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5. What Happened Last Night?

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Edith's POV 
I woke up with an awful headache. All I remember about last night was the movie night with the guys but I don't remember ever going home. 
I didn't notice my surroundings until I felt someone hugging me by my waist. What is Gerard doing in my room?! Oh shit! This isn't my room! It must be Gerard's cause I see some boxers on the ground. Did we have sex last night? We couldn't have, I'm still wearing my cloths. Then what the hell am I doing in Gerard's bed?
"hey Gee, wake up"
"hmm what what?"
"wake up!"
"oh hey" he sat up and quickly took his arm off my waist
"'m sorry"
"it's fine. Can you explain to me why I'm on your bed?"
"oh um, you were really drunk last night and I brought you to my place cause I didn't know where you lived. Do you remember anything that happened last night?"
"no I don't. Oh please don't tell me I did something embarrassing!"
"haha no you didn't. You were just talking nonsense. 
Oh gosh, did I say I had a crush on him? 
"what did I say?"
"you were just talking about some girl Annie"
"oh Annie, she was my only good friend back in LA, I miss her so much."

Gerard's POV 
I was gonna bring up last nights event, But since she doesn't remember anything, I rather not. I don't want to look like a fool. What If she rejects me? At least now I know who Annie is. 
"hey you want some breakfast?"
"what time is it?"
"around 12"
"oh shit! I'm sorry I have to get home!"
She was looking around my bed desperately for something
"Gee! Have you seen my phone?!"
"um no. Did you loose it?"
"yeah I think so. I don't remember where I left it. Fuck!"
"you can use my phone if you want?"
"sure, I'm just gonna call my mom. I hope she's not pissed off"


"what did she say?"
I had heard some yelling. I hope she's not in trouble. 
"she was kinda pissed off. Mostly worried. My sister took the blame though"
"what did she say?"
"she had said that I had told her I was gonna have a sleep over with my friend but she forgot to tell mom."
"lucky for you!"
"yeah but bad luck for you!"
"....she wants to meet my friend"
"I can do that"
"sure, easy to say. But since you're a boy, she's gonna think you're my boyfriend and gonna start sweet talking you!"
I can live with that
"oh shit, well, I'll still go"
"are you sure?"
"yeah, anything for you pretty girl"


Edith's POV 
"okay here we go"
I knocked on my door and my sister answered 
"look who's finally here" Jade said
"oh shut up. This I my friend Gerard. Gerard this my sister, Jade"
"nice to meet you"
"nice to meet you too. Please, c'mon in. Oh, we don't allow pets"
Jade pushed me out. And started laughing.
"bitch, then get out!"
"shut up or else I'll tell mom the truth!"
"you are so lovely!"
I sure don't want to get in trouble. 
"mom! I'm home!"
"Edith Hailey Lynn! Why didn't you tell me yourself you were going to sleep over someone else's house!" 
"I'm sorry! I lost my phone!"
"and who's this handsome young man?" she said grinning. Completely ignoring me. Gerard started to blush. 
"his name is Gerard. I slept over his house."
"please to meet you ma'am"
"ooh you're such a gentlemen. Eddie, I don't mind you sleeping over someone else's house but please tell me before you do so! And Gerard, thank you for taking care of my little girl"
"oh my pleasure" he said grinning and bowing his head a little. 
"Edith, why don't you find someone like him for yourself? He is such a gentlemen!" I saw from the corner of my eye Gee put his head down blushing. 
"oh calm down honey. Gerard, would you like to stay for lunch?"
"oh no thank you, I'm good. My mother doesn't know I'm out so I have to get back home. Nice to meet you both." 
"bye bye Gerard! Edith! Walk him to the door!"

We stepped outside and there was an awkward silence for a few seconds. 
"I wish you wouldn't have come"
"why not? You're mom's a charm"
He said mockingly. 
"oh shut up! No she's not! She's always embarrassing me! Thank you anyway.." I put my head down. I couldn't help but blush.
"your welcome sugar." then, he kissed me in the cheek "see you later. Bye" and he left. Oh my god, he kissed my cheek. 

