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Knightswood Academy

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Frerard! Gerard is sent to a new private school in England. The school is, to my knowledge, non-existant. Inspired by Wild Child (it's a great film, no regrets)! If I get good reviews I will contin...

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Gerard sighed as he leaned his head against the cold window. '8...9...10...'
'Gerard, counting the sheep isn't going to get me to turn this car around.' The boy pulled his pale face away from the window and the fluffy animals gamboling in the fields and slumped in his chair. 'Dad, I honestly don't understand why you're doing this. Is it about Josh again? Because I SWEAR he was just a friend, I have no idea how he ended up in my bed when I was sleeping, maybe he just sleepwalks or something...'

'Sleep bites too, by the looks of it,' Gerard's dad said under his breath, causing the boy to shift his arm slightly to cover the circular bruise on his neck. 'You know exactly why I'm doing this. It's for your own good, your mother and I agree that you'll get on here a lot better than at your old school.'

Gerard rolled his eyes and stared back out of the window at the rolling green countryside. 'Wasn't there another option? Juvie, perhaps? The uniform there would probably be nicer,' he added as he wrinkled his nose in disgust at the blue and red trimmed blazer he was currently sporting.

'Oh, look out the window there Gerard, here we are now!'
Gazing out of the window and up the hill, Gerard felt his jaw drop with sheer horror. 'Oh no. Oh God no, Dad you can't be serious.'
The car shuddered and thumped as it drove up the beaten track to the school- or castle, as Gerard corrected himself. The place was positively medieval. The building was huge, tall and intimidating, the stained bricks and general largeness of the whole place made Gerard's stomach clench uncomfortably as they pulled into the drive.

'Oh dear, it looks like we must have taken a wrong turn and ending up at Hogwarts, if you turn this car around and take a right at the Forbidden Forest I'm sure we'll find where we're going?' Gerard said almost hopefully to his father.
'Out, Gerard. This is it.'
Sullenly, the teenager swung open the car door, stomping huffily out and slamming the door behind him. This was it. The beginning of the end of his social life. Not that he actually had a social life beyond watching old horror movies and reading comics with his little brother Mikey, but hey.

Gerard heard a thump behind him as his dad wrestled to bring his cases from the boot. Dragging them along behind him, Donald Way stood behind his scruffy haired teenage son and looked up at the building. 'Impressive, isn't it?'
'Oh, sure. If your into that mouldy, dilapidated building kind of thing.'
Donald laughed slightly before affectionately ruffling his sons hair. 'It's in good condition kiddo. Don't worry. Now, Mrs Davis has been great taking you in at such late notice, and so late in the year, so you be good okay?'
'Dad, I'm not five,' Gerard mumbled, embarassed, despite there being no-one else around.
'I know son. I know.' Donald smiled down at him before pulling him into a quick hug. 'Keep in touch. This term will be over before you know it.'
'Right. I better get used to not calling it a Semester, then.'
'Thats my boy. Speak to you soon buddy. Try and phone as often as you can, your mother will be going crazy without you in the house.'

Gerard smiled at that. He would miss his dad, and his brother Mikey, of course. But he would miss his Mom most of all. His crazy, erratic, harebrained, huggable and generally wonderful mother.
'I'll phone her every chance I get. Even when I'm on the toilet. Promise.'
Gerard's dad smiled as he headed to the car. 'Take care son.'

Gerard heard the sound of his dad's keys in his engine, watched as the exhaust spilled grey haze into the atmosphere and waved until his faithful family Ford was completely out of view.
Taking hold of his suitcase, he turned to face his fate.

Okay so this is just something totally random I felt like writing! If you like it please review and I will continue, I think this could be fun to write! xo
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