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3. School

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Note: if there is anyone reading this, heres chapter 3 :) 

I was exhausted and really sleepy. I couldn't sleep at all last night. I was too worried for many things. School. My hair. What I was gonna wear. Who will I hang out with. It was hell. I awoke after Jade. Luckily she was already dressed. This girl takes forever in the restroom and to get ready:
"how do I look?" Jade said. She always worried on how she looked. She wanted to dress to impress. She was wearing a floral vintage top with a some denim vintage pants. Some pale pink flats and a golden purse. She was like, a Forever 21 girl. Her outfit went so nice with her shoulder length red, waved hair. Her hair sometimes reminded me of a lion. Her style was pretty cute, but not for me. 
"you look fine"
"are you sure? I want to look good the first day of school"
"Yes I'm sure."
I kinda felt like I should dress to impress the first day of school but, I'm good with just my Black Flag Tee, my hoodie, black skinny jeans and converse. It was me. One  thing I did try to make perfect was my hair. My hair always mattered. I waved it a bit and straightened my bangs. I changed the color of my septum ring from, black to red. It went nice with my red lipstick. Of course, I had to turn it over cause my mom still didn't know I had it. 
I decided to skip breakfast and left to school. 

I was walking to school with my sister when I heard someone call out my name:
"Edith!" I turned around and found Emma. 
"oh hey Emma, you walk to school too?"
"yeah, I hate it. So anyway, are you excited for school?" she said with a wide grin. 
"um, a bit. I'm more nervous than excited."
"don't worry you'll be fine!"
"how about you Jade, are you okay?"
"of course I am! This will be a piece of cake!"
After a couple of minutes of talking, I spaced out with just leaving Jade and Emma talking about who knows what. I was getting calm. I actually felt good about today. I just kept in mind to choose my friends Wisely. 


In the schools main office, I told Emma she didn't have to worry about me the rest of the day. I told her I will be fine. So she left. My sister got her schedule and left as well. After I got my schedule I headed to 1st period. English In room 110. 

The bell hadn't rung yet. (that explains the empty seats) there was only a few students sitting down just chillin. I took a seat near the back of the room and just listened to music with my head down. 
I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up to find a girl staring at me with a smile:
"hey are you new here?"
"um yeah, my name is Edith"
"well hello Edith, I'm Victoria Beaute but you can call me Vicky!"
She seemed pretty nice. She had nice hair too. It was long and dark brown and she had a blonde streak on her long bangs. 
"well nice to meet you Vicky!"
"nice to meet you too. Hope you like this school"
Once she said that, she grinned and walked off to her group of friends across the room. 

Franks POV 
I don't know why but today I felt even more tired then ever. I decided not to meet the rest of the guys outside in the front gate and headed to 1st period to just, sleep. 
I walked in and I noticed there was someone sitting in my usual seat in the back that had their head down, so I decided to just take the one next to it and sleep. 

10 minutes later, the bell rang. Stupid bell woke me up. Mr. Burgas, or as I like to say Mr. Booger walked in and said there was a new kid in class:
"so students, I understand that there is a new student in class.  Ms. Lynn? Are you here?"
the person next to me arose from their seat. 
"yes I'm here."
"okay class, this is Edith Lynn, please make her feel comfortable in class."
I looked up at her with wide eyes. It's the girl from a few days ago. The girl who Gee was flirting with! Oh gosh, wait til Gerard finds out I have become her friend!!
She sat back down and I began:
"hey Edith, my name is Frank."
I grinned and she raised an eyebrow.

