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Crosstown Traffic

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Worried for his sister's sake, Davis breaks into Rose's room and tries to find the cause.

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Crosstown Traffic:

Kayla's gonna have to wait. Rosy takes top priority tonight. She's been acting strange lately and I'm going to find out why. Sorry Rose, but this is for your benefit.

I crept down to her room. She usually leaves her door closed and locked. I tested the door to prove my theory. Just as expected, locked. Heh. Lucky for me, I have an ace up my sleeve. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a penny. I love the locks in our house. Coins can easily unlock them. So easy!

With one turn of the lock, I was in. Here began my mission of finding out what the hell was wrong with Rosy. Quick scan of the room first. Whew, her room is so much cleaner than mine. This could make things easier for me. Now where to start? I bit my lip and looked around again. The desk, of course! I marched over and pulled open the drawers. Nothing out of the ordinary so far. Just junk, notes, computer, and work stuff. My eyes trailed over to her laptop. She's let it on. It's tempting to look on it. I moved the mouse to wake up the machine. Disappointment met my face. It's password protected. I should have known. I glanced over at her clock next to her bed. Damn it, it's almost nine now! I don't have much time to try and hack into her computer tonight. Where else can I look?

I scanned her room again. Come on, think genius! Think! I looked up and saw the answer. Of course! I walked over to the bed and lifted up the sheets. It's too dark to see under there. I sat up and looked around again. I smiled as I spotted her flashlight next to her clock on the nightstand.

Bingo! I grabbed this gift from God and continued my search. Finally, I spotted a hopeful answer. I raised an eyebrow at it. /Huh?/, I thought. Why does she have this? I reached forward and pulled out a yellow and pink straw purse. I looked at it up and down. I don't think I've seen this purse before in my life. When did she get this? Looks rather old. How long has she had this? I looked at the tag inside. Made in Barbados. Rose's mother is from Barbados. A present, maybe? I felt along the stitches on the handmade daisy.

Suddenly, I heard the front door open. Oh crap! She's home! I have to get out of here. I looked at the clock again. I've got five minutes to escape before I'm caught. I drew in a deep breath. I just have to go for it. Four. Three. Two. One!

I darted out of the room, closed, and locked the door. It took me seconds to run all the way back to my room. I think I might have tripped and had to crawl but to my room, but I didn't notice. I had to escape capture with the purse in my hands. Lucky for me, I made before I was seen.

I leaned up against my closed door and breathed out. Damn, that was close. I looked down and saw the purse still in my hands. Right. Then, a grim thought crossed my mind. Hey, what if...

I quickly opened the item in question and looked inside. My stomach dropped at what I found. Empty pill bottles. Tons of them. All prescribed to Rose. I dragged the purse to my side. Oh Rosy. Not good girl. Not good.

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