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What Wasn't Suppose to Happen..

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Edith Lynn moved from Los Angeles to Belleville, New Jersey. She didn't like the idea. But will one trip to the market Change things?

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Chapter 1: New Jersey

I was woken up to the sound of an annoying lady on the speaker saying that the flight to New Jersey was delayed. For a second I thought, where the hell am I? And then I remembered, oh yeah, I'm at the airport going to New Jersey. That's when I heard my mother give out a long sigh and said, "I'm going to go get a cup of coffee" my sister said okay and turned to me. "so, our flight got delayed" I just rolled my eyes and said, "thank god. I don't want to move to New Jersey." 
"why not? At least we won't be seeing that annoying family of ours."
"yeah but..." I took a pause, "I will miss it here and I will never get to see my friends again. What if things are different there? What if I get bullied once more?" 
"don't worry, you haven't gotten bullied for the past year have you? Just keep up your different attitude and hang out with the right crowed and everything will be fine" and as she said that, I trailed off to re-think my past. 

I was bullied since the 4th grade. But, in 4th grade, I thought I deserved it cause I was kinda a bully myself. I was a conceited brat. Then, 5th, 6th, and 7th grade came and I really didn't understand why I was still being bullied if I wasn't the same anymore. People threatened me to beat me up and it was horrible. Until a few weeks before I entered the 8th grade. I decided to really have a personality change and grow some balls to not be such a wimp. 8th grade came and I changed the group of fake friends I hung out with. I literally stopped talking to them completely and things changed dramatically. I became more outgoing and stopped caring what people thought of me and let my true colors show. And with this, I was known through out the school as the girl who wasn't like other girls and went the opposite way everyone did. 8th grade and freshman year were the best. Everything went so well until the day my mother was promoted to be a manager at high class restaurant in New Jersey. And that's when everything went downhill. 

When I got the news that we were moving, I through an out-rage. I didn't know what to do so I just went up to my room and texted my party friend, Annie, if I could go over really quick just to talk. As she took her time to reply, I got some stuff ready to sneak out of my room(I knew she was gonna say yes so that's why I got stuff ready) thank god I had a 1 story house and my room was closest to the back door cause it was really easy to sneak out(I had done it a million times before) so with her answer, I got my cellphone, my money and sweater and ran to her house that was a block away. It was 4:30pm, so I knew for sure the tattoo shop was still opened. 

When I got to her house, she asked me what was wrong cause I had The "wtf are you staring at" face on. I told her the story of what was going on:
"wow Eddie,well, I can't do much about it but I will miss you dearly. When are you leaving?"
"i will miss you too. Well, im packing tomorrow and will leave the next day"
I let out a tear I was strongly holding onto.  "You're the best party friend anyone can have"
"aww thank you Eddie" and she gave me a much needed hug. 
And we sat there sitting down on her bed hugging and crying  silently for what seemed like hours. Thank god it actually wasn't hours cause the next thing we were about to do was one of the craziest thing we ever did:
"so Annie, before I leave, I want to have our last memory together. But I want it to be the craziest thing we have ever done."
"well, we have done so many crazy things, like remember that one party we went too? The one where we trashed the place? Hahah that was the best!" she said with that little awkward laugh she has. 
"haha yes, that was awesome but this has to be even more crazier"
"soo, what is it?"
"let's go get a tattoo."I said with a devilish smile. 
"omg dude! Let's so totally do that!" 
"hahaha I love you my friend"
"love you too bitch!!"


When we got to the tattoo shop, I was a bit nervous. The people in there looked kinda scary with all the tattoos they had. Luckily, the tattoo owner was Annie's uncle so it wasn't too bad. 

"hey Annie! My favorite niece! What are you doing here? Aren't you a little to young to get a tattoo?" her uncle said. 
"im not that young, im 15!anyways, since I'm your favorite niece and you're my favorite uncle, I thought this could be acceptable."
"hmm I don't know, what if your mother finds out. She's gonna kill me!"
"she won't! Trust me, I think I know how to hide something from my mom. Anyway, c'mon it's my friends last day here in LA and we want to do something crazy before she leaves."
"oh teenagers, fine, what do you girls want?"
I took a minute to think, what did I want? Maybe a white rose with blood dripping from it? Nah, a bit too cliche for my taste. I was interrupted from my thoughts when Annie hit me in the arm:
"sorry, what are you gonna get?"
I don't know yet. How about you?"
"I'm getting 'goddess' written in Greek letters on my arm."
Then it hit me. 
"ooh!! I want to get the meaning of my last name on the side of my stomach!"
Annie and her uncle gave me a weird look:
"and what is the meaning?"they both said at the same time. 
"Lynn means beautiful in Greek so I'll get beautiful in Greek letters on the side of my stomach!"
"creative dude!" Annie's uncle said giving me a high five. 
"that's shizznits!" Annie said and around 2hrs later, We both had our tattoos. 