Edith's POV
When I sat back down i got startled from the inside cause I hadn't noticed there was someone next to me. When the boy started to speak and kinda gave me a creepy grin, I raised an eyebrow. It was Frank. The boy from the donut shop. I have to make friends with this boy. Maybe, he can introduce me to Gerard.
"oh hello" I said, I wish I wouldn't have said this next part, 
"aren't you that guy from the donut shop?"oh jesus, he looks a bit weirded out by my question
"um yeah, can't believe you remembered me haha. I remembered you too. It's cool that you are in my first period. What grade are you in?"
"I'm a sophomore and you?"
"I'm a junior, but I'm stupid. Im retaking 10th grade English haha"
Wow, could Gerard be a junior too?
"oh that's cool..or not.. Or, I don't know haha"
He giggled at what I said
"what school did you come from?"
"oh, I just moved here to Belleville, I came from LA"
"ooh, famous LA. Ive always wanted to go there"

Through the rest of English, me and Frank just kept talking and laughing. He was a pretty cool dude. I was so happy when I heard this next part:
"would you like to hang out with me and my friends during Nutrition?"
"sure, that'd be nice"

Franks POV
English flew by and Edith and I headed to my usual spot by the far tree in the field. She was a really cool chick. Perfect for Gerard. 
"hey can we stop for a second?"
"sure what for?"
She put her thumb up her nose, I thought she was picking her nose but when I saw the ring, I was shocked:
"oh that's soo cool! You have a septum?"
"ha yeah I do."
"did it hurt?"
"not so much but the following days after I got it, it hurt like hell"
"wow, you have guts"
As we were getting closer to the tree, I notice the guys were there and Mickey pointed at me, making Gerard turn his head toward us. 

Gerard's POV
I saw Mickey point and say "here comes Frank with some girl"
I turned to see who this girl was and I felt like I got punched in the face. 
It was her. Edith. Walking with Frank. How the hell did they meet?
Frank arrived and started:
"hey guys, this is our new friend Edith. Edith this is Ray, Bob, Mickey and Gerard." the guys said hello and I said hello as well. 
"hello, Edith, I'm gerard but you can call me Gee" I said, not loosing eye contact. I noticed something a bit different about her. She had a septum piercing. That's the hottest thing ever. 
"hey Gee, you can call me Eddie or Edith, it doesn't matter. This goes for all of you." she said with a small cute giggle. I couldn't help but notice every detail of her. She was curvy and short. Kinda like Frank. She had shoulder length layered hair with scene bangs. It was perfect. 

Edith's POV 
When we got closer to the tree I noticed Mickey point and it made Gerard look. I got nervous. He was looking at me. Oh gosh. 
When we arrived, Frank introduced me to his friends, Ray, Bob, Mickey, and Gerard. Ray's Afro was shizznits and Bobs lip piercing went so well with him. 
When Gerard spoke to me, I couldn't help but just make eye contact. His hazel eyes were irresistible. He told me I can call him Gee, it was a cute nickname, so I told him and the others they can call me Eddie. I got startled when Mickey said something:
"whoa! Is that a Black Flag Tee?"
"haha yeah. Why?"
He seemed to be blushing,"umm just asking. It's rare to find girls in this school that listen to Black Flag. Um it's pretty cool that you listen to them. Me and my brother love them."
He was pointing at Gee. I had no idea they were brothers. 
"oh that's cool, so far we have same taste in music" I gave a small giggle. 
"haha yeah" Gee said. He couldn't make eye contact with me anymore. Why?

The bell rang and Frank asked me what class I have next. 
"I have trigonometry"
"what the flying fuck? You do?! And you're sophomore?! Smartass!!"
"haha thank you?" Frank was so funny. 
"I guess we both have trig next then"
Gerard said with a small smile
"um yeah, haha,umm.." should I say this or not? "..can you sit next to me? I'm kind of a shy person."
"sure, it's okay. You'll be alright with me"
I thought I was gonna explode from blushing. 

Gerard's POV 
I can't believe she asked me to sit with her. This day will go on just fine. 

Trig flew by and this chick was awesome. We had the same taste in music and clothing, same favorite colors, etc. she had everything I looked for in a girlfriend.  I hope we can be good friends and then maybe lead to something else. 