I walked back in my apartment and found my mother looking more pissed off than ever. I stared at her with confusion. 
"look Edith, I really don't mind you sleeping over someone else's house but..."
She took a deep breath and looked back at me. 
"mom! It's not what it looks like okay!? He isn't my boyfriend!"
"oh so was this a one night stand?!? Oh Jesus's lord!! What will I do with you Edith!!
"MOM!!!! IM NOT SOME KIND OF WHORE OKAY!!!! HE IS JUST ONE OF MY GUY FRIENDS THAT I TRUST! You've raised me better than that.." I said in tears. How dare she think that. She pinched the bridge of her nose and didn't dare to look at me. 
"I'm sorry Edith. I'm sorry."
She walked away leaving just me and my sister there. Jade just stayed silent. 
She walked over to me and hugged me and I just sobbed on her shoulder. I can't believe my mom thought I would ever do that. 

Franks POV
Fuck. What happened last night? I sat up and noticed the guys were knocked out all over the floor. What the fuck happened last night? The only two that weren't here was Gee ad Eddie. Did they get it on last night? Haha that'd be rad. I went to the restroom and checked my phone. Oh shit! I forgot to text Emma. 
"hey Emma."
I waited about 10 minutes but she didn't reply. So I went to wake the guys up. 
"hey ladies! Wake up!"
All of them moaned
"get up idiots! It's noon"
"what happened last night?" Mickey said between a yawn. 
"I ask myself the same"
"where is pretty girl?"Bob asked still lying down with his eyes closed. 
"I don't know, Gerard is not here either."
"did they have a little fun last night?" Ray said sitting up 
"i dont know that either but i hope they did hahaha"
"well, I gotta get home man, see you later" everyone followed Mickey out the door. 
I looked over my bedroom for some clean boxers. It's been a while since I washed. 
As I looked through my bed, I found a phone. Pretty cool phone. But who the hell's is it? I unlocked it and saw a picture of a girl in a forest that had jumped in the air doing some weird move. It looks like...ballet? Then I noticed the girl was Edith. I had no idea she was a ballet dancer. Awesome. I'll go leave the phone to Gee later. 

I went to the shower and checked my phone again: 1 new message
"hey :)"
"how are you?"
"I'm good thank you. How's your Saturday morning?"
"horrible. I have a massive headache"
"had to much to drink?"
"I think so, I don't remember lol"
"lol. Frank?"
"no offense but, why did you text me all of a sudden? You haven't texted me in quite awhile.."
"sigh well I texted you because...I noticed yesterday in the last period, you looked sad and angry. Why so?"
"I rather not talk about it.."
"oh c'mon MJ. For me?"
"MJ? You haven't called me that since...since the party.."
"let's not talk about that alright? let's talk about why you're sad."
"I don't want to"
"I'm sorry Frank. No. Goodbye"
I felt a tear come down my cheek. I had no idea I wanted to cry. I set my phone down and took a shower. 

Emma's POV
Frank's message shocked me. I can never tell him the truth. I don't want to get rejected. Nonetheless, i don't want my reputation to go down. Okay so...Frank wasn't such of an outcast. I know some girls that like him too. But, he wasn't really in the popular section like i was. I just...I just can't. 

Franks POV
I got out of the shower. Still no new message. I was hoping Emma would text back saying to hang out and then she would tell me what was wrong. That would be a dream come true. 
I changed quickly and headed to my kitchen to get something to eat before I left to Gee's. 
"Frankie, I left some Pancakes on the stove you can eat. Had to go to work early today. Please don't be home too late if you're going out. Love, mom" I read the letter my mother had left me while eating the pancakes. They were delicious. 


