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I have some questions/comments for a few people who want Personalised Stories...

ZombieSlayer13x - Excuse me for being blonde but what is a fluffy fic? I've seen like summaries saying 'Fluffy Fic' but I've never read them so I dunno what a fluffy fic is :L

missfunghoul57 - I have started yours, I've got it saved on my computer. But I'm kinda finding it hard to write :L You're gonna be with Frank :3 I'll keep going though but yours might take longer so sorry ;/

blackmaria - Does it definently have to be with a beach? :L

That's it :D If you're still waiting for your story then I'm sorry it's taking so long D': But I've got exam's this month, in 13 days I'm going to an All Time Low Concert, I'm trying to finish reading The Hunger Games before the film comes out (SO EXCITED XD) and right now, I think I have writers block which kinda sucks ;/

IF I'VE ASKED YEW A QUESTION PLEASE REPLY. Well that's only two people really... I suppose it doesn't matter so much if blackmaria doesn't reply but ZombieSlayer13x if yew don't reply, then I can't write yours :)

~ Hozzie
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