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Chapter 1

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Gerard meets his headteacher, his roommates and a nice surprise.I'm sorry but the arrival of Pete Wentz somewhere in this story was imminent.

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Gerard spent the next 5 minutes trying to move his suitcase from the space his Dad had set it down. After succeeding in moving his case a few millimetres, breaking into a mild sweat and stubbing his toe multiple times, he was all but ready to lie on the ground and pummell his fists on the gravel when the front door of the school opened to reveal a woman in a suit dress, hair tied in a severe bun and a stare that could cut glass. Gerard wondered if he had arrived at Hogwarts after all.

'Are you quite alright?' The woman asked in a stern English voice, one sharp eyebrow raised slightly.
'Aw, yeah I'm fine thanks. Just waiting on my Hulk powers activating, yano?'
Gerard wished he could swallow the words the second they had left his mouth. To his surprise, the woman he assumed was his new Head Teacher did not launch into an angry tirade, merely raising her eyebrow a little higher until it looked about ready to take off from her forehead. 'Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, Mr Way.'
'Sorry, Miss.' He mumbled, looking down at his feet.
'You will learn,' she replied, taking in his appearance and his bags with her hawk like eyes. 'Now, if you can manage to pick up your suitcase I will show you to your room. Lessons are almost over today so you will start tomorrow.'


After a long and very awkward walk, the silence only broken by the ocassional grunt from Gerard as he hauled his case up 3 flights of stairs, he finally arrived at his dorm. The room was large and painted completely white, with 4 single beds placed in the 4 corners of the room. Each bed had a small bedside cabinet with a tiny lamp on top. 'Nice pad,' Gerard whispered sarcastically to himself as he wandered around the room, trying to find a bed that didn't look like it had any prior claim. Judging by the fact that only one of the beds was made, he took that one to be unoccupied and sat down heavily, and, opening his case, began routing for his cigarettes. When he finally found the pocket he popped one in his mouth, hanging it between his lips as he looked for his lighter. The door snapped open behind him and before he even had time to fully turn around he felt himself being pinned down by something roughly 10 stone, 6 foot and covered in hair.

Gerard didn't realise he had been screaming until the room fell totally silent. From his new position on the floor, Gerard looked up to see that the beast that had just tackled him to the floor happened to be human being. Albeit, a very tall and hairy human being. Who was currently running to the window to throw Gerard's - crumpled and unlit - cigarette out of it. Turning round, the boy breathed out slowly. He suddenly seemed to notice Gerard lying on the floor with his mouth hanging open and he extended a hand sheepishly.

'Sorry dude. No smoking in the dorms.'
'Right,' Gerard said as he got painfully to his feet. 'I'll remember that the next time I want to break a few bones.'
The door behind him opened again and another boy walked in, stocky and blonde with the beginnings of a beard. 'New kid?' He asked in a gruff voice.
'Yeah,' the boy with the curly hair answered. 'His names...?'
'Right.' The taller boy smiled. 'I'm Ray. Thats Bob over there,' he said, nodding at the blonde boy who saluted, 'and our other roomate...'

Ray's sentence was cut off my the door opening for the third time and something very fast and very noisy came zooming into the room.
'OkaysoguysPatricktoldmethatAndytoldhimthattheresanewguyandapparently...' The 100mph blur suddenly stopped moving at the sight of Gerard and morphed into a slightly short boy with dark hair and a lightly tanned complexion. 'Is this the new guy?'
'Yep.' Ray nodded.
'Guuuuys!' The boy whined in a very annoying voice. 'Urgh you should have told me he was here, I've been trying to get what he even looks like out of Andy for the past half an hour!'
'Pete he's only just got here! Calm down!' Ray laughed. The boy named Pete ignored him and stuck out a brown hand for Gerard to shake. 'Hi, I'm Pete,' He said grinning, all of his teeth on show in an alarming fashion.
'Gerard,' he replied, shaking his hand quickly and awkwardly.

