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2. The News About School

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The next morning, i woke up having the craving of eating cereal with bananas. I was so happy I had bought them. I went to my room to look for them, but they weren't there. 
"Jade, where are the bananas I bought yesterday?" 
"in the trash"
"what the hell!? Why?" I sad angrily. 
"because, since you left them there last night, they turned black overnight and I through them out."
"oh man"
I was a bit mad at myself for not listening to Jade. Oh well, I guess I'll have to eat something else. 

I was watching TV when my mother walked in the living room:
"oh good the TV is on. Well, I'm sorry girls, you have chores."
I groaned and took the sheet of paper from my mother's hand that listed the chores I had to do:
Finish packing
Build your bed
Go buy groceries 
Make dinner. 

It wasn't too bad. 
Then I remembered, I like these chores. 
It was my turn to make dinner tonight and that meant I had to go buy groceries which was a chore as well, so this means, I get to go to the market again and see Gerard. 
This was great. 

As soon as I was done packing and buliding my bed, I showered and got ready to go buy the groceries: 
"someone's done early" my mom said standing by the door. 
"yeah! Aren't you proud of me!"
"I sure am honey, I think moving to Belleville was just right for you!"
"yeah, yeah, we'll I'm off to buy groceries!" I said and walked out. 

While I was in the market, I walked around trying to figure out what to buy for dinner. And i was also keeping an eye out for Gerard. I decided to make pasta so I went to search for my ingredients. 

When I had my stuff ready, I walked over to the cashier. I was a bit disappointed. 
I didn't see Gerard or Mickey. I thought maybe they had their day off today. I really wanted to see them. Oh well. I walked out and noticed a donut shop next to the market. I decided to check it out. 

When I walked in, I saw a guy just sitting there looking bored. He had pretty short hair but not too short and had a black strip of hair falling down to his face and had blonde on the sides. Pretty cool hair if you ask me.  He had a lip and nose piercing and tattoos. He was surprisingly short. 
When I walked closer to him his face automaticly lid up and said, "welcome to NJ's best donut shop! What can I do for you?" he sounded very excited.
"nothing at the moment,thank you anyway"
"ok then, I'll be here if you need anything."
And with that, he sat back down. 
I was looking at The types of donuts they had when i heard these group of three boys walk in kind of loud:
"hey Frank! What's up!" one of the guys said. 
"ehh nothing much, I'm bored as hell right now. It's kind of a boring day today."
"mind if we hang out with you for a while?"
"no, that will spark up the day a little"
I didn't put much attention to them. So I didn't bother to look up until I saw a donut I really wanted to buy:
"um excuse, how much for this donut?"
I asked "Frank" pointing at the chocolate donut. 
He didn't hear me because he was too busy laughing with one of his friends. 
"hey Frank! You're Costumer is talking to you!" the guy with dirty blonde hair and glasses said, I realized it was "Mickey" the cashier guy from the market. I looked at Mickey then at Frank and his "friend" who were kind of wrestling.
My heart started pounding cause I noticed his "friend" was Gerard. 
They both looked at me and Gerard let go of Frank looking a bit embarrassed. 
"oh I'm sorry miss, what did you say?"
"how much for this donut?"
"oh um.. $2.50" 
"but for the pretty girl, $2" Gerard said with a smirk on his face. So cute!
I blushed a little and then looked at Frank. Frank winked at Gerard and said, "sure, $2 for the 'pretty girl' "
I felt my face turn hot
"um thank you, you're so kind"
"it's my pleasure" gerard said and I, once more gave him a flirty smile. He looked so cute in that denim jacket he was wearing. It went so well with his Black Flag shirt, black skinny jeans and converse. 
Frank shoved Gerard and started laughing at him. He started to blush. 

As I was walking to the door, I saw Mr. And Mrs. Jayliem with their daughter:
"oh hello Edith! How nice to find you!" Mrs. Jayliem said grinning, "this is my daughter, Emma"
Emma, was really pretty. She had long, brown scene hair and had red lipstick on. She had leopard tights on and pink Toms. She was wearing a Asking Alexandria  shirt. 
"it's nice to meet you!" i said
"it's nice to meet you too!!"
She said sounding so excited and looked excited with that grin she had on. 
"I hope to see you in school soon! Are you gonna enter next week?"
"oh I don't know yet. What grade are you in?" 
"oh, I'm gonna be a sophomore, and you?"
"oh how awesome, I am as well. Hope to have you in some classes" 
"I hope so too!"
After 5min of talking, I said bye to them and walked back home. 

Gerard's POV
When I saw her with those wide eyes looking at me, I kinda melted inside. She has beautiful light brown eyes. I let go of Frank cause I kinda felt embarrassed. I watched as she asked how much was the donut and that's when I decided to butt in. I wanted her to know I thought she was pretty. Sure, I'm kind of a shy guy but she has this, vibe that says "you can talk to me whenever you'd like" 
I felt confident to say it. She blushed when I told her "pretty girl". I saw it right through Her. it made me feel a little more confident and I gave her one of my famous smiles that Frank likes. When she gave me that flirty smile again, I couldn't help but blush. She was adorable. Frank shoved me and that's when we kinda started wrestling again. I noticed from the corner of my eyes that she stopped right in front of the front door to talk to Emma and Emma's parents. How the hell did Emma know her? I thought she was new in town?! Then again, Emma knows everyone. Even though a lot of people know her at school, I have never actually talked to her, but when I did that one day in art class, she was really sweet. 
I was shocked by what I heard next. Her name was lovely, Edith. But that's not what shocked me. What shocked me was that, she was a sophomore and she was going to my school!! That means I will get to see her. But will I have a class with her? I'm suppose to be a senior but I flunked so I'm a junior again. I hope I do have a class with her. What is she into? Could she be into art like I am? I wonder so much. I guess I'll have to see next week. 


While at dinner:
"okay so, first of all, really good pasta honey. It taste extra delicious today."
"thank you"
"secondly, you girls will start school next week"
Silence fell in the room
"what?" I said almost choking on my juice. 
"yes, I hope thats okay. The school isn't too far so you guys can walk. It's a 15minute walk so it's not too bad right?"
"I guess not" Jade said. 
"oh I don't care anymore" I said 
"okay great. So we will be going shopping this weekend for school stuff"
Oh finally, my mom said something that cheered me up
"ok awesome!! Jade is your turn to wash dishes." I said it to bug her. How much I loved to annoy her. 
"yes I know" she said with an evil grin. 
"just reminding you"
I walked off to my room and lyed on my bed and turned on my iPod to listen to Black Flag. Oh how much it reminded me of Gerard's shirt. I wonder what grade is he in. Is he even still in High school?
He didn't look old but, you never know. 
I just hope this school year isn't bad. I wasnt an outcast in my previous school but I wasnt in the popular crowd either. I dont wish to be in it anyway. What if things are different here? What if I get bullied? Oh stop it Edith! Stop thinking that way! Just choose the right crowed to hang out with and everything will be fine! Just be yourself!
I soon got tired of thinking and fell asleep. 
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