"there is still something missing." I said looking at myself in the mirror.  I had shoulder length, layered, black, wavy hair and scene bangs. I had light brown big eyes that I really loved. It was the thing I really liked about my face.  I was into Rock so I always dressed in band T-shirts and black skinny jeans and either vans or converse. I lifted my A7X shirt to see my tattoo. I thought it went great with my curvy body. I wasn't the skinniest but I wasn't fat. So I considered myself, curvy. I wanted to add something else to my image. Something I have been wanting to get. A septum ring :
"hey Annie, do you think your uncle can do me a septum peircing?"
"are you serious?!" she said looking at me with shocked eyes as if i were crazy. She had really pretty eyes. They weren't big but they were hazel. She has a narrow nose and pinkish small lips. She has short blonde hair and she looked like a nice girl. But she can really be a bitch. We were so alike. We had the same taste in clothing and music. That's why I was gonna miss her so much. She was almost like the bestest friend I ever had. 
"of course I'm serious! I really want it."
" we'll I guess he can. You are too crazy Edith Lynn"


When I got home, it was 9:30. I was surprised no one knew I was gone. So I silently went to my room and fell asleep. 


I felt like I was sitting there for a long time. I clearly was. I had been in the airport since five in he morning and it was already 8am. This was in my sub-conscious til my sister brought me back to my senses. How long had I been spaced out?
"mom is calling you!" she said angrily
"sorry! I didn't here you!" Jade can sometimes be so annoying. 
"what's up mom." I said. 
"are you hungry?"
"no. I'm too mad to eat right now."
"well, In the plane we won't be eating til noon so I suggest you get something to eat before we leave. We're leaving at 9:30"
"shouldn't we be headed to the airplane by now? It's 8:05." Jade said. 
"oh lord, we should! Get your stuff girls! We're late!"


The plane ride was a leaving hell. The food was crappy and I should have listened To my mother on getting some food before we head to the plane. I'm such a rebellious child. Why do you think I got my tattoo and peircing? Once we got to our apartment home, We were all exhausted and I was even more angrier than before cause we had to unpack. So, I made up an excuse saying that I got plane sick and I was gonna run down to the nearest Market I found and buy water or something. Luckly, my mom believed my lie and let me go. I walked around for awhile to see the city. It was alright. Some parts reminded me of LA but it still wasn't the same. I got bored so I went back home. 

On my way back, I saw that there was a farmers market close to the apartment and decided to check it out. It was nice. It had a vintagey vibe to it. As I was approaching the cashier, I noticed a male worker pass by. The first thing I noticed was his jet black hair. Gosh, his hair was beautiful.  
"hey I'm back from lunch break, do you want me to take over?" He said giving the cashier guy a small smile. 
 "no it's All good, I'm not so hungry. I'll just go later."
"okay, I'll talk to you later Mikes" and then he walked off. 
The 2nd thing I noticed was his beautiful hazel eyes. I decided not to check out yet and walk around the market for a little while more. 

After hesitating for a while, I decided to approach the guy with the jet black hair and beautiful hazel eyes and said, "excuse me, I'm sorry to interrupt you but I was" gosh whats my excuse! " you knew where the banannas were at?"
He gave a small giggle and said, "right over there" pointing towards the front door. 
"oops haha can't believe I didn't see that. I'm new around here so, yeah. Umm, sorry to interrupt you, umm thank you by the way..." I looked at his nametag, "..Gerard!" I grinned and walked off. 
"your welcome!" he shouted And I turned around and gave him a flirty smile. I swear I saw him blush. 
So now I had to buy stupid banannas and my water. Great. I went back to the cashier I was at earlier and stared at the cashier guy as he checked other people's stuff out. He seemed a little awkward. He had dirty blonde hair and glasses on. He barely put on a smile. He looked awkward and adorable. Once it was my turn to check out, I secretly looked at his nametag and read "Mickey" i looked back at him and gave him a small smile as I gave him the money. Again, he barely put on a smile. I thought to myself, is he a shy guy or is he just too full of himself? I decided to go with the shy guy idea cause he most certainly did not look conceited. As he gave me the receipt, I looked once more at "Gerard" and I noticed he looked so awkward just looking at a pineapple. I gave a small giggle and got my stuff and left. 

While I was walking home, I couldn't stop thinking of Gerard's jet black hair. It went really cute on him. I had on a silly smile and I bet I looked like an idiot with that smile. I was close to my house when I remembered how angry i was. But somehow, I still couldnt stop smiling. Gerard was the only thing on my mind. 

I thought to myself, why be so angry? A slight Change isn't that bad. I could probably get use to it. I hope. 

I walked in and saw a couple talking to my mother. I said hello silently. My mother said, "Edith, these are our new neighbors; Mr. And Mrs. Jayliem."
Cool last name. 
I said hello once again and shook hands with them:
"they say they have a daughter the same age as you. They would love for you to meet her but some other time because she isnt home at the moment"
"oh okay" I said 
"she is going to Belleville High" Mr.  Jayliem added. "you're mother said you were going there too so I hope our daughter and you get along just well"
"I sure hope so too" I said with a smile, "well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to lye down for a while, I'm not feeling too well." I lied again. 
"okay honey, hope you feel better"
"kk. It was nice meeting you both" I said and headed to my room that I have to share with my sis now. 
"where the hell were you at?" Jade said. She was hanging her cloths in the closet. 
"I was at the store. Look I bought bananas" I said remembering the incident today and got that silly smile again. 
"i dont want them. Go put them in the kitchen and what are you smiling about?"
"ugh later." i set down the bananas on top of a box, "oh nothing. I'm going to sleep"
So as I lay on my mattress, not yet a built bed, I went to sleep thinking about Gerard and when will I ever see him again. 

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