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4. The Talk With Emma

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Emma and I went back to her place to talk about what was on her mind during third period. I was concerned because I didn't like seeing her this way. She's always excited about things that aren't important or so exciting. Yeah I barely met her, but I can tell she's like this. 

We went to her room and sat down:
"so tell me, what happened in 3rd period."
She sighed 
"well, I'm just gonna tell you the whole truth because you'll understand better." 
She paused.
"I'm in love with Frank."

Wow, I thought. They are perfect for each other. They are both so funny and hyper all the time. 

"and when he told you 'pretty girl', I kinda got sad because I like him so much and I can't stand the idea that he likes someone else!"
She said between sobs. This girl is really in love with him. 
"I don't know if he feels the same way as I do. He is really sweet with me and, there was this night, during summer where we were both at a party and we were playing 7 minutes in heaven...we kissed. It wasn't just a normal kiss, I enjoyed it with all my heart and I know he did too!! Things aren't awkward, but we don't exactly talk as much anymore! Edith! What will I do?"
She sobbed even more and clinged to my shoulder. 
"wow, um, who else knows about this?"
"no one! And you can't say anything!! You know how awful that would make my reputation if anyone knew I liked an outcast?!"
I had no idea he was an outcast. Is  Gee an outcast too?
"does it really matter what people think?" I said to her a bit angry. 
"well, I guess not. But what I'm more worried about is getting rejected!!"
"don't worry, um, just talk to him more. I'll help you out with that. Come over to my house on Saturday. I'll take you somewhere."
"are you sure? I don't want to be a bother."
"no it's cool, I am more than glad to help you out!"
"oh thank you Eddie! Is it fine if I call you Eddie?
"yes, it's totally fine"
"oh thank you so much!! Can I do anything for you? Maybe I can help you out with a boy as well?"
"hmm, no it's cool. You don't have to."
"okay well, If anything, I'm here for you okay?"
"okay, thanks Emma"
"welcome." she grinned. That grin reminded me so much of Frank. 
"so tell me, is there any guy you like?"
"well... There is one guy.." Gee came to my head. 
"ooh!! Who is it?! Tell me!!"
"um... You know Gerard?"
"Gerard Way? Franks friend?"
So that's his last name. 
"um yeah, why do you say it like that?"
"it's just.. Well..he's an outcast too"
"I could careless haha"
"well that's good, but there is still one problem, his ex.."
"what about his ex?"
"she kinda broke his heart and well.. I heard he is still a bit heart broken and isn't looking for someone right now.."
My heart broke into a million pieces. 
"'s okay. I wasn't that into him anyway."
She somehow saw right through me
"Eddie, I can see it right through you. The spark in your face faded when I told you this. I'm sorry Eddie. I shouldn't have told you."
"no, it's okay, I rather hear it from you than someone else."
"but i feel bad"
"it's okay don't worry. I'm fine."
I felt a vibration On my butt. My phone. It's probably my mother. I should get back home. 
"Emma, I'm sorry. I think my mother just texted me. I have to get back home. I'll talk to you later."
"okay, I'll walk you to the door."

When I got home, it was dark, cold and lonely. There was no one home. So I just went to my room and lied on my bed. I took my phone out of my back pocket and noticed the number on the screen wasn't in my contacts. Who the hell was it? Then I read "hey, it's Gee" and my heart popped out of my chest. Oh gosh. 
"hey, sorry I didn't text back earlier. I was kinda busy"
I replied. And almost a second after I sent it, he replied. 
"oh it's cool. So what are you up to?"
"nothing, just lying on my bed. I just came home from Emma's. And you?"
"me and the guys are watching a movie. Where do you live?" 
"oh, I live 2 blocks away from the farmers market."
"oh cool. You live close. Do you want to come and watch the movie with us?"
"um sure. Do you mind if you meet me half way?"
"no not at all"
"ok cool"
"cool B)"
"see you then :)"
"bye xoxo"
";) bye xoxo"

Gerard's POV 
Wow. Ok so she's coming over:
"hey guys, um I'll be back"
"where are you going?"Mickey said. 
"oh just to meet Edith half way. She's coming over if you guys dont mind"
"no not at all" Ray said. Then he added, "PREETTY GIIRRL!!" and everyone chanted with him. 
"oh stop it you idiots" I said blushing and walked out. 

I was waiting for her half way already when I saw a small figure under the street lights. It was Edith. I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. I hope this doesn't make her uncomfortable.

