anyone were to get really close and smell it…such as put their lips to the goblet…they would immediately be overwhelmed by the scent and drop the goblet in surprise. Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it), Ginny was too absorbed in her own scheme to see Ron fill his goblet.
And yet, it did not matter, anyway.
“This is not a drill! This is not a drill!” Marissa yelled forcefully to the small group in the RoR. The girls muttered quietly amongst themselves, but the whispers died almost immediately when Katie, Alicia and Angelina glared at them. “We have planned this out for over a week. Harry and Hermione will be going to breakfast shortly. Ron and Ginny are in there, waiting for them. We aren’t going to let them succeed. Susan, you get the vials, and you know what we need to do afterwards. Luna, dream of the perfect room. Lavender, you do what you do best, and as fast as possible. I’ll get Hermione and Harry to safety. The rest of you know which spells to cast at which time. Please tell me I’m not missing anything!” Marissa, while a great leader, had never dealt with an emergency situation. After all, they used to be a harem.
“While we had only been bodyguards for a bit over two weeks, all of us do our best at whatever we do.” She ignored girls people blushing, including herself, and continued. “We have all proven that we will protect Harry and Hermione with our lives. Now it’s time to prove it.” She stopped for a moment, scanning the crowd for any fear, before continuing. “Oh, and if you don’t do what you were assigned to do, you are immediately kicked out and obliviated of all experiences with us and sent on your way,” She ended sweetly. “Now, go!”
Harry and Hermione, hand-in-hand, down the staircase to the common room. They took deep, calm breaths, and walked forward.
Susan, in her invisibility cloak, nonchalantly walked up to the pair of Weasleys. She uncorked the vial and let one drop gracefully release onto Ronald’s head. She then leaned over and repeated the same with Ginny’s hair. She repeated this process over and over until Ginny dropped her fork on her plate and started scratching her head. Thankfully, she had just taken a shower, so nothing was unusual when she found her hair wet.
“My head’s itchy, for some reason,” she complained.
Ron was unconcerned until he felt his head get a small itch. It was then that Susan noticed that Ron had chosen that day to not bathe. His hair was seemingly wet at the top for no reason. Before Susan registered that they had hit their first snag in the plan, and that she had lost her membership, Ron saved her.
“Eew,” Ginny said, making a face, as Ron scratched his head with his own fork.
“It’s my head,” Ron growled as he kept scratching. He then proceeded to finish eating his meal and then get seconds…using the same fork.
Susan, both thankful and disgusted, left the room, and entered a moment later, in plain sight to eat her own breakfast. The next part of her job came later.
Luna looked at the two homework papers before her, and back at the official documents. She sighed a heavy sigh. Ron and Ginny were her only two childhood friends. Although Ron did not appreciate her much, Ginny was her best friend, even though she hadmade a bunch of other friends. But now, Gin had done something unforgiveable. She was basically a criminal, and daddy had always told her not to associate with criminals. Feeling justified, she took out her wand and performed a couple of copying spells.
‘I need a really dark place with a regular Queen sized bed,’ Daphne thought as she paced. ‘I need a place where I won’t be interrupted, and I can make as much noise as I want.’
After repeating the phrase in her mind twice more, she quickly opened the doors that came out of nowhere. She looked inside the room and smiled.
So far, so good.
Ron and Ginny were getting restless. While Ginny was lazily drinking her own goblet filled with pure pumpkin juice, Ron was just finishing his second plate.
“Hello, ickle Roniekins!”
“How are you, Gin-Gin?”
The two groaned in unison as the twins hovered over them.
“Wah d’you wann?” Ron asked them.
“You should stop talking with your mouth full, Wonnie.” Fred wagged his finger.
“In fact, you should stop eating,” George advised.
“What?” Ginny simply asked them, already annoyed.
“Sick of us already, Gin-Gin?”
“We have a tendency to do that, brother.”
“I know the perfect solution to that, Fred.”
“And what would that solution be, George?”
“I say we stay here until they get accustomed to us. After all, if we get the impression that we’re only staying a few seconds, then go away, they’ll look for that.”
“Ahh, I see your point. Instead of them getting used to us walking away to annoy someone else, we just…stay. You’re a genius, Fred.”
“I’m George.”
“Couldn’t be, I know I’m George!”
“Then why does my underwear say ‘George’ on it?”
“You know how mother gets us confused. In fact, I still remember when mum accidently put a permanent sticking charm of Ginny’s name on all of Ron’s undergarments. I believe she did the same to Ginny as well.”
“And mum calls us pranksters…”
“Can you please go?” Ginny pleaded, her head on the table in shame. She knew that if she yelled at them to stop, she would just bring attention to themselves. Which was why she placed a silencing charm on Ron, who was screaming his voice raw at them.
“Alright, Ginny-kins, since you asked so nicely, we’re going to give you a Christmas present.”
“We want to give you a box of chocolate.” Fred said as he happily pulled out a large red red bag that Ron and Ginny just noticed was there. He pulled out two small boxes of Muggle chocolate delights and placed them on the table.