Pete looked as if he was going to speak again when a knock on the door interrupted. The three boys immediately froze as if in shock, Ray's already huge hair seeming to grow larger in alarm. Then they ran to their respective beds, locking their chests of drawers and pulling books and jotters out from under their beds. Bob hissed over to Gerard and pointed at his bed, Gerard complying due to his having no clue what had just happened.

'Come in!' Ray said tentatively from behind a biology textbook. The door swung open to reveal a woman who made the Head Teacher look like Mrs Claus. Her skin was not unlike that of an old leather boot, and her face looked like it had been met with a leather boot. Nonetheless, the rest of the boys in the dorm looked terrified of her.

'New student?' She barked in Gerard's general direction.
'Yes m'aam!' His jaunty reply was met with an icy glare and she stormed over to his bed, surveying his suitcase.
'Empty it.'
'I'm sorry?'
'Empty it! NOW!' The shrew-like woman all but screamed, her dark hair flying free from her bun like Medusa. Too frightened to argue, Gerard opened his suitcase and unpacked everything onto his bed, wincing as she removed his cigarettes and his ipod and wrinkled her nose at his band t-shirts and packed leather jacket.
'Non-school clothes only allowed on wekeneds. Same goes for technology. And these,' she said, holding up Gerard's cigarettes and raising her voice when she saw him open his mouth to protest, 'will go in the bin where they belong!' Turning on her heel, she headed to the door, leaving Gerard standing open-mouther by his bed. 'Dinner's in 5, boys.'
'Oh good, I'm starving!' Pete chirped happily.


Gerard descended the stairs in a gloomy kind of fashion. Ray spoke happily into his ear about his lessons, his teachers and what was usually done on the weekends, but Gerard was hardly paying attention. How was he supposed to survive without his ipod? And he was to wear shirts ALL week? He was itching already and he'd only been wearing his half a day! 'This school stinks,' he mumbled to himself as the boys shuffled into the dining hall.

Once everyone was seated (Gerard, much to his dismay, next to the ever grinning Pete- seriously, did this guy have an off button?) the dinner lady made her way around the tables, dolloping mashed potato and some kind of fat lumps posing as meat onto their plates. Gerard picked up his knife and fork but was quickly shot a warning glance from Ray. Suddenly, everyone in the hall was on their feet and the doors had opened. Gerard stood up just in time to see the Headmistress enter the hall and take a seat at a large table. What he had not seen until she sat down was the vision of loveliness walking behind her. He was small, smaller than Gerard, with a choppy mohawk style hair cut and a nose ring. He was definitely not a pupil here.

It took Gerard a few minutes to notice that everyone else was seated and, blushing, he sat down heavily, gracefully landing his elbow in his mashed potato. He hoped the boy had not been looking in this direction.
'Well hello Frankie,' he heard Pete whistle next to him and looked up to see him smirking over at the boy sitting next to the Headmistress (who Gerard recently learned was named Mrs Davidson).
'Frankie?' Gerard asked, hoping he sounded casual.
'He's Mrs Davidson's son,' Pete whispered conspiratorially in Gerard's ear. 'Totally gorgeous, but of course, too good to mix with any of us.' Pete's huffy tone suggested a possible past rebuff, but Gerard decided not to pry into that.
'Is he, you know... straight?'
'As a roundabout.' Pete answered, shoving forkfuls of mashed potato into his mouth mid-sentence. How attractive.

Once all the plates and tables were clear, the boys stood again until the Headmistress, the staff, and Frank left their table. The latter scanned the hall for a few seconds before leaving, and Gerard felt his legs begin to wobble slightly as Frank's eyes connected with his. The boy smirked slightly at him before exiting the hall, leaving Gerard to recover and Pete to wiggle his eyebrows at him irritatingly until they went to bed.


wooo chapter 2! I hope you guys enjoyed it, please let me know if you did :D! xo
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