3rd period came by, and sadly we had to say bye. 
"hey do you want me to walk you to your class?"
"yeah that'd be cool"
As we walked to her class, I noticed she had class with Frank, Emma, And...Oh my gosh. She has class with Victoria. I hope she doesn't talk to Victoria. 
Emma approached us:
"hey Edith! We have class together!! Cool!"
she's always so excited about things. It kinda reminded me of Frank
"oh really? That's so cool!! Umm you can go ahead Gee. I'll see you at lunch" I love the way she says Gee. 
"okay, see you then Eddie." and I walked away, praying she doesn't talk to Victoria or vice versa. 

Edith's POV 
It's too bad I don't have Gee in my next class. He is so cool. 
I noticed Frank is in this class. 
"hey do you mind if we sit next to one of my friends?"
"ooh, someone is already popular haha"
Popular? I'm barely new. 
"haha well I've made a few friends"
We walked to where Frank was sitting. I noticed her smile fade. 
"hey Frank, mind if we sit here?"
"Not at all pretty girl" he added a wink to that and I blushed. 
"hey Emma, how's it going?" Frank said smiling at her. 
"um just fine, you?"
"pretty smooth."
I noticed Emma looked a bit sad and angry. I asked her what was wrong:
"oh it's nothing. Let's talk later"
In just these past few days that I had met her, I had never seen her like this. I wonder what's wrong.  

Emma's POV 
When I noticed who Edith was talking about, I completely felt nauseous. We were going to sit next to Frank Iero, the 
boy who I have been having a crush on since freshman year. Sure, I have guys on my sack and I might flirt with them just a bit but Frank was the only Guy I loved. People will be shocked if they ever found out I loved an outcast. So I kept this secret to myself. Every time I see his lips, I remember that day where we were both at a party and we were playing 7minutes in heaven. It was only me and Frank in the closet. We weren't that much of friends but we were together in some classes. It wasn't awkward at all. We didn't even do anything. He actually told me how cute he thought I was and I told him the same. And then, we just kissed, passionately. It felt like love. Til this day, I don't know if he feels the same way I do. Things aren't awkward between us. And he is still very sweet towards me. 
The thing that got me a little pissed off was that, why in the world did he call Edith pretty girl? Did he like her? I'm just gonna come clean with Edith cause I want her to tell me what's going on. 

Franks POV
I was shocked to know that Emma and Edith talk but it made me happy cause, now I can talk to Edith and Emma without making Emma sad. Yes, I care dearly about her. Why? Because I love her. That night, at the party, I wanted to tell her I had a crush on her but I didn't have the balls to do so. How can a girl like her, that's way out of my league, that is popular and I'm not, fall for someone like me? It's impossible. I don't want to get rejected. She is really sweet though, so if I tell her, I don't think she will reject me in a hurtful way. 


Edith's POV 
The rest of the day was alright. The last period of the day,4th period, i had it with Bob. Bob is such a badass. He says he can play drums really well. That's awesome. 
As I walked to the front gate with Bob, I noticed the other guys were there. 
"hey what's up" Bob and I said. 
"just waiting for you guys" said Frank, 
"do you guys want to go over to my place and hang out?"
"yeah sure, me and Mickey will be right over. We're just gonna go leave some stuff at home."
"We'll head over with you." Bob and Ray said. 
I was about to answer when I heard my name and I turned around:
"oh hey Emma, what's up? Ooh, right. Ok hold on" I said before Emma could answer. 
"hey, um I'm sorry, I won't be able to make it, me and Emma have something to talk about."
"oh alright, next time then" and Frank and the others left. 

Franks POV
Oh crap, I can see in Emma's eyes she is sad. What happened? Did someone hurt her feelings? I swear I will find that bastard and beat the shit out of him. I guess I'll have to find out later what happened. I will text her later. 

Gerard's POV 
As we were leaving, I watched Edith walk home with Emma. The next thing I was about to do, i did it without thinking:
"hey Eddie, wait up!"
She turned around, stopped and walked over to me with a smile. 
"give me your arm" I said with a smirk. 
"okay" She gave me a weird look and gave me her arm. 
I wrote down my number on her arm. 
"text me" I smiled with a wink and walked away. 

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