Ginny looked at it suspiciously, not putting it beneath the twins to pull a prank on Christmas day. After all, the twins were born on April Fool’s Day.
Ron, however, did not think of his health or safety as he muttered a quick ‘thanks’ to the twins and ripped the wrapper off in one smooth motion. He took a second to look at the pretty designs on the chocolate before he ate…it was hard to say, but it looked as if he ate two on the first bite.
“Do you feel weird?” Ginny couldn’t help but ask when the twins moved on.
Ron continued to eat the chocolates as if they were popcorn. Still under the silencing charm, he nodded happily.
Ginny sighed and unwrapped the present. It was nice to have a guinea pig when the twins were around.
She took a dainty bite of the chocolate and decided that it definitely tasted good. She then proceeded to eat some more, while Ron was almost done.
After a moment or two, Something hit her hard. She clenched tightly. She looked up to see Ron hop out of his chair and run as fast as possible out of the Great Hall. An awful aroma had reached her nose, and she recoiled. She stood up, slowly, and walked as briskly as she could out of the Hall.
Parvati and Lavender quickly acted. They moved to the table and took the goblets, wearing winter gloves. They walked out the Great Hall, having all the evidence they needed.
Marissa smiled as she saw Ron pass by her in high-speed while she innocently walked to lunch late. To anyone, it would seem that she had just finished unwrapping her presents she had received for Christmas.
She then stopped and took off her Muggle backpack. She rummaged around in it until she saw Ginny run at quite a tremendous speed. At that moment, laxatives were the best Muggle invention to have ever been made…or grown or something…
Marissa stood up, not pulling out anything, only making it seem that way. After all, there were only two items in her bag. She walked slowly to the closest facilities, knowing that they were there. When she arrived, she heard several grotesque noises coming from inside the bathrooms.
She shuddered at the mental images that tried to force its way into her mind. She quickly pulled out a rusty, silver pail filled with liquid from her bag. Figuring she should waste anytime, she pulled out the second as well, and prepared her trap.
Ginny was the first to walk out of the bathroom. She opened the door, and had a brief glimpse of Harry Potter before a pail of water…or so she thought…fell on her head, knocking her unconscious temporarily.
Ron was out a short moment later from the boy’s bathroom, and had a brief glimpse of Hermione Granger standing before him before he, too, was knocked out by the pail.
“This is too easy,” Marissa murmured, “yet so complicated. I didn’t think it would go this smoothly.”
Harry and Hermione mutely nodded and looked back to Lavender and Parvarti, who were still holding the goblets, with plastic and a rubber-band covering the rim.
“Take those straight to Susan,” Marissa ordered, “she knows what to do with them. I’ll levitate these guys to the RoR and put a drying spell on them.”
Ginny woke up feeling woozy. She couldn’t open her eyes. For some reason, her eyes were stinging. She tried to open them, only to see black. It took her a mment to realize that the room itself was dark.
There was something else she noticed, although she wasn’t very sure. She was lying in a bed…with someone else. Her arm was around…something.
And then it came back to her. The last person she saw was…
“Harry?” She questioned softly, and squeaked when she didn’t hear her own voice. It was Granger’s! She said Harry again, and got the same result. Unfortunately, her eyes were still stinging. She felt her head. Bushy. She quickly sat up and felt around. She knew her own body, and knowing the difference in breast size between her and the older, fuller girl, she realized that she was in Hermione’s body. This can’t be happening…
Harry stirred. Ginny froze. She then realized that she and The Boy-Who-Lived were alone in the same bed, in a dark room, and she somehow had the appearance of his girlfriend.
It never occurred to her that Hermione and Harry were too young to have sex, and that they both vowed to each other to wait at least a year, or that ….No, no, only three words coursed through her mind.
Ron woke up a few minutes later groggily. His eyes hurt, badly. He lied still until the pain ceased.
Figuring out that the pain was going to stay, Ron groaned. “Bloody—”
He stopped as he recognized his voice as someone else’s. Harry’s voice. Ron slowly reached up and felt his forehead to wipe off sweat. He felt a scar on his forehead. Before he could have tome to panic, he heard a voice.
Hermione? He quickly turned around and saw…nothing. Although he could barely see the outline of a figure, he couldn’t see who it was.
And then he slowly put it together. Here he was, in a dark room, with Hermione Granger… before the Ball!
“Hermione,” Ron groaned, grinning like a wolf that found its meal.
Taking no time, he rolled over onto ‘Hermione’ and started caressing, not knowing that his body was slowly going back to normal, but his voice was not.
“I don’t even want to know what’s going on in there,” Hermione muttered with disgust. She held Harry’s hand tightly after Ginny’s cry…of strangely, passion…as her hymen was penetrated, courtesy of the crack in the door. After she kept screaming, Hermione realized that Ron didn’t stop. What was even more sickening, was that it was her own voice. Finally having enough, she closed the door the rest of the way. “I can’t believe it worked this well… Harry, how the hell did you think of this?”