I knocked in Gee's door twice before he answered. 
"hey Gee, why you up so early?" I said walking into his house. He closed the door and followed me onto the kitchen. 
"it's 1pm?"
"I know, you always wake up later."
"ahh yeah i know, I was woken up by someone special today." he said with a wink. 
"oh I knew it! Someone got laid last night!"
"no idiot, we didn't do such thing....we just..slept in the same bed but nothing happened."
"ahh sucks. Well here I have a present for you"
"what is it?"
"Eddie's phone."
"oh she was looking for it this morning. Thanks man, but how is this a present for me?"
I snatched the phone back from him. 
"look" I said showing him the picture I saw earlier. 
"is that Edith??"
"I looks like her."
"wow! I would have never expected her to be a ballet dancer. That's amazing."
"me either. She looks beautiful"
Gee looked at me with a raised eyebrow. I just kissed him in the cheek. 
"eww gross!"
"oh don't you just want it to be Edith's saliva!"
"of course hahaha"
We both chuckled.  


Edith's POV
I was out all afternoon. I couldn't stand being with my mom that day. She had called me a whore. It hurt a lot. I had walked in Starbucks to get my favorite Frappuccino, mocha. It was so delicious. I sat down in one of the furthest seats, just thinking about today's earlier events. I just couldn't get them out of my head. Hearing it from a bitch at school doesn't matter. I could care less, but from your own mother? That's a different story. 
I also remembered the night before. I had spent the night with Gerard. I wish I wasn't drunk though. It would have been better. Fuck! I can't believe I was drunk! What was I thinking? I could have had a very cuttable night with Gerard if I wasn't drunk and I would have remembered it. But then again, if I was sober I wouldn't have slept over. 
I didn't notice I had that idiot smile on my face until someone told me so:
"what are you smiling about pretty girl?" I turned around and found Frank grinning with Gerard. My heart started beating fast. 
"oh hey whats up?"
"you still haven't answered my question?"
"oh umm..."
"was someone thinking about Gee?" Gee and I blushed. 
"oh of course. I always do"
I said it sarcastically, winking at Gerard. But I didn't mean it in a sarcastic way
"ANYWAY, enough of that, here Eddie, you left your phone in Franks house."
"oh thanks Gee!"
"your welcome" he put on the sweetest smile I have ever seen.

We talked for about an 1hr and a half. It was 8:30pm when my sister texted me saying I had to go home. 
"oh shit, sorry guys I have to go."
"do you want a ride?" Frank said
"no thanks, I don't want to be a bother."
"no c'mon. We're leaving anyway."
"alright then, thanks"

We arrived at my house moments later and Gee and I got out of the car. 
"so are you okay?" how the hell did he know how I was feeling?
"yeah, I'm fine. Why do you ask?"
"you might have acted all cool in Starbucks but when there was silence among us, you had this sad look on your face."
"oh it's nothing"
"are you sure?"
"yeah it cool. Thanks for worrying. Bye Gee" and I gave him a hug and a kiss in the cheek.
"bye Eddie"

In my house, there was only my mother sitting in the kitchen table staring blankly at her coffee. I didn't want to be rude So i asked. 
"what's wrong?"
"Eddie, let's talk."
"okay..about what?"I sat across from her. 
"I'm sorry for what happened today.."
"mom, let's not talk about okay? It won't do any good.."
"No Eddie, I shouldn't have said that. It was wrong. And I'm really sorry. So to make it up to you..I got you the dance classes you have been asking about."
I chocked on my next words. 
"mom....I- I don't- don't know what to say..."

--I have been dancing ballet since I was 4. It has been the favorite thing I have done for my whole life. I like ballet for many reasons, it keeps my mind off my problems and it keeps me fit. I haven't danced for about 3 months, so I'm so overwhelmed by the fact that I'm going to be dancing again. I know I don't look like a dancer, specially a ballet dancer..but I am. And, it's the best experience ever. 


"you don't have to say anything honey. Just accept it as my apology. It hurt me to realize that I did call know...that"
"it's okay mom. Don't worry about it anymore. I forgive you. Thank you so much for the classes!!" I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek. 
"when do I start?"
"Monday after school"
"oh gosh, so near. Thank you again!!"
I ran to my room and told my sister the news. She was so excited for me. I am glad to be back on my Pointe shoes. 
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