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Chapter 2

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Gerard settles down to lessons. Or, attempts to. Some language in this one.

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Gerard's first day at Knightswood passed by in a blur of rushing students and bad fashion choices. Seriously, who made these trousers? He had artfully pinned a few badges to his jacket's lapel in a brave attempt to liven it up a little. At least one of his room mates was in each of his classes. Which, in 2 out of 3 cases, was a huge relief. Any amount of time Gerard had to spend in Pete's presence was a slow and very camp torture, although he could tell the dark haired boy meant well.

An unspoken understanding had passed between the 4 boys and as a result Gerard found himself being escorted to his first class by his 3 room-mates. 'Okay, so as you're new here you might be asked to tell the class a bit about yourself,' Ray explained as they decended the granite stair case towards his French classroom. 'Just the basics, yano. No-one will probably listen anyway so yano, just say whatever.'
'Gee, thanks,' Gerard said sarcastically, rolling his eyes slightly at Ray's advice.
'Basically,' Bob interrupted in his gruff voice, 'you're new here. Don't give anyone shit and you won't get any in return.'
Gerard turned to look up at the tall blonde boy. 'Yano Bob, I think thats the most useful thing I've heard all day.'
The corners of Bob's mouth twitched upwards in an almost-grin.

Gerard looked down at the seemingly never-ending sea of pupils in his French class and swallowed slightly. The shiny faced, balding teacher was watching him with an unnerving smile from somewhere inside the tweed suit that was currently swamping him, and Gerard could feel Pete's eyes boring into him from the desk at the front.
'So, um. I'm Gerard. I don't really like talking in front of people, but, um....'
The minutes seemed to stretch by as the class stared up at him with bored expressions on their faces, wondering if he was quite done yet. He felt a blush creep quickly up his cheeks and slid heavily into the seat next to Pete, slamming his head off of the desk as he saw Pete grin and give him a thumbs up.

The rest of the day wasn't much better. He was made to run 3 laps in PE, managed to spill something that acted like bleach (but smelt like an open sewer) down himself and Ray in Chemistry, had Pete read him poetry in English as he contempled all the possible ways to end his life there and then, flailed hopelessly in Maths as everyone sped through their algebra and spent more time in Art trying to recover from the rest of his day to actually draw anything. By the time lessons were actually over Gerard stumbled straight into the dorm and landed face down on his bed, feeling his whole body weep in pleasure at the feeling of lying down in silence. The other boys had gone - who knows where - and invited him, but Gerard felt he had had quite enough for one day.

Rolling over slightly, Gerard caught sight of a single cigarette and lighter sitting on his bedside table. The dorm was empty, he supposed. And one of them must have left it here...
Jumping up from the bed filled with new found energy, Gerard opened the window and lit the cigarette, taking a drag and almost crying over how good it felt. He was halfway through the cigarette before he heard footsteps coming up the stairs. Of course, Gerard did the logical thing. Which was not to throw his cigarette out of the open window; rather, to throw himself out. Putting one foot on the bedside table he heaved himself through the frame and onto the paved walkway outside. Who puts a walkway this high up? Gerard was silently thanking who-ever decided to add this to the building as the slid the window shut behind him and watched from outside as the cleaning lady from the day before opened the door to his dorm.

From his (freezing cold) position outside the window, Gerard watched as the woman raised her nose like a trained sniffer dog and smelt the room. All of a sudden her eyes whipped round to the window and Gerard felt his heart fly up into his mouth. Stumbling blindly down the narrow passage outside his window, Gerard discovered that two doors to his left, another window was opened. Hearing the window he had just climbed out of open behind him spurred him into action and he jumped headfirst through the frame just as the window along from him was swung open.

The first thing Gerard noticed was that the room he now found himself in was certainly not a dorm. It was large, and white, and most certainly a bathroom. That was currently occupied.
'Shit,' Gerard cursed quietly under his breath as his eyes fell on the bath in the corner, where the shower was currently on and the curtains were drawn. Maybe they didn't notice?
'Hello?' A voice calls out from the bathtub. There is the sound of a button being pressed and the water stops. The room is silent save for the dripping of the showerhead.
'Um, yeah, sorry, I'm new here and I think I might have accidentally fallen in your window?' Gerard said tentatively.
There is another silence and Gerard steals a glance over at the curtain, silhouetting the figure standing in the shower. Shit. Shit with shit sprinkles. It's Frank. Out of every room he fell into, it would have to be this one wouldn't it?
'I was trying to shower,' Frank answers from behind the curtain, his voice clear but sounding slightly amused.
'Yeah, about that. Who showers with their window open?' Gerard answers before he can stop himself. He can hear Frank laughing slightly from the bathtub.
'Who climbs out of windows and around the school building at this time of night?'
'Touche.' Gerard was silent for another minute. 'Well, um, it's been nice meeting you.'
'You too,' Frank replied and Gerard could hear the smirk in his voice. 'Be careful getting back to your dorm. It's quite high up when you look down.'
'Thanks,' Gerard muttered as he boosted himself out of the window, his heart hammering. How had Frank taken that so casually? Gerard wondered as he inched along the passageway, deliberately not over the side. Then again, if he always showers with the window open, maybe its happened before, Gerard thought vaguely to himself.

Reaching the window of his dorm, he breathed a sigh of relief to see his 3 room mates seated on the floor. Sliding the window open quickly, Gerard threw himself into the room, landing in a weak kneed heap on the floor. Looking up through his curtain of hair, he met the gaze of three very confused, alarmed and nosy boys.

Second chapter, woo! Thank you all so much for the lovely reviews on this story. I'm glad you're enjoying it and I hope this doesn't disappoint! xo
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