Harry shook his head. “Fred and George helped me. They called me the ultimate Marauder when I told them the gist of it.”
Daphne laughed, her ‘Ice Queen’ persona showing. “How could you not be? My mum went to school with your parents. I had never seen them get revenge on Snape this good.”
At that moment, Susan appeared behind them. “Did it work?”
Marissa nodded and looked at the plans.
*Ron and Ginny walk into the Grand Hall and sneak potions into their goblets.
*Daphne imagines a dark, sound-proof room with a single bed.
*Susan, hidden, drips anti-cheating potions onto their heads until they rub it in, or scratch.
*Luna obtains a signature from Ronald and Ginevra Weasley and uses a spell to copy onto a marriage document, obtained by Susan.
*Fred and George sneak Laxatives to Ron and Ginny.
When the laxatives ‘kick in’, Marissa feeds them the “mind’s eye” potion. Make sure that the last thing Ronald sees is Hermione, while Ginny sees Harry. This is critical.*
*Place them in the Room of Requirements, which should already be prepared for them.
*If done properly, Ronald and Ginevra Weasley will officially become Mr. and Mrs. Ronald and Ginevra Weasley.
“Oh, I think we did everything perfectly,” Daphne said as she read over Alkins’ shoulder.
“I just called my Aunt,” Susan told them. “They’re automatically emancipated since they’re…married, but Aunt Amelia said that they must have their magic stripped of them. She supported our plan when I told her about it. She agreed that life in Azkaban wasn’t enough, since it was Harry Potter that was being poisoned, and gave us the potions. But I still don’t know what a ‘Mind’s Eye’ potion is…”
Alicia took up from there. “If you drink a potion while looking at someone, you turn into that person’s deepest desire. Harry’s was Hermione and Hermione’s was Harry.”
“Oh,” Susan said meekly.
“Let’s just go,” Harry muttered, resting his head on Hermione’s. “We have a ball to get ready for.”
(AN: Don’t hurt me…)
Harry nervously fixed his bow-tie at the bottom of the girls’ staircase. Two months, and he was still a nervous wreck around Hermione. He took deep, calming breaths and waved at Neville as he passed by.
“Don’t be so nervous,” Neville advised, yet Harry could easily see that he was nervous himself. “She’ll love your choice.”
Harry had decided, after a lot of thinking, to wear a muggle suit, but not just any suit. The entire light green suit, that made his eyes sparkle, was shimmering with lights, though not that noticeable, unless you were in the dark. His hair was carefully managed by the team of Lavender and Marissa, and it looked the best it ever did, minus the occasional stray strand that he kept trying to pat down.
“Thanks, Nev,” Harry said. “I’m sure she’ll love your choice, too.”
“I hope she does,” Neville muttered as he walked out of the Common Room, preparing to pick up the Beauxbaton girl that Harry did not know the name of.
When Harry turned around, his mouth, as if on reaction, flapped open.
Hermione was wearing a green…emerald green…dress that sparkled with every movement. Her dress was simple, yet so elegant, as she walked down the staircase. The dress hugged her tightly as she walked, her hips slowly swaying. Harry broke away and looked up. Her hair was let down, as always, but her hair was…curly, not bushy. her locks were sleek and bounced with each step.
Before Harry could look at the other two items that were bouncing, Hermione had reached the bottom of the stairs and gave him a deep, meaningful kiss.
Harry was almost brain-dead when she pulled back. “Oh, my, I think I broke him,” Hermione muttered. “I guess I’ll just have to take Daphne instead…”
Harry almost fainted then and there. Fortunately, he came out of his coma-like state and offered her his arm. Hermione, with a light green shawl wrapped around her, put her arm into Harry’s. Together, they walked out of the common room.
Marissa sat on the top step and watched the scene before her. With a sigh, and the fall of a single tear, she stood up and walked down, wearing a simple black dress with a split down the left side of her leg.
Hermione sighed happily as they slowly danced. Her head was snug on Harry’s chest as she felt every eye on the couple. She could almost hear the comments on Harry, the wishes of being his date, and surprisingly, the wishes of some boys being her date.
But there was no boy who could ever have her, than the one that was holding her.
Hermione looked up at Harry’s gentle smiling face and whispered, “I love you, Harry.”
Harry cupped her chin, whispered “I love you too, Hermione,” and captured her lips in a tender kiss.
Harry and Hermione have proved time and again that their friendship could withstand anything. They were a wall that could not be broken down, together. Their loyalty to each other was a fire that constantly spread. Their love towards each other was visible to even the blind.
Harry thanked the voice in his head that had completely turned his life around. He had lost a friend, but had gained many. He had gained allies for the war he did not know about. He had found the true side of Ron and Ginny, instead of ‘fallen’ for her, like he was ‘destined’ to.
And, most of all, He had the most beautiful witch in the entire world, Muggle and Wizard, in his arms, that loved him.
The conscience sounded once more in his head. ‘Now, all is well.’
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