Edith's POV 
As i was walking down the street, I noticed a figure under one of the street lights. When I noticed it was coming towards me, I realized it was Gee and he gave me a big hug. I blushed. But To go along with the "friendliness" I gave him a small peck on the cheek. 
I instantly regret it because I remembered what Emma told me. 
he looked me in the eyes for a few seconds then turned away and put his head down. I pretended I didn't notice him blushing and locked my arm with his:
"hey, so, you work at the market right?"
"umm yeah haha"
"yeah, I remember you"
"I remember you too"
Then we both looked at each other and I looked away just smiling. 

when we got to Frank's, everyone greeted me with a big hug at the same time, chanting, "HEY PRETTY GIRL! PRETTY GIRL! PRETTY GIRL!" I felt someone grab my ass and I jumped and said, "who grabbed my ass?!"
Gerard looked concerned. 
"oh, I'm sorry pretty girl" Frank said with an evil grin
"oh Frank, you and your jokes"
I giggled and noticed some beers on the floor. This explains the smell and the chanting. 
"you guys drink?"
"Yeah why you want a beer?" Mickey asked. 
"no thanks, I can't hang So I rather not"
"are you sure? Or is the pretty girl too scared?" Frank said mockingly and made the others laugh. Gerard just stayed silent. It's barely 6:30. If I drink just one beer, I don't think it'll do me any harm. 
"fine, I'll just call my mom and tell her I'll be home late"
"are you sure? You don't have to if you don't want to"
Gerard said finally speaking. 
"yeah I'm sure"
"will your mom get worried?" Bob said kinda slurring 
"no she's use to me coming home late. No biggie"
"alright then ladies! Pass the pretty girl a beer and get this party started!" Frank yelled and the other guys chanted "pretty girl" again. This time Gerard joined as well. Oh boy.
"here you go, sugar" Gee grinned and winked at me "let's go sit" 
"what movie are we watching" i said. 
"Jeepers Creepers" Gee told me, "you're not scared are you?"
"Jeepers Creepers? Of course not!" 
I lied. No matter how much people say its a cheesy movie, I find it scary. 
"alright then, I'm here if you want to hide under my shoulder hahaha" his laugh was so adorable. 
"are you sure you won't need mine?"
"I'm sure sugar"
We both giggled
"shut up! The movie is about to start!" Frank yelled

We were already 45 minutes through the movie and I was shitting my pants. I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to show Gee and the others I wasn't scared so I decided to drink more beer hoping it will loosen me up a little.

1hr already and I had already drank 4 beers. I was getting a little tipsy. Uh-oh

1hr and 10 minutes, and I swear I saw something move next to me. I got scared and grabbed on to Gee. 
"I thought you weren't scared?"
He whispered. 
"I'm not, you're just comfy" I slurred. I was half way through my 5th beer. 
"whoa, slow down there pretty girl. I think you've had too much to drink."

Gerard's POV 
Oh crap! I'm glad I didn't drink too much tonight or I don't think I would have notice that Eddie was drunk. I should go leave her home. Wait, I don't know where she lives!! Jesus! What am I gonna do?!?
"um, Edith, do you remember where you live?"
"in Downtown LA, I don't want to go yet Annie! The party just started!"
Who the hell was Annie?
"hey Annie, did I ever tell you you look like a dude?"
Oh fuck. The others are too drunk as well:
"shut the fuck up Gee! Can't you see we are trying to watch the movie?! Oh, pretty girl is here. When did she get here?"
"yeah when did she get here?" 
"Ha! She has magic and poofed herself in here!" 
The guys were just talking nonsense. 
"hey Mickey, I'm gonna go home. See you at home if you're sober enough."
Probably not. 

As I was half holding Edith to my house, she kept talking non-sense:
"annie! I miss you!"
"Annie Annie!"
I was about to put my hand over her mouth when I heard:
"Annie! Did I tell you about Gee?"
I wanted to know what she had to say about me so I pretended to be this Annie girl:
"um, no. Who is he?" I sounded like Frank when he is super excited about something. 
"I think he is soooo cute. But I'm heart broken"
What the hell?
"why Eddie?"
"because of his ex. Her dumbass broke his heart and he isn't  looking for anyone!" she started to cry. 
"who told you this?"
"Emma, she's so nice"
This is true. I'll never forget what she did to me. Sure, I was heart broken, but it happened 7th months ago. The only person on my mind now is Edith. Forever Fuck you Victoria Beaute. 

When we got home, it was 9:15pm. Edith had stopped crying. We walked down to my room in the basement and I sat Edith down on my bed. 
"Gerard! What are you doing in my room?!" she laughed hysterically. 
It was late so I ran over to her and put my hand over her mouth. Or else my parents will flip out by the sound of girl coming from my room. 
"eddie, shh okay?"
I let go of her mouth and just stared into her eyes. How much did I want to kiss her. 
"Gerard, have I ever said you have beautiful eyes?"
"no you haven't, have i ever said you have a cute little nose?"
"did I ever say you have irresistible lips?"
And with that......she kissed me. 
"I like you Gee" she said and knocked out on my bed. 
She kissed me. Wow. 
I changed to my pjs and picked her up bridal style and layed her down, comfortably on my bed. I snuggled next to her and fell asleep. 
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