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Hard Exterior

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Frank and Georgia get into an awkward situation......

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Hey guys! :) xxxxxx

Franks POV
It was weird. Why was i looking at my best friend in that way? A loving way? An admiring and desirable way? It didn't make sense. I wasn't gay. I couldn't be. I had Georgia. Beautiful, loving, doting Georgia. As much effort as she could be sometimes, she was still my girlfriend and i still cared about her. Alot too. I just didn't know if i cared for her enough to be romantically tied with her. I knew i loved and cared for her as a friend, but much else? It wasn't as strong.

"Shall we put some music on?" Georgia asks swaying her hips and long legs towards the stereo. We have retired to her and Bob's home for a while. Bob has gone to work and i realise for the first time that her parents are not here. They insist on being here when i'm around. They don't trust me as far as they could throw me. 1. Being their sons best friend and 2. dating their little girl. Especially dating their little girl. Then again, we didn't plan on coming here. Georgia probably expectd them to be home, they would have been has this been organised first.

"Uh yeah go on then. Shall i get drinks?" I say heading for their fridge anyway. This place is like my second home, and has been for a while now. Ever since Bob came into my life i guess. Beautiful, inspiring, talented Bob. Wow. Frank, snap out of it, stop it! Okay now breathe, drinks.

I place two glasses on the worktop and Georgia dances her way over to me, the song choice bing Rihanna much to my horror but my expectation of Georgia also. And she's drawing closer to me and kissing me, and her hands are underneath my shirt......... what am i going to do?
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